Title: Freedom Found
Rating: An M, just in case.
Disclaimer: Clones on a loan.
A/N: Aha. I have finally decided what this series is supposed to be. It is going to be a series of one-shots, connected or not at all, that deal with the relationship between Draco and Hermione. It's going to become more of a way to get out easy plots while I'm dealing with stress and a way for me to play with different types of story-telling. This chapter and the first, for example, are more lyrical and slightly poetic. However, this will not be true for all of the chapters, I think. So hopefully you guys enjoy.
A/N 2: Once again I would like to express my apologies for not working on my other things. I've had so much going on and this stupid "mental illness" really kicks the hell out of my ability to write. (I'm not asking for sympathy.) And I've decided that boys suck. Stay away from them unless you are a character in a fanfiction written by someone who likes happy endings.

Fingers searching the contours of enflamed skin

Quickening breath mingling through desperate mouths

Searing kisses

Repeated surrender

Secret meetings

Once a week

They don't talk at work.

They barely look at each other.

But once in a while

When no one



They let their eyes lock.

He grins

She blushes

He winks

She lets the smile he wants to see out for just a moment.

Then they look away.

No words.

No one the wiser.

But that sweet anticipation


And grows

And grows

Until when they finally meet, they are both ready

Both ready to forget their cumbersome lives

Both ready to let go

Both ready to feel.

They meet at different places.

A restaurant

A hotel

A club

A park.

No matter where, they have to keep it secret.

They both know the lines that they are toeing.

They both know the consequences of fraternizing with the enemy.

But they don't fight their new-found urge.

Why should they?

They deserve this break:

The rush of doing what they want

When they want

How they want.

For him, he no longer has to fight to keep his head raised in public

No longer has to hide the shame of the past

No longer needs to protect his secrets from everyone.

He can let someone in.

He can let her heal him.

For her, she is no longer the idol that she has become.

No longer has to strive for perfection

No longer needs to hide her base desires.

She can be herself.

She can let him touch her.

Apart, they are broken




That only represent what they really are.

Together, they become something whole.

Something complete.

Something worth living for.

In the quiet of their latest haunt, they touch palms



To speak.

Just savoring

Letting it sink in

Feeling the bond that started most unexpectedly but, defying all odds, has grown into something as important as air

As important as life.

When she can see him

And he can touch her

And they can hold each other

They feel like they haven't in so many



Many years.

He feels like a free man

No longer chained by mistakes


And not his.

She feels like an eagle



But able to fly above it all

Able to stretch her wings, bound by the stories of brains and loyalty, and soar.

They confided these secrets to each other.

It ties them together


And more

Until they are so close

So tightly interwoven

That it is hard to tell where one of them ends

And the other begins.

Its like they're One.

One mind

One spirit

One body

One soul

One life

One love.

They celebrate their discovery

Allowing themselves to join


Their beating hearts

Press together.

Their heated skin

Creates friction.

Their heaving breaths

Thickens between them.

Their desperate cries

Fill the air.

And when they are bound

When they really are truly One

He whispers in her ear

And she whispers back.

"We are Free."

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