Note:The official cliche of the Tonight You Sleep In Hell series is here !! (Boo.) Aw Shaddup. A daft idea, you may think since all #Tonight You Sleep In Hell's are cliches. Nope. This is a non-stop, action thriller that WILL keep you on t he edge of your toilet seat. Oh, By the way, this has no relation to the series- just some sorta prequel. What ?? Was that a babbling chimp I heard?? Naw, that was me.So lets get going !!

P.S.Oh, some people have been wondering what gender I am. To those people who don't know, its somewhere in-between.Yuech. (Kidding.) = )


It was a dark and stormy night. The Animorphs and Ax were cowering in-

Tobias:< Hey, we don't cower. >

Narrator:Just shut up and let me continue !!

Marco:And we don't have a narrator. Its always told by-

Suddenly the barn door was thrown open by Freddy Kruger with a blood curdling maniac laugh (i.e BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!) Everbody screams.

Jake:AAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!

Rachel:AAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!

Tobias:< AAAHHHHHHH !!!!!! >

Cassie:AAAHHHHHHH !!!!!!

Marco:AAAHHHHHH !!!!!!

Ax:< AAAHHHHHHH !!!!!! >

Noname:Aw Shaddup. Its just moi .

Everyone: NONAME ???

Rachel attempts to strangle Noname.


Noname:'Cos I wanted to appear frightening.Scare you lota ninnies.Make you poop your pants. Hell, I have a lot of reasons.

Noname snaps his fingers and turns into Diablo, Lord of Terror.

Noname: Do you prefer this ??

Everyone nods.

Noname:Good. I'm writing this 'cos I've been flamed a lot of times for writing about you guys. So I've gotta close down this series.

Everyone puts on party hats and starts to sing Auld Lang Syne.

Marco:Let all aquaintance be for God and never be for mine !!!

Rachel:Marco, how many times must I tell you not to SING !!!!!

Marco is blown out of the barn from the force of Rachel yelling at him.

Noname:I haven't told you the bad news yet. There still will be Episode IV, the movie will come out in late October '99 and I'm narrating a cliche right now.


Noname:Aw just keep yer gap shut. You sound like Obi Wan Kenobi when Qui-Gonn-Jin becomes a Quite-Gone-Case.

Ax:< But why ? >

Noname:Well, 'cos I don't want to dissapoint my readers just yet with my bad sense of humor.

Jake:(getting on his knees)Please oh please Great one don't make us suffer another episode !!

Noname:Sorry I can't until my liscense with expires. Also, K.A Applegate is the Great one. Altough I like that title. Thank you very much.


Noname:Un-oh.Something tells me that I'm in big troble.

Suddenly Tobiasrulz,Utahraptor,Fishie,DMP and the rest of the V.I.W walk in.

Tobiasrulz:Noname,we have a warrant to arrest you for writing bad fanfics. According to the rule book,you have violated 1,000,000 fanfic laws. We will take you in custody of the BFFACC.Take him away !


Brat Girl,Utahraptor and Mette grab Noname and drag *Beep* towards an ambulance.

Mette:You're going to jail fella. Don't pass Go,don't collect $200.

Noname:Hey,lemme go ! I'm innocent I tell you , innocent !!

Bratgirl:Sorry,Noname, I like your fanfics but to most people they suck.

Utahraptor: (Vicously) Yeah !!

As the V.I.W's leave the barn the Animorphs shrug and keep on singing Auld Lang Syne.


Well, thats it.Reveiw me ,praise me ,like me, kill me who cares ?

P.S.I hope the V.I.W's don't take up any offense-especialy Tobiasrulz and Utahraptor.