Dark Moon

Chapter One- Infiltration

Itachi and Kisame had thought of a plan to finally get the Kyuubi. They had decided to capture the pink-haired loudmouth, who Naruto hung out. As Itachi thought about the plan, he remembered that Kisame had said her name was Sakura Haruno. No type of clan whatsoever. But they had heard that she was trained directly under the 5th Hokage, one of the Sannin too, Tsunade. But Itachi knew she was no match for him.

They finally reached the gates. They were hiding behind trees, because they wanted to make sure that this operation went without a hitch. Kisame got his sword ready to knock out the guards who stood by the gate, but Itachi shook his head. Kisame released his grip on the sword and looked at him, confused. Itachi didn't think knocking them out would be the best idea, considering that if another ninja found them and alerted everyone, he would have to fight, them and waste the power he was going to use against the Kyuubi container. So he released a gen-jutsu on them, and gave Kisame the signal to slip past them.

They had now successfully infiltrated the village, now all that they had to do was find the pink-haired brat, and wait for the Kyuubi brat to fall into their trap. Itachi and Kisame decided to split up. As Itachi walked around, he was amazed that he could walk around the Hidden Leaf Village, in the entire Akatsuki clothing, but no one noticed. He looked up, and saw a quarter moon, against the night sky. Perfect, he thought, for a night to murder. Suddenly he heard voices, and if his memory was right, (which it always was), one of them was the Kyuubi container. Quickly he did an invisibility jutsu, and hid his chakra.

"Sasuke, you moron, ramens way better than rice balls. " he saw the Kyuubi container say. Damn, Itachi thought, as he saw none other than Kakashi. He also saw his brother, but he didn't care. He smirked as he saw the pink haired girl. She'll definitely be too weak to fight back, and I can get rid of her as soon as I get the Kyuubi, he thought. He followed them into a ramen shop.

"Kiba, Shino, Hinata, Kurenai-sensei, what are you guys doing here?" pink- brat, asked.

"We're celebrating Hinata's 15th Birthday." A kid with red-paint on the sides of his face said. After he said that, the Kyuubi's team wished her happy birthday, as Itachi bided his time.

To Itachi's dismay the Kyuubi's team stayed for over half an hour. Kakashi suddenly stood up. Itachi thought he was going to leave, but he just needed to go to the bathroom. This caused all the other males to want to go to the bathroom. That Kurenai woman, went to the ladies bathroom. Itachi saw his chance. The shop owner had gone in the back, to cook some more, and all that was there was the Hyuuga girl. Even though she was a Hyuuga, Itachi could easily tell from first glance she was as weak as they came. Itachi smirked beneath his cloak, and wondered if he should kill her now, or wait for Kisame? That was when the Pink- Brat started a conversation.

"So Hinata, are you going to tell Naruto?" she asked. The Hyuuga, named Hinata looked at her puzzled.

"What do you m-mean?" she asked.

"Are you going to tell him that you like him?" Pink Brat asked, with an evil grin.

"Sakura, I've outgrown that c-crush. " Hinata said.

"Oh. Well, I guess seeing as it's Naruto, that would be smart." Pink- Brat, said as she nodded approvingly. Itachi decided to spare himself the torture of listening to her by revealing himself, but the second he was about to, the Hyuuga girl said,

"It's not that. I just decided t-to give up on someone who o-obviously doesn't n-notice." Hinata stuttered.

"Oh. You're right. He's too clueless." Pink-Brat, said snobby-like, as she tossed her yucky pink short hair, out like she knew everything. This was the reason Itachi had decided to stay away from women like that.

"S-Sakura. I think you s-should do the same." Hyuuga girl said. Itachi decided to let the Hyuuga girl talk, as he thought about his plan of knocking out Pinky, and wondered if Kakashi would be able to catch up.

"What do you mean?" Pink-Brat asked, as she put her arms on her waist.

"Well, S-Sasuke obviously d-doesn't like you. Maybe you should give N-Naruto or L-Lee a-" the Hyuuga girl said, but didn't get a chance to finish, because stupid Pink-Brat glared at her and said,

"I knew it. You like Sasuke don't you?" Itachi had zoned into the conversation as soon as he heard his brother's name.

"No. I'm j-just trying to h-help you get over him." The Hyuuga girl said. Pink-Brat laughed, and said,

"By trying to get me to go out with Naruto or Lee? Wow Hinata, you're really stupid." she said. The Hyuuga looked shocked, then smiled sweetly. Pink-Brat, looked at her suspiciously.

"What?" she asked. Hyuuga girl turned that sweet smile, into a smirk, and said,

"If you want to die a spinster, don't blame me." Sakura whited out, at being insulted by the Hyuuga Angel. Itachi decided that now was the time to attack seeing as Pink-Brat was silent. First, he put his hand over the Hyuuga's mouth, to make sure she didn't scream. Feeling his hand on his mouth, The Hyuuga tried to turn around, and Itachi decided to let her see her murderer, so he ended the invisibility jutsu.