Dark Moon

Chapter Five-Base

Itachi finally got to where Kisame was. He dropped Hinata onto the ground, and kicked Kisame, to wake him up. Kisame woke up with a start, and when he saw Hinata, looking at him fearfully, he glared, causing her to look at the ground.

"Give me back my cloak." he growled at her. She quickly took it off, and handed it to him. As Kisame put it on, he asked Itachi,

"Why'd you bring her back?" Itachi looked at the smoke coming from the building they were just in, as he said,

"We still have to get the Kyuubi, and we needed a hostage. She was the one who was easy to get." Itachi said.

"So what now?" Kisame asked.

"We have to report back to Leader." Itachi said. Kisame grunted, and put the Akatsuki hat on. (Remember the one that had the bells on it.). Hinata got up from the ground, and looked around nervously.

"Don't even think of escaping. It's impossible, especially for you." Itachi said coldly, and started to walk.

"Go." Kisame said. Hinata was in the middle of both of them, Itachi in the lead, Kisame in the back.

After about an hour and a half hour, Itachi decided to take a five minute break. Hinata was now soaking wet, after all, it had started to rain again. Itachi and Kisame were dry, under their large hats, and cloaks. They all sat on boulders. Itachi took something out of his cloak and passed it to Kisame. Kisame unwrapped it, and Hinata was surprised to see 5 new sushi rolls. She had thought that her and Sakura had eaten it at. Kisame growled in frustration, and tossed the bag of sushi rolls, to Hinata. She took one, then closed the bag, and started to eat, slowly. After she finished that one sushi, she hesitated, and got up, and walked to Itachi and gave him the bag.

"T-thanks." she said, not looking at him, and started to walk back to her spot, when Itachi said,

"You're a Hyuuga, right?" She turned around, and nodded. He smirked. Hinata gulped. She had seen Sasuke do this smirk many times before he made fun of Naruto. Or what he thought was fun.

"You're one weak Hyuuga." he said, as he stuffed the bag into his cloak. Hinata, sat back onto her boulder, and decided that Kisame was nicer than Itachi. After all, shark man barely said anything to her.

Itachi got up, and decided break was over. They went in the same order, and Hinata finally worked up the courage to ask,

"Where a-are we g-going?" Itachi glanced back at her, then turned back around.

"Akatsuki base." Kisame answered for her. Hinata felt dread come over her. She thought about all the Akatsuki members she had heard about. All she really knew was there was a leader, but know one really knows who he is. She knew Itachi, obviously. She knew Kisame, and she remembered Naruto saying something about him being one of the seven swords men of something she couldn't remember. She remembered Tsunade saying something about someone named Zetsu, was a cannibal. Hinata shivered, she was cold, and she was worried. That was all she could remember about any of them.

Itachi suddenly stopped, almost causing her to run into him, and looked over Hinata's head, to Kisame. Which wasn't hard, seeing as she was only up to his neck. Kisame nodded, and went in front of Hinata. They both went in front of a large tree, and kneeled down in front of it. Then they did complicated hand signs. Suddenly the tree opened, up in half. Hinata gasped, and knew that this was the Akatsuki lair. Itachi stepped into the tree, and Kisame pushed her in, and put himself in, then the tree closed. Hinata was amazed that three people could fit into a tree, then she realized they must've done some type of jutsu. Then she felt the tree go down. Think of it as an elevator, except as a tree. When it opened back up, and Hinata was pushed out by Kisame, she realized that the Akatsuki base was underground. As she looked around, she saw torched, everywhere so people could see. She saw lots of tunnels. She knew if she had to go somewhere by herself, she'd get lost, even with Byagukan. Itachi and Kisame were heading somewhere. Hinata didn't know if she was supposed to follow them or not. Then, Kisame called,

"Hyuuga!" and she quickly followed them. When she caught up, she saw that they were in front of a door. It had the name Pein written on it.

"Listen. You're going to stay here. Right outside this door. But don't listen." Kisame said, sternly. Hinata nodded nervously.

"If you see anyone, don't look at them, talk to them, or even think about them. If they ask you something, just say you're a hostage." Itachi said, glaring at her as she moved her head up and down. Kisame opened the door, and both of them entered, closing it in Hinata's face. She leaned against the wall next to the door, and nervously twiddled her fingers together. After about 10 minutes, to Hinata's horror she heard footsteps, coming toward her. She remembered Itachi's words,

'Don't look at them, talk to them, or think about them. If they ask a question say you're a hostage.'

Hinata gulped and looked at the floor, and then wondered, wouldn't she be breaking the no talking rule, if she said she was a hostage. But as soon as that thought entered her mind, someone appeared next to her, in front of the door. Hinata looked at the person out of habit, and quickly turned back to looking at the floor. She had already broken Rule No.1. She wished she had just followed Itachi's rules. The person had a huge plant like thing around him. She saw his entire face because he was looking at her. One side was white, and the other was black. She saw the eye of the white side looking at the door, but the one on the black side was looking at her. Suddenly Hinata felt a hand on her chin. The two colored face man had turned her head toward him. Hinata looked horrified at the face. The white side was frowning, while the black was smiling. Hinata gulped.

"You look tasty." Two-colored face man said.