What would have happened if the curse of the Buddhist monks did not banish Kanna into a miserable afterlife? What would happen if there was never a 1000th summer? What if the curse failed, but had a different effect altogether?

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The moon illuminated the sky in a soft pale light, making everything and everyone in the forests of Japan glow, including a young winged woman with extremely long jet black hair. From the sky, one could see a firelit army of men surrounding on that woman, an uneven red-orange ring in the night. The woman's sky-blue eyes were focused on her companions as two soft folds of white peeked from her hair, unembarrassed to be bare in front of them. She could feel her heart caught in her throat as she looked from the honey-eyed brunette to the light-haired man she had somehow become attached to over the weeks. The man spoke her name and she could see the worry in his eyes. But she had to… If she wanted to save them…

"This is my final order to you. Live happily. . . For the rest. . . of your lives." Her voice cracked at the ending, her eyes starting to water before turning her back to them. From her back emerged a pair of pure white wings, taking up almost the entire expanse of the clearing the three had found. Looking to the skies, she remembered the words her mother had told her before she died, only a few hours before. Feeling a light feeling in her heart, she felt her wings moving on their own, her feet raising from the floor. She opened her eyes and she was high above the ground, the ones she loved nearly a speck. She heard her voice being screamed out.

"KANNA!" The woman let out a gasp of despair, her eyes watering. What was this emotion? Why did she want to cry out and go back to them? As if she used magic her whole life, she thrust her wrist in the direction of her companions, creating a barrier of wind around them so she could not hear his voice again. All she wanted to do was fly forever, fly far away from her only friends, the people she hurt. To just fly-

"AH!" A sharp pain pierced through her right wing, making her cry out. Faintly, very faintly, she could hear her love's voice calling for her in distress. Did they hurt you? She though instinctively, having no regard to her own pain. With another flick of her wrist, she sent a strong blade of wind through the forest, hoping to destroy whoever had hurt them. The damage was met with only more pain as she tried not to fall. Barely opening her eyes, she could make out moving red rings around her. Ribbons? She thought as she tried to reach out to one. It was met with a shock and her eyes widened. A curse was being placed on her!

Hoping to run away from it, she flew higher, trying to fly towards the moon.

The pain was unbearable.

She couldn't feel much now.

I can't fly anymore…

The band of red contracted around her, making her gasp for air as the decorations in her hair came loose. She turned her head to look at the man she loved, her fading thoughts of him.


With that name, her eyes closed, feeling herself plummet towards the Earth as arrows met with her body. There was no more pain, only the feeling of the cold metal and soon enough, the roughness of the tree branches. She hit the ground, unable to move, the red insignias wrapped around her body, but there was no pain anymore. She could hear him scream her name from the distance as her consciousness faded into black and into sleep…