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The moon was shine giving light to the place where it happen. Jacob Black found himself in the clearing that his dreams take him every night. Where he gives himself to one Edward Cullen. Why can't I get you out of my mind. Every single night you there making me feel these feeling that I myself don't know what they are. Edward. Looking at the moon Jacob's mind took him once again to that night.


A kiss of passion, need and disaire was shared between the two teens, one mortal and one immortal. Cold hands running up hot skin making it shiver with passion. Both forgotting their hatred for one another. Warm hands ran over silky honey hair gasping as a sensitive spot was kiss with cold lips. Cold hand took hold of warm ones holding them over a head of black hair. Black eyes met gold emotions the other didn't understood cross their eyes."Edward."

Kisses went lowere and lower stoping over a warm belly, caressing with lick and burshing of the lips. Legs were spread around Edward bringing him closer. "Jacob, your so warm, hot." the breath coming from his mouth spread over Jacobs body making his face blush with heat.

Eyes widen as Jacob was taking into Edward's mouth. His finger grabing honey locks as the head bobed up and down. "Ah. Edward." Jacob was breathing heavly feeling was if he was going to explode. Edward lifted his head releasing Jacob'e erotion. To this action a whimper was heard. Smiling a finger was place in the secret hold that made Jacob hold his breath. "Relax it'll get better, I promise."

The finger was pushed in giving Jacob slight pain. It took a moment for him to get use to the feeling of being penetrated. Feeling him relax Edward inseted another finger until there were three inside Jacob. Again the overwhelming feeling was taking over Jacob. But like before the sansation was taking away. "No." he whimper

Very slowly Edward entered Jacob. "Nnngh"


They started slow soon they created their own rhythm. Over whelming sansation was over taking them. Jacob held on to Edward his nails leaving red down his back. Edward took hold of Jacob's waist going deeper inside of him. Both were close to coming Jacob felt it first he was close so close. A few more thrust and Jacob came hard. Edward soom followed.


A sleeping Jacob whimper as the dream ended sending him into a dreamless night. Unknow to him Edward was sittin right beside him looking at his face. What is this feeling I feel every time I think of you. I want to take you in my arms and repeat the moment we shared in this place. Edward turned to the moon "Sigh give me a sign of what to do. Do I love him or any of the likes?" I'm going to have to find out on my own. Very lightly Edward lean over Jacob giving him a light kiss on the lips. Quickly disappearing into the forest.

Jacob awoke with a starte bringing his hand to his lips. Edward. Jacob looked up at the moon. Give me a sign sister moon.


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