When You Look Me in the Eyes

Take A Breath

The girls leave after the guys break their hearts. When they get back, they are stronger, wiser, older, and…they have kids. Mostly about Musa, I think you get why if you have read my stories. If you recognize the plot of this story, which I am sure you guys don't because it is from Naruto, don't worry because I have asked permission from the person who wrote it, so don't worry. Rated M and doesn't exactly go with the plot of Winx Club itself, romantically speaking. Enjoy…

Chapter 1: Tiny Miseries

Musa Pov:

Just these little tiny miseries. When will they stop? You probably ask what I want to stop. Well I'll tell you.

First he called me annoying.

Then he left me on a bench.

Then he returned.

Then he was kind of lovely.

Then he made me pregnant.

And then he turned me down.

Well, how I feel? For a year when he used to call me annoying and I didn't mind…I had such a crush.

As he left me on a bench…I was kind of sad.

As he became kind and lovely…I felt happy.

As he made me pregnant…I was kind of mad and furious.

Now you could picture my mood better with rage.

Just great.

Yes, I am pregnant with HIS kid and it just started at a little Aflea party.


It was all of us…Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, Layla, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Timmy, Nabu, and Riven were together with the other Aflea, Red Fountain, and Cloud Tower people, celebrating the end of Baltor.

It was really cool. The music was pumping loud, and dance floor was in the middle so people were dancing like crazy. People were actually brining drinks in and the teachers didn't mind at all. Well that was only because they started drinking themselves because some people spiked their drinks.

All of the guys were flirting with the girls as usual, but surprisingly they also flirted with the Cloud Tower girls too.

Over the years, we have grown up to look very beautiful, but we were still the same normal people…same Winx Club everyone knew. We always fell over heals when our guys were around too. I know, after so long you'd think you would get used to it, but not for us. We felt true love for them and so did they…or so we thought.

Riven stopped being so foolish around me and actually opened up to me.

Brandon finally figured out that he didn't need to be royalty to be himself around Stella.

Sky was always protective to Bloom and told her how he felt everyday about her.

Helia was always se gentle around Flora and he drew pictures of her and showed them to her.

Timmy saw the side that was un-logical and found out that Tecna was more than just some computer, but actually a real person.

Nabu saw his future wife the way he wanted to and not just some woman that he was meant to betrothed.


We trusted them, all of them. It was then we began to consume the alcohol, like 2 or 3 glasses and already we were getting a little tipsy. All of us were doing it, as well as the other people. We were a little drunk, but we could still see what was going on and how to deal with our minds. We trusted them.

We also trusted them as they took us home, to Red Fountain. Each of them had their own rooms next to each other; Saladin gave them their own rooms after the Baltor incident. Even Nabu had his own little room to stay over at, since he helped out with their missions. Since we were a bit drunk, they offered us to stay in their rooms.

I remembered the kind of guilty look in his eyes, but dismissed it as nothing. Well and the rest I hope you know that you don't get pregnant by only sleeping at someone's house.

We were tipsy but we knew what they did and they did it because we really loved them. Trust did this to us. It made us blind, blind to see through the fake smiles or through the fake love.

The day after, in the morning, the guys thought we were still asleep, grabbed something from the floor headed to the door at 11 o'clock. Only I wasn't lazy and stood up to peer through the little gap between the door. The 6 of them stood in front of their doors, fully clothed and held up each of the bras. To be specific our bras.

It was then I started to remember the first time Riven saw my bra by accident in my room. Boy was that embarrassing. But my attention triggered again and was then replaced by shock.

What were they doing? "I won the bet," Brandon said unusually quiet. Could this be regret in his eyes as he starred at the orange bra in his hands? My eyes watered as I looked at my red bra in Riven's hands. I suddenly felt embarrassed and offended, he was pulling my pride through a puddle of dirt.

"No, I won the bet," said Sky.

"No way, I did," said Nabu.

"I think we all did guys," said Helia, raising the bras higher.

I couldn't understand what they were doing at first. My love for Riven was keeping me blind for the moment. I even thought it was a spell or a dream I was seeing. I tried using a spell to break the one that was happening right now.

Nothing…nothing happened, this was real. My eyes started to water. No this couldn't be…this can't be real.

They were talking quietly and I even had to hide once because Riven kept glancing in my direction sometimes. Did I see sorrow? His face was emotionless but could I see something more in his violet orbs?

They just played with us, nothing more. Just a simple bet. "I'm going to bang Musa and then I'll win the bet." Nothing more like that, only the bet, not me, not my feelings.

I couldn't take it anymore, so I clothed myself, transformed into my Enchantix, and jumped out of the window to knock onto Tecna's window. 2 seconds later, the pink haired girl opened her window, with a blanket around her small frame. I told her everything and she couldn't believe it. Tecna opened the door a bit, and jerked back as she saw her light purple bra in Timmy's hands. "Why Timmy," she mouthed. Her eyes watered, but they didn't have time.

After Tecna dressed, we flew to Stella, Bloom, Layla, and Flora's rooms and showed them the same. They couldn't believe it either. There in their hands were our bras while showing it off.

Tears. Tears were streaming down all of our faces as we dressed, transformed, and flew outside back to Alfea. We gave them our innocence, our everything…all for a bet. How much would they get? Pride? Money? How could we fall for them? I thought they loved us. And the worst thing was we really loved them. Why was this happening?


The next day we had class. Avalon's class was always hard, but for some reason it was even harder to concentrate that day. Gee, I wonder what it was…we were learning about potions. All of us could not concentrate what so ever. Usually Stella would be looking at her nails, but that day she was actually paying attention, well sort of. While testing the potions, Bloom accidentally dropped a test tube and it shattered everywhere.

It reminded me of us… broken, shattered, confused, and fallen.

We got back to our dorms and found out that the guys were on a mission in Magix. Normally we would groan that they could not come over after class, but this time we said nothing at all, just glad that they were away. We decided not to talk to them until after they were back, and yes…we were going to talk to them.

So we waited at the gates of Red Fountain until they returned, chilling out behind some trees in the shade. We were tired, for it had been a long day of school and the sun was finally setting in the sky. We were ready to leave when we saw them coming in their ship. We ran towards the hanger, but immediately stopped when we saw what we saw. Girls. Girls were clinging onto them as if they were couples. We watched in disgust as the girls were giggling and the guys were laughing. As they were getting closer, we ran as fast as we could and flew back to Alfea and cried our eyes out some more.

We didn't want to see them at all. We even asked Faragonda to give us some extra classes, any way for an excuse to not see them. We never called them, but what was even more surprising was that they didn't bother to call us too.

After a couple of days Flora and Bloom started to get dizzy and sick, but they tried to shrug it off as if it were nothing. They had to skip class because they started to feel really bad.

And then things started to happen to me. I felt dizzy and out of control. I even tried to use a healing spell, but nothing happened, it felt internal. And then finally Tecna, Layla, and Stella felt sick as well.

Realizing that something was definitely up, Griselda took us to see Ofelia. Ofelia didn't understand what was happening to us either, but then she remembered about the party a couple of days ago. It was a long shot, but she made us take pregnancy tests. We were pregnant. Ofelia called Faragonda in.

"After your pregnancy tests, all of you were signaled positive," said Faragonda sadly. She didn't think we would do such a thing till we were married. Love blinds you to do crazy things. All of our faces had shock slapped across them. How did we all get pregnant? Is that even possible?

"All of you were on your ovulation cycle when it happened. I am sorry, but you girls should have been more protective in a situation like that," said Ofelia. "Of course, there are ways of getting rid of the child." Signaling abortion.

"We can't change the past, but we can change your future," said Faragonda. We thought long and hard. We loved them, even after what they did to us, we still did. Getting rid of their child would be a horrible thing to do.

"No, I want to keep my child,' said Flora. "Even if it means he will not want it, I still want it." We nodded as well. I know I couldn't just let a child die, even if it was his.

"Well, as you girls know, you can not raise it here on Alfea grounds," said Faragonda, thinking of the hysteria that would go on.

"I don't even think they should be here on Magix," snarled Griselda. I gave her a dirty look, but she didn't noticed.

"Honestly, I have to agree with Griselda. You girls should not be here when they are born. That means you will have to leave some where else where you will be secrete," said Faragonda. We were all surprised that we had to leave Magix just because we were going to have a baby.

"What about Earth?" asked Griselda.

"No, I still want them to continue there training as a fairy. I suggest Linphea," replied Faragonda.

"Linphea?" said Stella.

"Linphea is a place of life and nature, a perfect place to raise children and train them yourselves," said Faragonda.

"No I think it's a great idea. My parents can support us there and help us out. They won't mind, trust me," said Flora.

"Will we ever come back Ms. Faragonda?" asked Bloom.

"Yes, I will give you five years to give birth to your children and raise them until the are young enough to understand their powers. You will come back to Alfea in five years or I will personally say that all of you have died tragically after a mission that went wrong. Is that understood?" Faragonda said again. We nodded our heads. Personally I can't see why we couldn't raise them here, but then I wouldn't want the rumors to be spread around. Then that got me thinking.

"Ms. Faragonda, before we leave I would like to ask you a favor," I said. She looked at me with concern and the in continued. "Could you please tell no one about this? Especially the guys…I don't want them to know what happened to us." The others nodded their heads in agreement. Just talking about them made me feel weird, just thinking about him made me feel…unwanted.

I then felt a dark presence in the room while we were still talking. I didn't know what it was but I felt as though someone was watching us the whole time, so I turned around only to see no one there; boy I was losing it. I looked at Ms. Faragonda and she looked a little confused too, but only for the time being because she just shrugged it off as if it were nothing. Then she continued to speak to reply to my question.

"I will keep the truth from them, you may count on me for that. So it's settled then. I may not be your mentor in the future, but I am now. I want you to come back in five years," Faragonda said again. "Every month I want a full update report on everything that is happening, just to make sure that all of you are safe." All of us nodded. "No go and pack your things, I will have a transportation spell waiting in my office."

"Now get going," said Griselda hastily. Boy she was mad that day. We left the room and walked up to the dorms.

We were silent while walking. I even heard Layla sniffle a bit. Each of us packed our things in our bags. I took my favorite CD's and all of my music things. I didn't realize how much stuff I really had. I had to use a miniaturize spell to smash it all in… now I know how Stella felt. I wonder how many spells she had to use…

All of us met in the main room after, with Bloom holding her scrapbook in her hands.

"You guys, I don't know if you really want to, but I have pictures of us. And by us I mean us and our guys," she said. Bloom passed out photos of us from a couple of months ago. I looked at mine and Riven was carrying me bridal style and my arms were over his neck. I quickly looked at the other's pictures before they stuffed them in their bags with their other things.

Brandon had his strong arms around Stella, as he cradled her, and Stella's hands were touching his ever so slightly. They were sitting down on the floor just enjoying each other's company. They were also laughing and smiling.

Flora and Helia almost looked like they were dancing. Her hand was in his and Flora's back was facing the picture except her face, which was smiling like a little kid in a candy store. His hand was around her waist and his face was kissing her forehead gently.

Bloom's picture looked a lot like Stella's, except they were standing up and holding each other. Their arms were more intertwined with each other's.

Of course the two smart people would be the ones holding a book in their picture. Tecna and Timmy were both holding a book with their hands touching each other's. Timmy had his arm around her and she was touching his hand.

Nabu was kissing Layla's cheek, while she was giggling. His finger was right under her chin and her hands were on his shoulders.

All of them took their pictures and stuffed them in their bags quickly. We still loved them, we couldn't help it. Even if we had to look at that picture every day, I think it would make us stronger as we grew. Determination would be the thing that would keep us alive, and stay the good friends that we are.

So we packed our things and headed out. We got the usual things…money, clothes, makeup, personal items, and toiletries. Oh yeah, the good stuff. We got our stuff and headed down to Faragonda's office. Some of the girls looking out of their doors were wondering what the hell we were doing.

We slowly knocked on her door. Griselda opened it wand we walked inside only to see a huge transportation column in the middle of the room.

"This is it girls. I have contacted Flora's parents and they said everything is fine. I will await you back in five years. Good luck and be safe. And take caution…I just got word that the witches have escaped from Lake Fortress of Light and are seeking for revenge. Be very well aware of that."

"What are we going to do about our training Ms. Faragonda? We can't train ourselves properly as anyone else would do it," said Bloom.

"I will be sending a teacher to Linphea to train you. And, as you probably might not know, Flora's mother, Lacey, was in fact an alumna here from Alfea. She majored in potions which she will be teaching you," said Faragonda. I looked at Flora and she kind of blushed. I for sure never knew that about her. "She will also be helping you with your pregnancy."

"We call her Mother Nature back on Linphea," said Flora, almost laughing a little. "She is really great with kids and helps other mothers out when they are pregnant too."

"Well good luck girls, and be safe. Remember all that you know and what I taught you. but most of all…be safe," Faragonda said again.

We walked through the portal and landed right in front of Flora's house, tree house I should say…

End Flashback:

So here we are on Linphea living in a really tall tree house type thing by ourselves and pregnant. At least we still have each other. It's already the second month of our pregnancy and I have never in my life felt so sick.

I wish I hadn't been so stupid.

I wish I hadn't drunk so much that one night to at least have some common sense.

I wish he'd hadn't used me so.

I wish he were here holding me in his arms, like nothing had ever happened.

I wish he hadn't made that stupid bet with the other guys.

I wish I would just stop loving him… but I can't.

I wish this nightmare would just end.

I wish.

A lot of things have happened in my life, this being one of them, which have torn my heart and me completely. My mother dying will always be the first, but this incident goes second on the list.


Why this pain that I go through?

Why these tiny miseries?

End Pov.


"So, what did you get Darcy?" said an icy voice as Darcy appeared from nowhere.

"The Red Fountain guys totally knocked up their girls and now they are going to be gone for five years on Linphea," Darcy replied as she got back from spying on them while all of them were talking in the infirmary.

"Now way, that's priceless. So what now?" asked Stormy.

"We wait…" said Icy.

"What are you crazy? All of them will be weak, we should get them now while we still have a chance," said Stormy.

"Don't you see? They are pregnant… which means they will have children. Children for us to take when they are born," said Icy.

"You want their children?" asked Darcy, still remembering the look Musa gave when she turned around and looked right at her when she was invisible. Musa felt her there.

"Yes! Don't you want to control the child of the Dragon Fire? All of them will be extremely powerful and ours for the taking. Once we get rid of the Winx Club, their children will be ours and we'll raise them to become like us. And besides, and couple of years is plenty of time for us to train and get better to stop them," said Icy, thinking logically.

"Now that is smart," said Darcy.

"My point exactly, now come on…we have training to do."

End Flashback…

Wow guys, that was interesting. Now normally I am not the type of person who likes reading stories about people who get pregnant, but I did it anyways to teach people a lesson about it.

I totally made up everything about Flora's mother, including her name. So if anyone actually knows any info on that… most appreciated, thank you

It is very dramatic, I know, but if you don't like it, then don't read it. Simple as that. It will get better and I guarantee you will love the story about love and relationships and how the Winx Club will survive their first child. Please continue to read. What will happen during the pregnancy? What will happen in five years? What will their children be like?