Chapter 15: Take Me as I Am

Faragonda's office was quiet…no I'm sorry, Faragonda's office was silent. Not a word was uttered, and no eye was wandering around the space. The guys sat on one side, and the girls sat on the other side of the table. Faragonda was sitting at the head of the table, while Saladin sat on the other. Griselda was watching the kids in the meantime.

Should that be it?

No one moved…no one spoke…

Did I go through all of that for nothing?

"Now…it's finally time to discuss everything. I want all of you to be honest and speak up for yourselves" Faragonda broke the silence. "Someone begin please."

"Stella already told me everything," Brandon spoke, the girls giving looks to Stella. "They think we made a bet against them five years ago."

What if I don't want to go now?

"Well is it true or not?" asked Layla.

"Yes, can we please cover that part of the story?" asked Faragonda. There was another grace of silence. It seemed that none of the guys wanted to talk, until finally someone spoke.

"We were blackmailed," Helia said finally.

"Excuse me?" uttered Saladin. "What do you mean?"

"A couple weeks before the party, all six of us got a call saying how Magix would be threatened if we didn't comply to its bidding," began Sky.

What if I liked being with you?

"We thought it was a lame joke by the sophomores, so we didn't give it a second thought," added Nabu.

"Exactly a day later, there was a troll attack on a village not far from the city. As soon as we got there, everything was destroyed, and some lives were taken. After cleaning everything up, we got another call from the same person saying that there would be more destruction if we didn't listen. That's when it got serious…" said Timmy.

"That's when we had to listen. The person said if we told anybody what was happening, another attack would be on the city, or worse Aflea, Cloud Tower, or Red Fountain," said Helia.

"Unfortunately, we tried not follow his orders once to see what would have happened," said Riven. "A building was completely destroyed by a destruction charm. Everyone was completely taken off guard, and blamed it on something going wrong with the gas pipes of the building, but we knew all along what actually happened."

Even after all this…

"Then it really got confusing when the person said to go to the party and…do something…" Nabu said hesitantly.

"We didn't know what to do at first, but we had no choice," said Helia.

"Obviously we wanted to go that far with you, but in the future…not as soon as that," said Sky. "In that time, we didn't know what to do at all."

"We didn't want to do it, not without your consent first…so we decided we weren't gong to do that, it wasn't right for anyone in that situation. But as the night progressed, it seemed that you girls wanted the same thing that we were talking about earlier. Sure we drank, but that still never stopped you from leading us on," said Timmy.

"So it's our fault now?" Musa asked infuriated.

After all you put me through…

"Let them finish," said Faragonda, deep in thought.

"The next thing you know, we wake up the next morning…well, you know, stuff happened. Sky gets another call from the person saying at exactly this certain time, we had to hold up the bras and say 'I won the bet' and start a fight about it for the next fifteen minutes or so. We had no idea what was going on…not even the slightest," said Brandon. Faragonda nodded her head and encouraged them to continue.

"So once we came back…they were gone…everything was gone," said Helia.

"We figured they had gotten a call from the school to hurry back for a mission," said Riven.

"But then we never got a call or a visit from you at all. We thought that maybe the teachers gave some detentions from the late night so you couldn't visit, but not even a call was given to us," said Nabu.

"And as the days went on, the mysterious person also didn't call either, which meant we did its bidding, whatever it was, and we freed Magix once again from harm. The only problem was…we figured out that you had gone too," said Sky.

Even after all the fighting…

"No one would tell us where all of you had gone, only that it was a secret mission and no one was allowed to go or hear about it," said Brandon.

"So we stayed…waiting, seeing if you'd return and see us once again and talk about that night…but you never showed up. It took five whole years, but we still waited, waiting for you…" drifted Timmy.

"And then you did show up, only with kids and the witches on your back…plus a bizarre mission for us to deal with. We didn't know what to think. A part of us wanted to talk about, but as we saw that you wanted nothing to do with us. We had to shut our mouths," said Riven.

"In the end, we found out it was Icy that made the call while disguising her voice. She planned the whole thing," said Nabu. "That's pretty much it…"

Even after it was all just a lie…

"I'll take it from here. I'm sure I can fill in the blanks for all of you, judging by the information I got from you and other witnesses from the prison," began Faragonda. "As soon as the witches escaped, Icy immediately put Baltor's old plan into action. She took a huge risk by doing it, but it seemed it managed pretty well, in my opinion. Icy was the one who told you to do everything, or in other words, threatened you to do it."

"The city was in danger, and for that I am proud that you listened to keep the city safe," added Saladin. Faragonda nodded and continued.

"She knew there would be alcohol at the party, I have no idea, but she must have made Darcy fly around without being detected, listening on other teenagers conversations. I, on the other hand, am still very upset by this," she said in a frustrated tone. "She knew Musa would wake at the slightest sound of disturbance, and make sure you boys would say those lines. You were the first to awaken, weren't you Musa?"

"Yes, I was…" said Musa, thinking intently. "And then I woke the others…" Faragonda nodded once more.

I still want to be with you…

"Seems to me Icy played the situation well. I wouldn't be surprised if she was watching the whole time…"

The girls made a queasy look and shook their heads in nauseating manner.

"And then I was very surprised when she didn't tell her sisters her pan."

"Well after years of failing all the time, maybe she learned to keep it to her self," said Stella.

"Yes well, as soon as I sent the girls to Linphea, where they gave birth to the children, the witches attacked the girls, making them run, while protecting them, to various planets. From the Binary Galaxy to Solaria, they protected the children from harms way, even after the witches knew they'd be weak from exhaustion. Finally, they were able to come back, agonized and ashamed to find the ones that hurt and haunted them for so long, back in their lives," said Faragonda.

Because the world needs you…

The guys at this point had their heads buried in their faces, finally finding out the truth to the whole ordeal. They were ashamed for what they did, and for that they were extremely sorry. They didn't want to look at the girls; they knew, finally, why the girls hated them for so long.

"We didn't know…we…we didn't know at all…" Timmy held his head low toward the table. "It was a threat, and we were doing our jobs."

"No one is to be blamed for anything," Faragonda said sternly. "Everyone was doing their job at the time. Now the real object of concern is…what will you do to fix everything?"

Because my child needs you…

Everyone was silent; Flora had some tears spilling out of her eyes. In the meantime, the girls just didn't want to say or hear anything else. They were just sick of it, sick of everything that was happening.

"Well? Anything anyone wants to say?" said Saladin. It was awkward enough talking about sex in front of their teachers, but now talking to them about their problems? Could this be any worse? "Wasn't there something about other girls in the matter as well?"

Saladin was too old and too much of a man to get anything. He wanted details and yet he probably still couldn't understand anything he was talking about.

"Again, those girls said they were sick and hurt when some guy let a troll loose through the city. They weren't our girlfriends," said Riven.

"We didn't even have girlfriends after all that time," said Helia.

"Stop lying," glared Tecna right at Timmy.

"Huh?" exclaimed Helia.

"Timmy had a girlfriend," responded Tecna, looking away.

"Why do you say that?" asked Brandon, looking at Timmy as if he had something to hide.

Because I need you…

"Are you still on about those stupid damn tampons?" cursed Timmy, which shocked most people when he cursed. Riven, on the other hand, smirked. Timmy pronounced every word as clear as possible. "I didn't have another woman while you were gone."

"Then why the hell do you still have tampons then?" said Nabu, the guys curious themselves. He paid no attention to his friends, but to Tecna.

"Tecna, you left them at my place the last time you were over."

"Why didn't you throw them away?" asked Stella, looking somewhat disgusted.

"I couldn't; I had too much hope that she would return someday. In the end, I sort of just forgot about them…" Timmy turned his gaze back to Tecna, who seemed to be in some sort of daze. He tried to figure out her expression. Anger? Embarrassment? Hope?

"Anyway, I think all the matters have been finally resolved. All of you are free to go and relax. The mission is over…everything is over," Faragonda said, standing up with Saladin and exiting the door. More silence entered their lives, as they heard the little kids' voices outside the doors. Brandon was the first to stand.

"Well I think Stella and I have some packing to do. We're going back to Solaria," he said.

"Ah yes, the two lovebirds are officially reunited once again," muttered Layla.

"You guys heard the story! It wasn't their faults!" said Stella.

"It still hurts!" replied Musa, standing up and went out the room. The other girls immediately followed her, grabbing the children and setting off for the apartments.

"You have to talk to them…they…they just don't understand yet," Stella drifted. "We were hurt…they just need time to adjust to it…I know I did."

Nobody gets me like you…

"They feel stupid…" Stella finished.

"And don't they know we feel horrible just as much?" bellowed Riven. "Doesn't she know?"

"No…she doesn't…you guys need to talk to them, they won't understand until you let them see it…" said Stella, giving a quick glance at Brandon.

Can't we think of a solution?

"It's going to be hard…but you have to show them you still love them," Stella almost thought she was going to cry.

"It is going to be hard…" Sky muttered.

"We have to show them still…because I love her too much to let her slip away…" said Helia.

Because you are the nature around me…

Flora was packing her stuff hastily, trying to get out of there as soon as possible and go back home to her mother, father, and sister…and before he could come back. Lorelei was crying, unable to hold back her tears as her mother continued to pack everything. It caused pain to Flora to see her cry, but she just needed to get away from the place that caused her so many nightmares.

Lorelei came up behind her, holding her knees together to make her stop frantically walking around. Flora bent down to get a good look at her.

"I'm so sorry," Flora sighed, wiping her tears away. "But we need to go home now to see your grandparents and your aunt."

"But why are we leaving daddy?" she sobbed. Flora broke and began crying herself.

"Because…because he doesn't love us as we might think he does. We should leave.""

"But he has too! He has too! I want to stay!"

"Lorelei…I'm sorry, but we just…just need to get out of here, away from this place."

Lorelei was smart; she knew when her mother was hurting. Though she didn't know what was happening, she knew her mother was her everything and for that, she had to oblige. She loved her mom more than anything, dad or no dad, she knew her mom would be with her forever. She nodded her little head.

"Ok, let's go," she sniffed, grabbing a little bag of hers, while nearby plants zipped the suitcase together.

"Don't worry, we'll visit the girls too…as many times as you want," Flora put on a fake smile. She checked the clock on the wall. "Come on, the bus is going to leave in an hour."

She picked up the suitcase, and made her way toward the door, but when she turned the corner, Helia stood in her way. With her eyebrows raised, her attention immediately was aroused when she noticed that he was back from Alfea. She stood for a second and began to walk once more, but he wouldn't move from the doorway.

"I…I need to get through, please," she spoke softly, grasping onto Lorelei's hand roughly.

"Why?" he asked even softer than she did, coming closer to her face. Flora's hands became languid, and let go of Lorelei's hand. Lorelei hastily put her back against the wall and watched intently, keeping her mouth shut the whole time.

"Because…because we don't belong here…I-I need to take her back home…" she diverted her eyes from his.

"Flora…you know you want to stay here."

"No, no I don't. I'm sorry, but we need to leave now …our bus leaves soon."

"Flora, you heard the truth…none of that stuff actually happened."

"Then why isn't the pain gong away!" she shouted suddenly in his face. She blinked quickly, realizing her outburst, and lowered her head down. A tear stroked down her cheek and grazed all the way down it. "Please, just let me go…let me stop feeling this way."

"You're only feeling this way because you haven't had one of these in five years," he spoke, cupping her face and planting a passionate kiss onto her lips. She stood motionless, immediately kissing him back with as much passion as him. The plants in his apartment seemed to bloom even larger and fuller, growing bigger and bigger. Helia slowly broke away, leaving Flora completely breathless with more tears in her eyes. "Is the pain gone now?"

He smiled…she smiled…

"You give me life, Flora," he stroked her cheek, wiping away the tears. "I can't live without you."

"Neither can I," she sobbed into her hands. He took her hands away from her face and kissed them.

"Don't go."

"I don't think I have a choice," she giggled for the first time, as they kissed once more in each other's arms, while Lorelei watched with a huge smile on her face, waiting for the future impatiently.

Because you give me the water of life…

Layla was packing herself, while Jadon was helping her with his powers.

"I still don't get it," complained Jadon. "Why do we have to go? I thought you said everything was better again."

"Well everything is not better…in fact everything is the same…as it should be…back to normal…we're going back to Tides…going back…going back…" she was muttering different sentences to herself, while frantically helping Jadon.

"But what about d- I mean Nabu?"

"He'll get on with life without us…he always has up until now."

"But I still don't get why exactly we are-,"

"Jadon, we don't belong here…consider this place like a little vacation we just had…now we can go back home."

"But you said we had to go to a hotel first."

"Yes, but that's only because out flight doesn't leave until tomorrow," Layla was getting annoyed. Jadon wouldn't stop talking, and her mind was racing in a complete circle. She was even more alarmed when she heard the front door open and shut…meaning he had entered the place. As if on cue, her phone began to ring. "Hello? Yes this is she…"

Nabu sat at the table, listening to Layla yell furiously into her phone.

"What do you mean you don't any rooms left?!" she paused and let the woman speak. "I don't care whether there's a festival soon! You told me I would have a room!" she paused once more. "No! You can't just hang up on me!" She was sobbing at this point.

Why can't she just talk to me? Nabu thought. Maybe I should talk to her…but why can't she just look at me? He decided to go inside the room where Layla was yelling, only to find the most wretched thing he ever saw. She was lying in a corner, sobbing, with Jadon wrapped around her, comforting her.

"I can't…we have to go somewhere…anywhere…but here," she whimpered to her son, not noticing Nabu.

"Layla," he began. She looked up, and seeing him in the doorway was the thing she could not bear at this point. She diverted her eyes from him, focusing on Jadon once more.

"We have to go somewhere…"

"But where?" Jadon questioned, looking at Nabu for something…anything.

"Layla," Nabu repeated, taking a step. She ignored him again, still speaking to her son.

"I don't know…maybe we could stay in the terminal or something…"

"Layla, look at me," he spoke sternly, kneeling down toward her. She did this time and looked at him with intensity. It was then that Jadon let go of his mother and exited the room quietly, listening intently from the other room. "Layla, I love you."

She shook her head miserably.

"None of it makes sense…how could things just happen like this? It happened so long ago…why is it being cleared up now? Why didn't I see it?" she muttered, not looking at him, but the ground.

"Layla, I didn't see it either…"

"It was so long ago…why did I fall for it? How?" it was like she was speaking to herself. He started to hug her…hold her…and what was weird was that she hugged him back; because secretly, she wanted everything to be all right again.

"You weren't the only one…I'm sorry."

"For what? Protecting your city? Protecting your world? Don't be…its all my fault for being senseless in the first place…" she reasoned. "I just need to get out of here…"


"Because I hurt you…I can't forgive myself for it…I need to get out of here, away from you…I know you can't be around me now…not now…now after all this."

"You're crazy," he said sternly, planting a rough kiss on her lips, tilting her head back a little for a better access. He was rougher with her, getting on top of her so the closeness of them would heat up quicker. She was in a daze; she would stop if this got too out of hand, seeing that Jadon was in the next room. But once she thought he would slip his hand onto her waist, he broke…leaving her completely breathless. "Why would I ever want you to leave?"

She smiled widely, as Nabu turned around to welcome Jadon's hug from behind…

Because you are the logic in me…

Tecna had not returned to Timmy's place for a long time. She went to Magix, got some ice cream with Cale, and sat at a table, watching the sunset in the distance. She was extremely grateful that Cale had forgiven her and that he still trusted her. As she watched her son eat happily, and not saying a word about Timmy, she began to see that he understood everything perfectly. She began to think of what she would do once she got back to Zenith. Visit her parents, no doubt, but what about the rest of it? What would she do? Be a guardian fairy the rest of her life? Where was the intense battles, the complicated equations, and the desire to fight evil?

Where was everything going to go?

Would she ever be able to love again? For the love of her son was still a great power inside her…and she knew Timmy was logical enough not to bring her back…ever. She knew he was smart enough to see the flaw in his life, meaning her, and step away from it as soon as possible. But would it be that easy?

"Is it time to go yet?" Cale asked, when she noticed that he finished his ice cream over ten minutes ago.

"Yes, it seems the right time," she replied, leaving a tip on the table and getting up.

"So we're going back to the Binary Galaxy?"

"Yes, we'll start our new life there…never having to ever run away again," she held his hand while they walked back to the apartment building. She could tell Cale felt a little sad, not having to get to know his father as much as he would like, but he knew the circumstances with his mother. In a matter of time, they were going through the elevator to the top floor. I guess I could be a little nice to him…after all he's done…maybe introduce the two to each other…but will he care? She knocked on his door, making sure she remembered her bag to put all her things in.

He opened it swiftly, seeming slightly panicked that she wasn't there already. He exhaled slowly when he saw that it was her, feeling very relieved.

"I thought you had left already…I was worried I was going to have to stop you at the station," he said a mouth full, leaving her very surprised. "But then again, your stuff was still here, so I thought that wasn't possible, but then I thought-,"

"Excuse me?"

"I thought you, uh never mind, come in…" he rushed, trying to prepare his speech quickly to her. He began to panic when he saw her packing her bags, Cale helping her, trying to avoid his eyes. "Y-you're leaving?"

Tecna looked up at him incredulously. "Of course I am."

"B-but why?" he asked, as Cale immediately stopped what he was doing. He had hope in his eyes.

"What do you mean why? You know exactly why!"

"Tecna, you heard the truth…it wasn't us…we made a mistake…"

"What are you talking about? None of this has been your fault in the first place. It's all been mine…I was the one who was stupid enough to believe it…I should have seen it…me, the perceptive one…I should have seen it!" she sobbed, her tears already running from her eyes. "And I understand perfectly…why should someone like you ever want to be with someone who is dense like me? I should have seen-,"

A pair of lips pressing against hers cut her off. She didn't even know what was happening at first, until she recognized the lips that she had been longing for so long. It was short, but meaningful…just enough to get the situation straight.

"You talk way too much," he stroked her hair once he broke free.

"I don't understand…"

"Tecna, what you just said has got to be the stupidest thing that has ever come out of your mouth," he said straight forward, as Tecna blushed. "Don't believe it, any of that…because it is not true and all of us were tricked. And how could I ever think that of you? You are the smartest woman I know." She remained silent, too nervous to speak. "Move in with me…marry me…do something so that I never have to lose you again."

She remained silent, and then had a huge smile on her face. "Yes, yes, of course I will!" She gave him a huge hug and bent down to Cale. "Cale, meet your father…Timmy, meet your son, Cale."

"Nice to meet you," smiled Timmy, leaving out his hand for a shake. Instead, Cale jumped on top of him, giving a hug himself.

Because you are the fire in me…

She sat on her bed, not moving or stirring, her twins sleeping beside her from a hard days work. She left her unpacked suitcase lying on the floor, not even bothering. He would kick her out soon anyway…what was the point? She wanted to hear his words first before she was going to do it.

But he told you he loved you…

So? He didn't mean it…he couldn't have…

But what if he did?

Doesn't matter…he already has someone waiting for him back on Eraklyon.

Sabrina stirred; she didn't know if she was having another nightmare or not. Bloom looked more closely…nope. There was no screaming, no pain in her face, just a simple child taking a nap. It was strange; usually she would be having one by now. But she slept soundly…nothing happened.

She jumped when she heard the door shut, and waited for him to enter the room. She began to think; Faragonda taught her to make a portal to earth, so she could easily do it right now and throw her kids and supplies in quickly. But she decided to wait, for he knew exactly where to find her.

"How come you haven't packed like the others?" he asked, observing her items when he burst into the room.

"I will…just waiting for the kids to get their nap in," she lied, still reminiscing her past and the room.

"I would have thought you'd already left by now."

"Well if you want me gone, all you had to do was ask," she replied sourly, as she got up saying a few incantations and a portal appeared, showing Mike and Vanessa's on the other end.

"Wait no! I didn't mean it like that!"

"Then what did you mean, Sky? I know you don't want me, so what's the point in staying? How could you ever trust me again after what I did?"

"Bloom, I've always trusted you…always…don't leave because you think you made a mistake…I already told you I loved you."

"Sky, you're a king of a noble kingdom, you have a fiancé already in line to marry you, and your kingdom needs you right now more than me…you should be fine without me."

"She means nothing compared to you, Bloom. And if I had too, I would step down from the throne to be with you."

"Well it doesn't matter now, does it? You already have everything you want…why should I be included?"

"Because I love you more than anything else in the world…doesn't that mean anything?"

"Don't you see Sky? I…I…I didn't trust you, l-like I should have…everything was my fault! My children were suffering without a dad, you were suffering, and I was suffering! And all because I didn't trust you!" she sat back down on the bed, wiping at her eyes. He now found himself kneeling beside her, holding her…and she didn't care. She welcomed his strong arms around her.

"It's ok now…we can work everything out…together…it's ok now," he rubbed her back.

"Sky…I don't deserve this, any of this…" Bloom stopped when he silenced her with a kiss. He grabbed her jaw and held it gently, while kissing her passionately. Bloom's arms wrapped around his neck, making sure that there was no space between them whatsoever. The kiss became fierce, as if they had been longing for each other forever, and their breathing became rapid.

"Mommy? What's going on?" Sabrina asked, as she stirred from her sleep, barely looking through her sleepy eyes. Sky and Bloom immediately broke apart, while Bloom looked at Sabrina.

"Did you have another nightmare?" Bloom asked breathlessly, while Sky wrapped his arms around her. Sabrina finally fully awoke, causing Aidan to stir himself.

"No I didn't…it was nice this time. Nothing scared me at all," she smiled brightly, especially when she saw her father holding Bloom closely.

"Then you'll never have another one again," Bloom smiled back, Sky leaning to kiss Sabrina on her forehead.

"So, we're not going to earth?" Aidan asked, noticing the portal.

"No, we're staying right here," replied Bloom, tossing his hair.

"Actually, how does Eraklyon sound to all three of you?" Sky intervened.

"Eraklyon? I don't think we've ever been there," Aidan said.

"Well I'm sure you'll like it…"

Because you are the music in me…

Musa was all packed and ready to go, and the best thing was that she was prepared before he got there. It would be easy sneaking out of here…but she also wondered how the others were doing. She looked down at Alexis, who seemed to be very sad. She wanted to talk to her so badly…and maybe this was finally time to.

"Alexis? We need to talk," she said, kneeling down to her level.

"I don't understand…anything."

"That's why I'm finally going to explain…to clear everything up for you, ok?" Musa looked into Riven's colored eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry…for everything. I never wanted for you to get hurt, and because of that, all of us left…we thought it was a good idea. I thought your dad was playing me at the time, but I guess I was wrong. I never ever wanted to be the bad mother that I am to you now. I know I can't say anything that will make it better now, but I was so young back then…I was never prepared for any of this."

Alexis kept her eyes on her mother, in awe.

"But now I want to become a better mother…for you…because now I can look into your eyes without getting hurt anymore. You've always wanted to know who your dad was…and I'm sorry that you never knew, but you have got to understand that I never intended on hurting you whatsoever. It was all because I love you," Musa finished with a long sigh. It felt amazing to let it all out…to let all the secrets that she had hidden from her vanish in front of her. Alexis put on a small smile, but to Musa it was perfect and all she needed.

"Are you ready to go then?" Musa asked.

"Are you sure mom?" Alexis replied. Musa nodded. "Ok, then are we going to see grandpa?"

"Oh yes, and he is very excited to finally see you," Musa giggled, shutting the door to the apartment for the last time. They caught a bus and went to Alfea, praying that the guys wouldn't be there still. She knocked on Faragonda's office door, having her open it, with her smiling.

"Right on time," Faragonda spoke. "Are you sure you want to stay the night here?"

"Yes, trust me, there's no other place available because of Magix's festival."

"Ok then, follow me to your-,"

"Mommy! I forgot my necklace!"

"Huh? What?" Musa asked stunned.

"The one you got me on Solaria! I left it there! I need it back!" Alexis was on the verge of tears as she grasped her neck. Now Musa remembered; all the girls gave their daughters necklaces back on Solaria, each matching their type of magic. In other words: she had to get it back, as a memory and symbol of mother and daughter. "Please mommy! It's the only thing I have left of my friends."

"O-oh ok! I'll be right back!" Musa said hurriedly, transforming into her enchantix. "Ms. Faragonda, can you-,"

"Don't worry dear, I've got it," she smiled while replying, taking Alexis's hand. Musa smiled in appreciation and flew back to the apartment building. She pushed the doors open, still in her enchantix, and flew up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. She didn't bother transforming back; she would be in and out in a matter of seconds. She didn't even notice that Riven's door was already open as she rushed into her, what used to be, room.

She knew her daughter, so when she looked under the bed, she found the necklace immediately. Lifting it up to examine it she sighed, "Oh what am I going to do with that girl?"

"Are you asking me because I'm her father, or are you just talking to yourself as usual?" a voice came from behind, who she immediately recognized. She forgot all about him; of course he would be here by the time she got back, what was she thinking? She should have put some sort of invisibility spell on her. She turned around, still on her knees, very embarrassed, to see none other than Riven, leaning casually on the doorframe. "So you're leaving?"

"I guess," she replied, standing on her two feet again, suddenly turning defensive. "Kind of have to now that all my stuff is gone."

"Well if you want to, then go," he glared, but then softened. "But do you really want to?" This statement shocked her a bit.

"I wouldn't leave if I didn't want to."

"Musa, why can't you just talk to me?" he asked her serenely. "Everyone else did…everyone else made up and are back together again."

"What?" she asked incredulously. She had been certain that all of them felt the same way as she did…why did they turn so quickly. Why is she turning so quickly? "They turned that quickly?"

"Can't you just forget about your stupid pride?" he snapped, stopping her from taking her step out the door. "You always talk about how you have to be on top on everyone else…just to hide what your true feelings are. Why, out of all times, can't you just show me how you really feel?"

"You should talk. You never showed me how you were really feeling…you always kept it inside," she was on the verge of tears, grasping Alexis's necklace tightly.

"That was in the past, Musa. I'm not afraid anymore…to be myself. I know you had many years to keep to yourself, so you're not used to it anymore…but you have to break free of that now."

She looked down at the floor; she hated it when he was right. She was being exactly like him when they were younger; keeping themselves from each other.

"I know you were hurt because you were the one who was fooled, the one who ran away from everything you enjoyed. I know you're angry because you didn't stay…and trust me, you could have easily made Faragonda let you stay here…you wanted to leave to get away from me. You're angry because you didn't know the truth, I know you Musa, I know you."

She still kept silent…nothing was said by her anymore…

"And Musa?" he asked, when he lifted up her chin. "I know you still love me, and you know that I still love you."

And that's when he placed his lips on her. The last and final kiss that made everything perfect was finally the last piece of the puzzle. Musa immediately wrapped her arms around him, as he held her neck gently. The kiss was more passionate than ever they had done before. After five years, after the longing for affection, touch, gaze, and kiss…it all fit together like a puzzle where the piece had been missing for so long. Riven broke apart, with Musa in tears.

"Oh please don't cry, it's so annoying," he smirked, earning himself a punch to the arm. Then both started to laugh. "Now, why don't you get our daughter back here?"

I only love you…is that too much to ask?

Musa POV

The word love is described in so many ways. Some say it comes naturally, others say you have to search and find it…but what happened to us was something others don't usually experience everyday. After everyone made up and said those three little words everyone longs for in their lives, everything was jubilant again. Once more…the children were happy. I know I've never seen Alexis smile so big when Riven puts her on his shoulders as we took a stroll down Magix for that festival so many years ago.

And now, two years later, we still get the feeling that it was all just a bad dream…a nightmare that we never want to happen again. We were lost, but now found. We were once captured, but now saved. We disappeared, but now visible…not unseen.

We all went through different steps of our lives:

As you know, Stella, Brandon, and Celena went to Solaria, where King Radius got to see his granddaughter again. Stella had her coronation and became the queen of Solaria, making Celena the princess. Shortly after, they were married, making Brandon king. It still amazes me how a squire could ever uphold that kind of position, but after our story, anything's possible. Stella and Brandon also have a 1-year-old boy, named Luke. Celena was quite jealous at first, but got used to him.

Flora, Helia, and Lorelei went back to Linphea. They opened their own greenhouse and art studio, perfecting nature to an all-new level. They were married, as well, in the most beautiful atmosphere anyone could ever imagine, considering Flora herself made the decorations. Lorelei came out of her shell a little, talking more and playing with her aunt, Rose. Flora and Helia have another 6-month-old baby girl named Laurel.

Layla, Nabu, and Jadon went to Tides. Layla's parents still hold the throne, but they still live in the castle. In time, Layla will become queen, Nabu will become king, and Jadon will be a prince. But they were still married on the beach, where the mermaids danced in the ocean, and the fish swam happily. Jadon has been practicing his powers ever since Nabu, a way better teacher, taught him the things he knew. Layla and Nabu haven't had any other children yet, but will look forward to more in the future.

Tecna, Timmy, and Cale went to Zenith, where they became technicians for spacecrafts and ships. They were married as well on the planet, making it the most odd wedding I've ever been too, but nonetheless, still enjoyed myself. Tecna is currently pregnant with a girl. I can't wait to see her…she'll probably look just like her. Meanwhile, Cale has been getting smarter, just like his father, making him noting to be one of the greatest technicians ever know someday.

Bloom, Sky, Aidan, and Sabrina went to earth for a few months, and then everyone went to Eraklyon, where they were married. As you know, Sky is king, which makes Bloom queen. Aidan and Sabrina are prince and princess…something that they never thought would happen. Bloom is pregnant too with another girl. Sabrina never had another nightmare; after testing with Faragonda a couple times, it seems it was the dragon fire just trying to tell her who her fathers were so she wouldn't be sad anymore. She now has sleep filled nights every night.

And as for me, Riven, Alexis and I still reside in Magix, where Riven is a teacher at Red Fountain. I decided to pass the throne to Galatea, so I can presume my career as a pop singer. One album is already out, which gives us just enough to buy a beautiful house on Magix's hills. We also have a one-year-old son named David, whom Riven named this time. And Alexis is perfecting her powers and singing so that in the future, she'll be just like her mom.

And so when all of us said those words we thought we'd never hear ourselves say, our hearts leaped with excitement as we kissed their lips at the alter. The words 'I do' was never part of the plan. Well none of this was ever part of the plan. We thought life would never be the same again…as if time would run out sooner or later.

But it didn't

A miracle happened in our lives, as I would like to put it. And as I remember looking up at those stars on that starry night when all of us were still pregnant, I really do think that there is someone out there looking out for us every step of the way and loves us. Because without this test, this leap of faith all of us were planted upon, this humbling project, our lives would not be the same. And we would not have a great story like this to tell our grandchildren.

So we see it as a miracle… not a foolish waste of time, but a gift. We have our kids, and now some of us more, and the love of our lives. And so when all of us look back till this day when we are in each other's arms by the fire, maybe, just maybe…

All we really had to do was take a breath…

Worlds are spinning 'round…

There's no sign of slowing down…

So won't you take a breath?

Just take a breath…

People change and promises are broken…

Clouds can move and skies will be wide open…

Don't forget to take a breath…


"Celena, will you hurry up?" yelled Sabrina to her friend to get out of the store already.

"Oh, but this dress is so cute! Can't I just try on one more? Please?" begged Celena, popping out of the dressing room.

"We were supposed to meet the guys 15 minutes ago! Don't you want to see Jamie?" asked Alexis, checking her watch, while tapping her foot impatiently. Lorelei burst into the store.

"What is taking so long? I've got the car running…" she said impatiently.

"Celena won't give up on the dress. What a shocker…" replied Sabrina.

"Oh I'm coming! I put the dress back already…besides, I can come back later…"

"Princess Celena, would like for me to put the dress on hold?" asked the store clerk.

"Yes, she will, now lets go!" Lorelei pulled her friend's arm from the lady and pushed her out of the store. Lorelei got in the driver's seat, Sabrina and Celena got in the back, and Alexis got in the front. With her foot on the gas, Lorelei sped off in a rush to meet their boyfriends and the club. The girls' hair were blowing in the wind perfectly, as Celena got out her sunglasses and pushed them on her face in a stylish matter.

Being juniors at Alfea got you a lot when you were in Magix, so getting a parking spot was even easier when you were the daughters of the Winx Club. Lorelei pulled into the reserved spot and the girls got out quickly, finding Aidan, Cale, Jadon, and a new comer Jamie waiting at the front.

"What took you guys so long?" asked Aidan, embracing his girlfriend, Alexis.

"I'll give you one guess," she replied sarcastically, all of them giving Celena a look.

"What? The dress was brand new…I couldn't just let it leave me forever," she smiled, going to her boyfriend, Jamie, who had brown hair and blue eyes. He was also a duke of a neighboring planet.

"Well I think you can live without one dress out of the billions you have on Solaria," said Lorelei, kissing her boyfriend Jadon.

"I agree," said Sabrina, doing the same to her boyfriend, Cale. "But then again, she's just like her mother."

Everyone laughed, knowing Stella's obsession with clothes.

"So what do you ladies want to do after the club? We've got time before our mission later on today," said Jadon, holding Lorelei closely.

"I don't know, but remember next week is my birthday, so you guys better not have a mission on that day," said Celena. "All of you are invited to Solaria where we celebrate the day I was born."

"And what a celebration it will be…" Sabrina rolled her eyes.

"You got that right sis," said Aidan.

"Does that mean I finally get to hear the story?" asked Jamie.

"Oh yeah…and trust me, it's a long one," Cale said to his friend.

"How long?"

"Well it you like five years of our lives in it, then I predict it's pretty long," replied Jadon. "But it's a story we learn by."

"And with our parents telling it, then that means it'll probably get mushy," Alexis made a queasy look, while Aidan smirked.

"Well to me, it's something I'll never forget," smiled Lorelei, giving off that glow like her mother. "I remember it perfectly."

"I'm sure we all do," said Jadon, remembering using his powers for the first time.

"I know I'll never forget it," said Cale.

"Well you've got a memory of a computer Cale, of course you'll remember it," smirked Aidan, making the others chuckle.

"Let's make a promise," began Alexis, making sure she looked up at Aidan, while the other girls did the same. "To love each other forever…and make sure no witches break us apart."

"You got it," Aidan replied, kissing her gently on the lips. The others did the same.

"I don't get it…what?" asked Jamie after kissing Celena, while the others laughed and walked into the club to enjoy themselves.

Take a breath…

The End

Thanks for reading and enjoying the story…