Seals of Fate

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Chapter 25: Bringer of the Black Dawn, Rebirth.

"Well, well. The Rokudaime Hokage, also known as the Symbol God of Konoha, wielder of the Great Weapon Kie, the Soulstealer's weapon, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, exactly who I wanted to see." Sasuke announced loudly, pushing the corpse of Kakashi off his sword. Before it even hit the ground it was in Naruto's hands, cradled in his arms while Naruto stood resolutely where he'd been before.

"Uchiha Sasuke, traitor of Konoha, S-rank missing nin, and apparently the wielder of another Great Weapon. Your sins are too heavy, here you will die, for Kakashi, for Tsunade, for the sake of Konoha." Naruto said, speaking in the same ominous tone. Their eyes met and locked, each with fire blazing behind their glares, until Sasuke looked down again, re-sheathing his sword while Naruto put Kie away, having drawn it subconsciously.

"You were always in the spotlight weren't you, getting power that rightfully belongs to me. Today I will get my revenge, your doujutsu is no match for my own." Sasuke raised his head, his Mangekyou Sharingan eyes meeting Naruto's eyes, which now had all 50 seal kanji in each eye lit.

"You're a fool and a traitor. I worked for my power, whereas you tried to steal yours from others. How's that cursed seal on your shoulder working, with its creator dead?" Naruto said maliciously.

Sasuke tried to draw the power from the seal on his shoulder, but found that it was gone, no trace of it left… which could only mean Kimimaro was dead. "I didn't need his power anyway" Sasuke said, a little less confident than before. "My own still surpasses you, now that you have no demon. You cannot borrow power either."

"This is true, but my own surpasses that of the demon." Of course, this was not true, but it still carried some effect, no one really knowing Naruto's true power.

Their voices lowered to a whisper across the battlefield. All the Konoha had long since fled, one of them taking Kakashi's body from Naruto as he passed. Naruto had done what he could, and it appeared the copy ninja was only in a near-death state, thanks to various blood restoring seals and healing, administered by Naruto through seals in his hands while the conversation took place.

"You know, I once actually believed that your doujutsu could outclass my own, until I found the next level. You see… after you released your demon, I headed toward the signature and lucky me." Sasuke began. "I found the last remaining sharingan user besides myself, the first to possess it: Uchiha Madara…"

Naruto's eyes widened in shock at this… the man must have been over 200 years old… how could he be alive?

Sasuke chuckled slightly at Naruto's shock, before continuing. "Oh yes, he is indeed very old… or was" Sasuke said, putting emphasis on the 'was'. "Do you happen to know what happens if a Mangekyou user absorbs the Mangekyou of another top user? They reach the next form. This is what I show you now… They will be the last eyes you ever see… Mangekyou Sharingan: Hell 2"

Sasuke's eyes changed… from the normal Mangekyou into something far more fearsome…. Changing, morphing, the three pointed shuriken of the once feared 'ultimate' sharingan became a pentagram.. a normal sharingan in the center, whirling rapidly. Sasuke made two slow handseals, in which time Naruto made five as they called out they most powerful techniques simultaneously.

"Tsukuyomi Hell."

"100 Seal Mind Rebirth."

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto was on a cross, a giant nail through both his hands, trapping him on the stake. His legs hung limply. Suddenly, a hungry pain erupted on his left thigh, eating at his flesh and burning it away until his leg was gone. Naruto looked down and saw his leg reforming, bloodied, and saw the retreating hand of something that couldn't be described as humanoid… just… demonic. Naruto looked up and studied his surroundings.

He was… for all intents and purposes, in hell. Fire was lit in a circle around him, demons just around it, most with either pikes or elongated arms, allowing them to reach him. The retreating hand belonged to a gangly demon, his tongue protruded from his mouth. He had short red horns growing in a crown-like pattern from his head. His thin body showed no muscle whatsoever, his long arms just as bare. His hands had six fingers each, each tip ending in a claw. His legs were hairy, and he was wearing but a loin cloth. His feet were also clawed. His skin was all completely red, like fire. Ironically, in his left hand, he held up an orb… of fire. Many of the other demons had human-like proportions and were wearing much the same, but Naruto had little time to contemplate this, as the demon that had attacked him before stuck out his hand containing fire, and pushed it into Naruto's chest, dragging it slowly down his body, melting much of it away.

The pain was excruciating. Naruto's nerves were ultra sensitive, even the prick of a needle could have caused him to pass out. The fire being dragged through his body drove him to the limit… but he couldn't fall unconscious.. so he did all he could: he screamed out in pain, his lungs regenerating so he could keep screaming forever, the tortured soul that he was.

This continued for a whole week in Naruto's mind… before something changed. The demons before Naruto left, as the ground trembled. Naruto thought the technique must have been ending… which would be good, since his mind was practically broken. However, he was not so lucky…. A gigantic demon rose before him.. a familiar one.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune stood, in all its glory, before Naruto. 150 feet tall, its tails swishing around behind it. It looked down at Naruto, before… smiling.

"WELL MORTAL. LOOKS LIKE THE UCHIHAS ARE GOOD FOR SOMETHING. HE SENT YOU TO HELL…AND NOW I GET TO DO WHAT I WISH WITH YOU. OH HOW I'LL ENJOY THIS." The Kyuubi uttered in a morbidly happy voice. Before Naruto could even attempt to say something, he felt a pain that made the previous week feel like nothing.

The tips of the tails of the Kitsune had narrowed into spears, all rapidly shooting in and out of Naruto's body, through his eyes making them bleed out, through his crotch, neutering him in the most painful way imaginable, though his joints: the elbows, the knees, through his heart, through his throat, and through all vital areas, giving them only time to regenerate before destroying them again. Then, the Kitsune lit his tails with chakra, burning the rest of Naruto, the only constant being his brain….

And then, after a week of torture at the Kitsune's mercy, it was over…

(Sasuke's Mindscape)

Sasuke was in Konoha, in the woods of the forest surrounding it… He saw a young Sakura, remembering the love that he could never shake. It was the killing of emotions that brought power… wasn't it? Sasuke saw his experiences with Sakura… their first date…

"Oh Sasuke-kun, that was great!" A 12 year old Sakura said happily, walking with Sasuke out from a movie theater. They'd just seen a rather popular movie about a princess from Snow Country. Walking downt he street, Sasuke found himself watching Sakura as she walked slightly ahead of him, swaying her hips… she was actually quite attractive.

"Sakura-chan, want me to walk you home?" Sasuke asked politely. "It's getting dark out… I just wanna make sure you're okay." Now this, of course, was completely false. Even as just genin they could take out basically any civilian.

She just nodded, grasping his hand tighter while he caught up to her, walking beside her. They soon got to her house, and he walked off at the door, though not before she gave him a peck on the cheek.

This was a painful memory, as it was the first time he'd actually minded going home to an empty house. Her warmth… it was undeniable. He was dreading the next memory… their first kiss.

Sasuke was in the woods in Tea-country on a C-rank mission, throwing kunai at branches, venting frustration from having been out-classed by ninja earlier that day. He noticed a person following him, and decided to try to stop quickly, to see if they were after him or just going in that direction. He tried to stop, but the branch he tried to stop on was slippery and he fell, rolling off to the side and coming to a clearing, in front of a pond.

The figure stopped, then followed him, out to the clearing. The pond was truly breath-taking in its beauty. It was a tranquil place, the setting sun lighting it up with yellow, orange, red, and near the middle… purple. This only accentuated the beautiful pink and red Sasuke saw as he got up and looked down at the girl before him…

"Sakura-chan… why were you following me?"

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay… y'know, after today… Falling on your butt isn't so bad, better than being useless."

"You aren't useless… I need you here at least. And I'm just a little sore, just wish I could've done more."

Sakura gave him a slap on the ass and giggled as he winced. They'd been going out for the last few months or so, and had gotten much closer. Sakura had even learned of his clan. "Hehe, Sasuke-kun. Guess you are sore, huh?"

"Yeah real funny. I gotta rest…" Sasuke said, before sitting down again, letting his feet hang over the edge of the small cliff leading to the edge of the pond. Sakura sat down next to him, and leaned against him. He put his arm around her, and felt happy that someone understood him and would only laugh playfully… with him, not at him. Someone he liked to be around. The sun set almost fully, before they looked at each other again, and Sasuke and Sakura let their eyes meet. Sasuke's eyes flicked over to the kunai he'd dropped when he tripped, before focusing back.

"Go ahead, dozo." Sakura spoke softly, motioning for him to go train like he wanted to. However, her lips were so inviting… soft, pink, juicy. Sakura was about to speak again before Sasuke reached down and brought her lips to his. The kiss lasted a few minutes, before they pulled away. Sakura just stared at him, blushing, before pulling him down and kissing him once more.

By this point Sasuke was really hurting. He'd killed someone who had meant this much to him… someone who could have made him happy, without the revenge that he now couldn't take… without hate, someone who could've kept him strong. It began again…

"Good luck in the finals, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said sweetly, giving him a kiss for good luck. Sasuke returned the kiss with passion, knowing what he would have to do…

He knew what was coming, and didn't want to see it. However… it was something else… unexpected.

"Well dobe, we shall see now who has the power. If I can kill you, I can kill Itachi, right? RIGHT?!" Sasuke said, charging a Chidori in his right hand. He was fighting Naruto… that time his sharingan had been temporarily sealed…

"SASUKE!" The girl screamed, her pink hair bouncing as she ran into the clearing. Somehow, even as he was, he still attracted fangirls. "Sasuke, stop. You don't want to kill, please, stop this." the girl pleaded.

Sasuke was prepared to see the Chidori go through her… killing her… but it didn't happen. Sasuke, in the 'memory' allowed the chidori to collapse, then reverted to normal, slowly. He let his sharingan eyes revert to his normal onyx ones, then slowly, embraced the girl before him. All he heard in his mindscape was:

"What could have been"… "Redeem Yourself"

The memories, the alteration, repeated over and over for more times than Saskue cared to count, it seemed as if it lasted a lifetime, until finally… it ended.

(Normal Time)

Sasuke and Naruto both fell to their knees, gasping for breath. Barely a second had passed since they'd announced their techniques, as made evident by their voices echoing in the camp. It lasted barely seconds, the gasping, before both of them looked up at each other.

"Red…emp….tion…is…for…the…weak…dobe…" Sasuke managed after about 20 seconds.

"Then… you…know…the…con….se…quen….ces…" Naruto muttered out. He shakily made it to his feet, his eyes had, for the first time in ages, reverted to the sky blue Naruto was born with. Sasuke, likewise, made it to his feet, his eyes reverted to their onyx color.

"Pre…pare…to…die…" Naruto managed, dropping all weights and pulling out Kie, using it to support his weight. Sasuke too removed his weights, before pulling out his sword.

"I'd… like… you… to…meet…Kie's…brother:… Drey…" The sword was short, about a one and a half foot blade, and an eight inch handle. With a pitch black blade and a black handle, it pulsed black in the same way Kie pulses green.

Sasuke gradually shifted his weight, eventually standing in his sword stance, Drey flat out in front of him, parallel to the ground at eye level, his left hand came up and grasped Drey's handle, before pulling away. A copy of Drey rested in his hand now, pulsing the same black. "And this… is Ein"

Naruto, naturally, brought himself into his stance. He fished around his reserves for chakra, attempting to make his actions a little faster, but found he had about 1, and it looked like Sasuke was in similar condition. Enough chakra for about two rasengans, enough in Sasuke for about two chidoris.

"Let's… end this…" Naruto said, straining to get out the syllables.

"Yes…" Sasuke said, straining in a similar fashion. With that, they both charged a tiny bit of chakra to their legs, and charged.

Sasuke brought his right hand, swinging Drey so as to break Naruto's guard. Expertly parrying, Naruto did two cross cuts with Kie, but both were parried by Sasuke, who proceeded to duck under Naruto's guard, rolling and throwing Ein at Naruto. Not expecting this, the sword sunk into Naruto, before disappearing to leave a gaping wound. Sasuke got back up, and pulled another 'Ein' from Drey, once again wielding two short-swords.

"Lucky… shot…" Naruto said quietly, mostly to himself. Putting a seal against his stomach, he found himself not healing. That's right… I don't even have enough chakra to activate the first level fuingan… It's like its gone from me, like his Sharingan is gone from him.

Naruto charged again, plunging Kie in a straight line down towards Sasuke's head. He, of course, blocked it with both short swords, before throwing it back at Naruto. Thinking he;d created an opening, Sasuke threw Ein at Naruto, and it stuck into him, before disappearing, creating another wound. What Sasuke hadn't noticed what the foot flying towards his chest. A level two rasengan, not controlled but still potent, was concentrated on the sole of Naruto's foot, which drove into Sasuke's stomach, blowing through him.

Naruto was down, his sword supporting him as the two gaping holes in him continued to bleed. He'd missed the heart on his last attack, but it was still worth the hit. Sasuke was barely standing. A hole, six inches in diameter, was going straight through his chest, vaporizing his stomach. He couldn't have thrown up if he wanted to.

"It….It's… over…" Naruto said, blood pouring from his mouth as his punctured kidneys and damaged lung cried out in protest.

"N-Not… yet…" Sasuke muttered. He pointed his hand as Naruto, grasping only Drey now, which had grown to the length of a long sword. "B-Black…. Light…ning…" Sasuke gasped out.

A black substance, moving at impossible angles, flew towards Naruto, who blocked with Kie and a small shield of Amorphia… which didn't last. He was on the ground soon, writhing in agony as the lightning scorched his skin and insides. It soon let up, and everything went black.. Naruto was unconscious, dying.

Sasuke struggled, but walked over to Naruto, and spit on his face, though it contained more blood than saliva. He raised his sword, prepared to stab it through Naruto's throat, when a kunai came from nowhere. It knocked Drey away from Naruto's throat, though it remained in Sasuke's grasp.

"GET AWAY FROM HIM" Tenten yelled, appearing from the trees, appearing to have been moving at top speed. Behind her emerged Hinata, Temari, and Ino, all fully equipped for battle.

"Y-you live… this time… Namikaze" Sasuke muttered before sinking into the ground and disappearing.

None of them bothered to chase after him, all four of Naruto's fiances crouching over him, trying to heal him. With low-level medic techniques, and the help of Naruto's sealing belts which contained healing seals, they stabilized him well enough to bring him back to Konoha.

(Hospital, two weeks later)

"Please be okay, please… I don't know what I'd do without you… please…" Hinata whimpered. She hadn't left Naruto's side for all of the two weeks. Ino, Temari, and Tenten had been just as vigilant, though they occasionally went home for showering, or went to the Hokage's office to help out. The war had ended, due to Dust declaring neutrality to rebuild itself separate from Iwa and Kumo, while Kumo was destroyed by a transformed Gaara using the full tail of power and turning into a giant raccoon, while Iwa stopped hostilities to help Kumo rebuild and to keep the war from weakening them any further. It was no alliance, but it was peace.

"All I want from life is you… please be okay…" Hinata continued. Her voice was long since cracking, from having been talking for so long. "If only a familiar voice could help…" A doctor chimed in. "Hinata-sama, you should go home. Even with his recovery rate, he won't be up for another few weeks… We aren't masters of healing the mind like Tsunade-sama was…. This will take time."

"Gomen, but I refuse to leave his side. When he wakes up… I want to see him first. I want him to see me, to be welcomed back to this world… by me."

(Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto was sitting before the ying-yang symbol in his mind with the nine tails entwined within and emerging from the symbol. The fox heads replacing the circles, and the intricacies of the seal which coated the wall with each tail of power gained access to. Touching the wall as he once had when it granted power, he now found the wall… cold. It was the absence of the great fox. The memories of his torture played over again in his mind, surrounding him, but they didn't bother him as much as the one feeling which plagued his mind with confusion.

Betrayal. The great fox had, betrayed him in hell, or a genjutsu imitating hell. It seemed so real, but was quite clearly fake at the same time. 'Was I that bad to the fox? I mean… I merged with him, then expelled him, there were no thoughts like with Gaara and his demon so long ago, no more talking to it… so then why does this bother me?'

Naruto brought both hands to the symbol on the wall, tilted his head, and wept. Tears streamed down his face. If I cannot protect the strong, how can I protect the weak… How can I move on with life knowing that the one person, no… Demon that helped me most will betray me, for being the host that I was… He may have been evil, but he never really acted that way… and I took his power from him, and made it my own, before throwing it away. I could have used it differently.. but I expelled it… why? WHY?

The answers simply wouldn't come. Naruto soon left the wall, after wiping the tears from his eyes. He looked around his mind, opening doors, seeing the various ways that the fox had helped him, before coming across a conclusion he hadn't expected….

'He… he always wanted me happy, even if he didn't always show it. He was there for advice, he wanted me to have kits. The same way he referred to me as his kit… That… That is why I will live on. For Hinata, for Tenten, Temari, Ino… I will LIVE'


Naruto awoke, sitting straight up and gasping for air. The first thing he did was look over to his sides. Sure enough, All four of his fiances were there, staring at him wide-eyed.

"You were right, Hinata… I could get lost in his eyes right now." Temari said, staring into the pits of sky blue that were Naruto's natural eye color. She was the only one who had never seen it before, and the rest thought they would never see it again.

Naruto relaxed a bit, taking in his surroundings. He was glomped by an ecstatic, but stinky, Hinata who literally leapt on him, showering him in kisses while the other three girls looked on slightly jealous but happy.

"Did he get away?" Naruto asked, breaking the happy nature of the room. All of them looked hesitantly at Tenten, causing Naruto to look at her as well.

"Yes… He was about to kill you but I knocked away his sword." She said quietly.

"Then we must prepare for the next attack" Naruto said, his combat mode returning to him. "Get Kakashi".

Before any of them could ell him it wouldn't be necessary, Kakashi appeared from just outside the window. "Naruto." He said, the missing honorific greatly appreciated by the blond haired Hokage. "The war is over. If your wives would consent I would like to bring you up to date. You've been out for two weeks, I think you deserve a prompt explanation from those of us that have been running this village in your stead."

Naruto simply nodded, as Temari closed the door and put a 'borrowed' silencing seal around the room, and the explanations began.

(2 hours later)

Naruto was digesting the new information, while recovering from the pain still evident in much of his body. He spoke shakily, the pain-killers having worn off, but he was not in terrible pain.

"So basically, the war is over. Dust, Kumo, and Iwa are rebuilding. Suna lost most of its forces, as did Konoha in the major assaults, and neutrality has been declred. The village is rebuilding well and should be back to normal in a few months, and the academy is running the same to keep it up. All that is left is for me to deal with the masses of paperwork and a few more major things, and we're back on track?"

"That's about it." Kakashi said, flipping through his book, despite the fact that the four girls in the room were sporting glares directed at him.

"Okay… Last major decisions: get the cargo from Wave Country here faster, we'll need it to help with the rebuilding. Secondly start plan Zeta." Kakashi looked surprised for a moment before nodding and poofing away in a cloud of smoke. The girls in the room were about to ask Naruto what Plan Zeta was, but were pre-empted by his snoring. Getting a positive report from the doctor, the four girls trooped home. They would just have to wait until tomorrow.

(Next Day)

Hinata was rushing to Naruto's room. There had been disturbances in the night, loud screaming from his room, but the door couldn't be opened. Activating her Byakugan, Hinata hit a few key points on the door, before using a palm strike to blast it down. In front of her, sword in hand, was Naruto…

Only, the sword was not pointed at a foe, or even at her for having intruded… It was pointing at himself. Naruto had his sword through his gut, twisting it in a kind of seppuku…

"NARUTO-KUN!" Hinata screamed, before rushing to his side. His left hand flew out and knocked her away, smashing her against the wall.

"I can't live with it!" Naruto said, sobbing as he tried to kill himself. However, his body would not die… Blood was dripping down, and Naruto felt his body straining to stay alive, despite his clear intention to die.

"Hell." Naruto whispered, before dropping to his knees. Kie let out a pulse, dislodging itself from Naruto and healing him at the same time. It flew across the room, skidding on the linoleum floor as it escaped Naruto's clutches. Even his sword wouldn't let him die.

Naruto's cries of pain did not fade, however, until a good couple more seconds. All he saw was darkness, before the nightmares began again, and he began writhing as before.

"Naruto-kun" whispered Hinata from her spot by a cabinet. Some blood was coming from where she'd pulled her arm from the wall, but she cared little for it, moving over to Naruto's side and grasping him in a warm hug. His cries and movement lessened gradually, until soon he was resting somewhat peacefully. A trickle of blood leaked from his nose, but Hinata looked at it with a smile. 'at least he's having good dreams… can't let him sleep alone anymore'.

She stayed by him, on the floor, for another hour before he awoke again. Finding himself in her arms, he sighed peacefully, before kissing her gently and looking her in the eyes. "Thank you" he whispered dreamily. He picked himself up, balancing Hinata in his arms against his chest so as to not leave her embrace. "I owe you one."

Hinata just looked at him, then leaned in and kissed him. It lasted all of about a minute before she drew back, before whispering huskily I his ear: "Alone, wine, and sex and we're even."

Surprisingly, Hinata only sported a small blush, whilst Naruto turned deep red. "Deal." He agreed. Forgetting about his now healed wound, he grabbed Kie and slung it on his back, then used Hiraishin to go back to the estate, Hinata's bedroom. It was rarely used, as Hinata usually slept with Naruto, but it was still kept in good order. To make up for his actions… well… they had a good morning:

(Hinata's bedroom, 30 minutes later)

"Wow… better than the first time" Naruto huffed, panting from the exertion. He was flat on his back on her bed, Hinata at his side one arm still wrapped around him. They'd done it three times in 20 minutes and were both fairly tired.

"Nah… First was best, Hokage-sama." Hinata said, teasingly. Hinata liked being punished, so they'd started off with her being spanked on each cheek until it was pink. She liked being dominated, so Naruto was in control, until round three when she rode him like there was no tomorrow.

"I personally liked my view" Said a voice from the doorway. Naruto looked up and saw Ino standing there. He quickly covered his and Hinata's privates with the blanket, before asking angrily: "How long have you been there?"

"Oh, not long" she replied nonchalantly. "About six minutes. By the way, Naruto, nice dick." At that she was received a pillow to the face, having not expected it. The force moved her out of the room, an opportunity Naruto used to create a Kage Bunshin who closed and sealed the door, which then promptly dispelled. Naruto was treated by the sight of seeing Hinata from two angles. 'damn… I am a lucky man.'

"Well, Naruto-kun, feel better?"

"Oh, much. Now come on, we better get ready for the day or else Ino is going to tell the others about it before you get the chance to."

Hinata squealed and jumped in the shower. Despite her shyness, she liked to brag about that kind of thing, a fact Naruto knew well. This may be why some women he didn't even know looked at him as if they were imagining naughty things… though it may have been for other reasons.

(4 years later)

After that incident in the hospital, Naruto got used to sleeping with Hinata and his other fiances at night. The nightmares of hell mostly left him, and rarely did he ever have problems sleeping. The revuilding of Konoha was complete and trade routes were underway. Wave, Tea, Waterfall, and other various small countries, along with Konoha's major ally, Suna, set up a trading network and made their alliances official, leaving Iwa, Kumo, and Dust to work themselves out. They were gradually weakening, as opposed to growing stronger, and things seemed to be looking up for Konoha. The next generation of Shinobi arrived, with increasingly strong genin and thus increasingly strong chuunin, jounin, and ANBU. Vlad, Asuka, and Chouro became leaders of the Hunter-nins, ANBU, and Demolition divisions respectively, and other once strong genin became such leaders. The customs of the past Konoha were just that, the past.

The Konoha ruling system was also reformed. No longer were clans separate entities with their own laws, as of Plan Zeta. Zeta described a Konoha with integrated clan systems, mixing bloodlines to create still stronger shinobi, clan leaders working together for the improvement of Fire Country and Konoha. The entire clan system was reformed, with heirs of clans mingling to find the best combinations. All clans had the same types of rules, but had the same rights as any citizen of Konoha, only custom differentiating 'clans'. New bloodlines were taken in by Konoha, creating new clans. The Hyouton bloodline of Kiri, as well as abandoned bloodlines during the war from Iwa and Kumo. Soon, there could be found 2 year olds with a Byakugan and the ability to conjure lightning or ice. Cross-breeds, the next generation of bloodline limits.

Plan Zeta also brought in a new ruling system for Konoha. The clan heads were now a committee of their own. Aburame Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hanabi, Yamanaka Inoichi, Akimichi Chouro, Shinamura Asuka, Nara Shikamaru, and the rest of the heirs were made clan heads, along with heads of the new clans to enter into Konoha. This council oversaw the decisions of the civilian council which fueled the ninja community by helping bring in missions. With the civilians working easily with the Hokage, Naruto, the system became more sufficient, corruption basically impossible. This was Plan Zeta, the plan created by Naruto at the beginning of his dream, and it worked perfectly.

Marriage soon followed the completion of Plan Zeta, having taken 4 years to complete that among other programs. It was time. The 22 year old Naruto, the Rokudaime Hokage, held his marriage in front of the whole village, allowing all of them to come. Even Gaara and Kankurou traveled from Suna to see their sister get married.

It was enormous. The altar itself was placed on top of the Hokage tower. A giant fountain stood behind it, magnificent in all ways, enhancing the beauty of the scene before the people of Konoha. Hyuuga Hinata, Yamanaka Ino, Sabaku no Temari, and Iketana Tenten were all walking up a giant velvet covered ramp leading to the top of the Hokage tower. The aisles themselves were set on platforms equal in height to the Hokage tower. The walking of the four brides looked much like the ascension of an angel to heaven, this hypothesis greatly reinforced by the fact that all of them looked like angels.

Hinata led the way, a strapless white gown on with many lacy accessories, including an array of lace which trailed down her arms in a spider-web-type fashion. The veil across her face left it somewhat obscured, but she was still very beautiful. Behind her was Ino. She, like Hinata, was wearing a strapless white dress, except the lace trailed down her sides making flower shapes. Her hair was down, like Hinata's and trailed to her lower back. Her face couldn't be seen beneath the veil, but she was sporting a huge smile. Behind her, Tenten wore the same, with her hair down, and behind her… everyone gasped.

Temari… TEMARI was wearing something formal. She had on a white dress, with straps so as to keep it on at least somewhat, but she'd managed to make the wedding dress look more alluring than any though possible. It now hugged her figure, the gown had a slit up the front going to mid-thigh, exposing most of her legs as she walked, and had a long trail behind her. In the audience, Anko thought to herself 'I want a wedding dress like THAT someday.'

All four of them were walking gracefully up the ramp to the pedestal where their soon to be stood. He was wearing formal Hokage robes, as per tradition, and the hat which he lowered as they came, before placing it on again when they arrived. His hair trailed down to an inch or two beneath his shoulders, and with time after Kyuubi's chakra left him, his whisker marks had faded, until now they no longer existed. He looked almost exactly like the Yondaime.

Kakashi performed the ceremony quickly, as Temari had told the other girls if they wanted to make vows, it was an effort in futility. None of them would ever leave him, so just let her get her shot at him. In other words, the girls took more basic vows, before Naruto made his. He said his vows, then turned to Vlad who was standing nearby in an ANBU mask, who then handed Naruto the rings. Slipping them each onto his wives' fingers, he then received one which each of his wives was touching, signifying their whole bond.

"You may kiss your brides." Said Kakashi.

And he did so, with gusto. The town erupted in applause as he one by one gave each of his wives a long, deep kiss, and laughter when Temari and Tenten began pulling Naruto away from the altar. Naruto waved feebly and he was dragged away, and Hinata and Ino soon followed. Tonight would be amazing… and the next, and the next, and the next.

(That night)

Hinata and Naruto were sitting on opposite edges of the bed, both nude and in towels. They had been in this situation before, and it was still sort of awkward for them, as Hinata was shy about her body. Naruto was a little shy as well, but was usually the one to take charge. That's how Hinata liked it. Moving over to the other side of the bed, Naruto took out 'What I Want To Do With Naruto Vol 7', them having made more over time since he wasn;t always available and Ino, Tenten, and Temari were really REALLY horny from having waited so long, and asked: "What chapter?"

(Incoming series of short lemons. I am not great at writing these, but they were requested. I'm trying here.)

Hinata pointed to chapter 3, which Naruto turned to and read. Yeah, Hinata was feisty today. Naruto soon found himself flat on his back, Hinata teasing him with her lips, just barely inches from his. She threw off his towel, leaving him nude, before graping his member and beginning to rub it. Naruto moaned in pleasure, but as soon as he opened his mouth Hinata seized it, locking lips with him. Their tongues danced, until soon Naruto felt his member being encase by Hinata. She dropped off her towel, letting it fall to the floor, and squatted down so that she held his length inside her. It didn't hurt anymore, it just felt good. She began to pump up and down on him, while he fondled her breasts which were bouncing in tempo to her thrusts. Naruto soon joined in, his entire cock moving in and out with its full length, pressure building and building, until Naruto was forced to let go of Hinata's breasts in order to keep up with the speed… until he burst. Hinata released at the same time, and soon they were panting, both red in the face from the exertion.

Naruto then deviated from the original plan. Flipping Hinata onto her stomach, she gasped out "W-what are you doing?"

"Oh, nothing" Naruto said, grinning mischievously. He put her down on her hands and knees, and then thrust himself into her again, doggy style. Pushing in and out, her breathing grew louder. "ah, ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, AH, AH, AH!" She continued to grow louder, occasionally moaning out Naruto's name. He soon stopped thrusting, leaning over Hinata and rubbing her breasts, kissing her neck as she did so. She continued to moan, his entire length still in her, his hands running over her body, caressing her breasts and pinching the nipples, to which she cried his name: "NARUTO!" At this, he created a Kage Bunshin, who stuck his dick into Hinata's mouth. She began sucking him off as he thrust into her on the other side, building speed. Soon both sides released in an explosion of sperms, and the Kage Bunshin disappeared, giving Naruto the very, VERY pleasant memory of Hinata's tongue moving over and around his dick. They both then lay on the bed, and fell asleep in each other's arms. Tomorrow night Naruto would great to try out his first virgin in a long time.

(Next night)

The day had been wonderful. They spent it mostly at the hot spring, getting a shared one for them all. They relaxed, drank wine, and talked in the spring for a while before getting out when they felt they would pass out. After clearing their heads, Tenten, Ino, and Temari competed in rock-paper-scissors, and to Tenten and Temari's disappointment, Ino won. She would get him for the night.

Yamanaka Ino, perfectly shaped body, luscious curves, D-cup breasts, and platinum blond hair, was standing in Naruto's doorway in a denim skirt which only came to her upper-thigh, nearly showing her thong underneath, and a purple tank top which was tight across her body, exposing her breasts as she was wearing no bra. Naruto was in the bed across the room, looking at her but trying… and failing not to ogle her body.

"Well, Naruto-kun, I've been waiting a long time." She said in a seductive voice. Naruto searched for words, but could find none… He also found he could convince a himself to move. He felt further paralyzed when Ino leaned over and took him into her arms.

"Come on, I want it. Hard." Ino spoke softly, though forcefully. She proceeded to rip off his clothing, throwing it to the side without care. Naruto caught on and ripped hers off as well, discarding it no more carefully than she had.

Ino pushed Naruto off the bed, laying down on it naked before him. Getting up, he just saw her lying there, and did not waste the opportunity. Leaping onto her, he bound her arms to the bed above her head with his left hand, using the other hand to caress her right breast. Cupping it in his hand, he pinched the nipple between his thumb and forefinger, eliciting strong moans from Ino. Taking the left nipple into his mouth, he nibbled on it slightly, her breathing growing louder.

"I want it dammit." She whispered into his ear, more forcefully than before. Naruto paid this no heed and removed his head from her breast, trailing butterfly kisses up her body and neck, finally latching onto her lips with his own. They both moaned into the kiss, tongues dancing, then fighting for control which Naruto eventually won.

However, Ino broke away, and gave him a glare and a bit of killing intent. Naruto decided not to delay the woman any longer. Flipping her over, she complied and on her hands and knees felt Naruto slowly enter her.

"Wait! Stop! You're gonna split me in half!" Ino shrieked as he pushed his member in more.

"I thought you liked it hard, didn't you?" Naruto said 'hard' with emphasis. However, Ino didn't get the chance to respond as Naruto pushed all the way into her. Finding no resistance he casually commented: "Not you first? You must have experience then. I'll have to make a better impression."

Thrusting into her, he brought his hands to her hips, rocking he in tune to himself, and picking up the pace. She caught on and began rocking against him, moving forward when he pulled out, moving back when he pushed in. Almost his entire length was moving in and out of her.

Their breath grew, as Ino began moaning Naruto's name. Naruto just began breathing louder, panting with the effort. Their pace grew faster, he fucked her harder. Faster, harder, fastest, hardest. She stopped moaning and started screaming his name, as they climaxed at the same moment.


And with that they both collapsed. However they were far from over, as Ino pounced on Naruto once again. And they fucked… long into the night.

(Next Day)

The day was spent at a festival in Konoha's center. They were briefly interrupted so that Naruto could do some work, but he sent a Kage Bunshin to do it. Winning various stuffed animals, and getting free food for himself and his wives (which he paid for anyway since he could) Naruto spent the day pleasing his wives, though… Ino was walking rather haphazardly today….

Returning to the estate, Naruto went up to his bedroom expecting that either Temari or Tenten would come up. However, he was surprised when they both walked in.

"We decided neither of us want to wait another night. I'm sure you won't have problems keeping up with both of us, right?"

However, she got no answer from Naruto, as he was still ogling their bodies. Temari was wearing a black lace bra and thong combo, while Tenten was in a red see-through teddy with mostly see-through red panties. Their bodies were perfection.

Seeing Naruto blushing red… and unable to form words, Temari and Tenten looked at each other before moving forward towards him. Majestically swaying their hips, they decided to tease him to start with. Temari ran her hands over Tenten, holding her in her arms. She began to caress her, having her giving small moans, until Tenten whispered in Temari's ear something that made her smile. Nodding her head, they began to dance around for Naruto… swaying their bodies and teasing him suggestively.

By this point Naruto had realized what was happening, and his member had long gone stiff. Getting up, her took them into his arms, both his left and right hand snaking downwards, his left grasping Tenten's firm rear, his right doing the same with Temari's. This elicited small squeals from the both of them, before they decided to get serious. After all, it isn't nice to surprise a lady like that.

Temari worked on getting Naruto's shirt off of him, while Tenten removed his pants and boxers, and in less than a second they threw him onto the bed, and crawled up to him, each with a hand on his member, now standing erect at nine inches.

"Naruto-kun" Tenten whispered, before removing her hand. She then proceeded to lick his dick, running her tongue along it. At the same time, Temari enveloped his dick's head, and sucked on it. Naruto gripped the sheets of the bed tightly as he moaned. They continued to lick and suck on his dick as the pressure built, both satisfied at having Naruto under their control given that they were given Ino's description of his dominance that day.

Soon, the pressure built to beyond what Naruto could control, and he shot his semen up onto both their faces. They deftly licked it off, enjoying the taste as they decided to get to it. Both being virgins, they raced for the prize, each wanting it first. Tenten quickly placed herself over his dieck, before roughly moving the head into her. She moaned, but Naruto was not paying attention to her so much as he now was to Temari, as… since she couldn't have his dick, she wanted his tongued.

Crouching over Naruto, Temari put her clit directly in front of Naruto's head, before ramming it into her pussy. She soon felt Naruto's tongue entering her, eliciting a moan from her, then a scream when he nibbled on the little mound of flesh in there, her clitoris. Continuing to nibble on it, Temari was screaming her head off, while Tenten soon joined her cries as she pushed herself all the way down onto her, breaking her. Temari let loose an orgasm, her juices covering Naruto's face, not that he minded. Temari then got off of him, and winked at Tenten, who feebly acknowledged with a nod as Naruto looked at her. She had begun pumping on her own, her breasts bouncing with each push.

Arching his back, Naruto grabbed hold of her breasts, before joining her, thrusting himself up and down as he filled her pussy. Creating a clone, Naruto had it massage Tenten's shoulders as she bounced up and down on Naruto's dick, screaming louder and louder. Arching up further, Naruto took Tenten's left tit into his mouth, his right hand caressing her other breast while his left hand grasped her butt firmly, allowing him to put more power into each of his ever increasing amount of thrusts. Soon, the screaming stopped for a moment, As Tenten arched her back, and came. "NARUTO-KUN!" she screamed, while Naruto took the opportunity to loudly moan out her name, though it couldn't be heard over her.

Tenten soon removed herself tiredly from his dick, as Temari came up behind her and punched the clone in the face, causing Naruto to wince as the memory returned. "I want only you, and all of you." Temari said forcefully. However, Naruto was tired of the submissive game, and knew Temari liked strong men.

Getting up from his spot on the bed, Naruto grasped Temari's breasts with both hands, and at the same time brought the head of his dick to her pussy. Pumping into her, he didn't even let her get adjusted before he continued to pump in and out, having quickly broken her wall. Temari shrieked and moaned at the same time, before leaping into Naruto's arms. He grabbed her legs under the thighs and supported her against a wall nearby, at the same time enveloping her lip in a kiss.

She moaned into the kiss as their tongues danced, before Tenten came over to them and interrupted. Massaging Naruto's shoulders, she gave Temari a glare for having partially taken away Naruto when she broke her virginity, and proceeded to plant kisses on his neck. Grabbing her hand, Naruto led Tenten to the bed, still carrying Temari. Throwing the blond haired goddess down onto the bed, he continued to pump into her as she drew hold on his shoulders, forcing him to come forward harder. At the same time, he took his left hand and put two fingers into Tenten's pussy, and his pinky into her ass. She moaned out his name as he continued pumping with both his hand and fingers.

Soon, Temari's moaning had increased in volume until it had become hard to hear anything else. Pushing into her still harder, he knew he was reaching his limit, as was she. They climaxed one after the other, Temari coming first as she arched her back and dug her nails into Naruto's shoulders. Flooding out of her, Naruto pulledout his dick and bent down. Lapping up her juices. Immediately after, Tenten whined, as Naruto had stopped pumping with his fingers. Turning to her, he gave her a wink and then shoved his dick into her pussy, as she shrieked in pleasure. Moments later, the pressure that had been build came again full strength, and she came once again. Naruto was about to start in on her again, but was pulled down to the bed again by Temari, flipping him onto his back. Tenten and Temari looked at each other, then winking mischievously, started in on Naruto again.

It was a very, very long night of fucking. (End lemons)

(Next day)

Temari and Tenten came down from Naruto's room, walking a bit awkwardly, for breakfast. Naruto soon followed them, but he was barely making his way downstairs and looked awful, whereas Tenten and Temari just had satisfied looks on their faces, a look that Ino and Hinata now knew well.

"Well, I'd say I'm good for another few days… Then I'm ready for another round." Tenten said, before Naruto looked at her in horror.

Hinata giggled. "You know most guys would kill to be in your position, right?" She said, and of course this just had Naruto sigh in defeat, which caused her to giggle again.

"Don't worry, we'll give you a few days to recover." Temari said reassuringly.

Naruto was about to sit down to eat, when he was stopped by Hinata, who held her hand out to him. He took it, and Hinata looked into his eyes dreamily. "I wanted to give everyone a chance to have you at least once before I announced this. I'm pregnant."

The other three girls were cheering while Naruto's eyes popped out of his head… before he hugged Hinata so tightly he would've broken her in half if Temari hadn't pulled him off. "That's great! I'm gonna be a father!" Naruto shouted, though not too loudly.

"We'll have to make preparations of course… I want a child soon too." Tenten remarked casually. Ino nodded, she wanted a kid too, and Temari just remarked along with them: "I want one too then. At least then they'll all have someone to play with when they're young.

Thus, some fertility drugs, lots of sex, and one exhausted Naruto later, all of the four of his wives were pregnant, and all was well with the world.

(9 months later)

By some miracle, all four of Naruto's wives were delivering kids at the same time. At this point, suspicions against Dust were rising and their new Kage, Uchiha Sasuke, had been threatening Konoha with attacks. Of course, Naruto felt that if they were to encounter each other again, he would be able to defeat him, however something he didn't expect was coming for him… Hissing above the gates, the gigantic eight headed snake, the Hachibi no Hebi.

"We must defend the village until the Hokage arrives!" A jounin yelled out, as the assault on the great snake continued. Atop the snake stood Konoha's greatest enemy, Uchiha Sasuke. His voice rung out over the ranks of Shinobi.

"Bring forth your great Rokudaime. He is no match for the eight tailed snake demon."

The assault continued, as Naruto stood just inside the room of his four wives. He had just taken the newly born children into his arms, hugging and kissing each of them, before giving them back to their respective mothers. As Naruto left the room, he closed the door and said to himself 'Forgive me, Hyuuga Hikaru, Sabaku no Yokutu, Iketana Masama, Yamanaka Inoshu, I only hope I survive to see you again. If not, live good lives, I love you all.'

Leaving the hospital, Naruto formed five hand seals and yelled "Kuchiyose no Jutsu" and the sloth queen Folirvora arrived. Atop her head Naruto stood, and he pointed towards the giant snake. Folivora nodded and jumped with surprising speed and agility, landing directly in front of the snake, between it and Konoha. From down below someone could hear the injured ANBU commander, Shinamura Asuka, shout to the ranks: "RETREAT! The Rokudaime is here, he will do it!"

Immediately, the remaining ninja retreated, bringing with them the injured and the dead whose bodies were still intact.

Naruto stood, 150 feet in the air, on top of his summon, level with Sasuke and his snake. Sasuke held an arrogant smirk, his Sharingan active, Mangekyou. "Well, so the great Naruto had revealed himself. I was beginning to wonder how many of your ninja I would have to kill before you showed yourself."

Naruto remained silent, as he lit all 100 of his eye seals, then changed them. His eyes became something Sasuke didn't remember from last time, a level of the fuingan that Folivora hadn't even had, because she hadn't known it existed.

"Sasuke. You have brought this upon yourself. Your attempt on my life nearly five years ago brought me to train to this level, something even you cannot counter. Prepare to meet the reaper. FUINGAN: REAPER SEAL EYE!"

Naruto's eyes were no longer spirals of Kanji, they were just two voids with one small spiral in the middle, not even visible from where Sasuke was standing. "Now I end this! Kinjutsu Fuin: 1000 Soul Sacrifice: Hakke no Fuin Shiki!"

The Death God appeared, only visible to the demon, Folivora who helped Naruto by supplying power, Sasuke, and the Hachibi. Offering 1000 souls, all of chuunin level ninja or higher from Kie, its entire supply from over 200 years of history, since Konoha's creation, Naruto felt an extra pull on the sword. He let the sword go, and watched as it, 1000 souls, and the souls of Sasuke and the Hachibi were pulled into the Death God's stomach to be tortured for all eternity. After consuming them, the Death God turned to Naruto and spoke in a hollow voice.

"Young one, due to your offering, I will not take your soul, but you have breached the point of power for humans, much like your father did. To pay for it, he gave his life, however… I saw what this did to you. Thus, I will not take your soul, but, I will take your power. Neither you nor your offspring will ever be able to gain the true fuingan again.

With that, the death god reached out and took something from Naruto's eyes. Suddenly, they reverted to the first level fuingan again, green with black slits, the white kanji for seal in the middle. The now first, and only level of the fuingan. He found he couldn't even push it beyond that, and had he been an Uchiha, would've mourned the loss of power .However, he was just happy it worked. Feeling completely drained, Folivora left, dropping Naruto's body to the ground. Three ninja emerged from the gates, soon followed by the rest of the active ninja, and hundreds were now crowded around the Rokudaime.

Naruto slowly got to his feet, staring at the crowd around him, and for once, felt truly whole. In his lifetime he had effectively defeated the most feared criminals in the world, including Uchiha Sasuke, effectively killed the two strongest demons in history, united the clans under Plan Zeta, and had a beautiful loving family, four wives, and four children, two boys two girls. He was complete, and all that was left to live, in peace, and raise his kids, all that was left, was to live life. Opening his eyes, he revealed his cerulean blues, and spoke softly: "I was right. You can change your fate."

End Chapter

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