Summary: Several years have passed, and Jacob still hasn't imprinted. Every day he is haunted by what could've been with Bella. He's been away from La Push to see if he could find some meaning in it all. Now, he returns, and meets Alexandra, Sam's daughter. Then something happens that no one expects..."Our eyes met, and instantly the world stopped spinning. Everything around me dissolved, and all that was left was her."

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Prologue: Decision

Jacob's POV:

"Bella," I let the word hover in the air; finally dropping to my knees in exhaustion.

For sixteen years I had roamed around, trying to find some meaning in this world. For sixteen years I had failed, and every night would end like this; me dropping to the ground in defeat, and dreaming about her. My Bella.

I felt hot tears forming in my eyes, and I hurriedly blinked them away.

Enough, I thought. I'd spent far too many years thinking about her….it was high time that I went home. I sighed heavily, and a few tears slid out of my eyes without my permission.

I hadn't known exactly what I'd been looking for when I'd left La Push. Love, answers….healing, maybe….I wasn't sure. Whatever it was I sure didn't find it.

I tried to settle down, and get comfortable; a near impossible feat in my human form, but I didn't feel like phasing now…not when I had so much to think about.

When I left I was sure that I had left my human form behind me, but after a few weeks I grew tired of having to hide from civilization, and decided to alternate my forms. A few weeks as a wolf, and a few weeks as Jacob.

At one point I even enrolled in school, just as a distraction. But it didn't work, and I dropped out after only a month.

But now I had made a decision that had been churning inside me for the past year or so…..I was going home.

I had to go back. I had to see Billy, and, as much as I didn't want to, I had to face the pack. I had duties after all; to protect the tribe, and I couldn't just ignore those duties forever.

I rolled over on my side, and chewed on the inside of my cheek.

What would Sam say? And Billy? And…ugh…Leah?

I shifted again, finding it oddly hard to sleep. Finally, after a few minutes of tossing and turning, I got up, and phased.

Might as well get a head-start, I thought, and started running North; back to place where I had left my heart behind…