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Chapter Five

Alex's POV:

"I can't believe it," Dad was saying for about the hundredth time. "I just can't believe he's back!" He was shaking his head, and smiling, but I was falling asleep. I glanced over at my mother to see if she was going to try and change the subject anytime soon. She was smiling at my father, and nodding absentmindedly; her eyes drooping slightly.

"You should've seen Billy's face!" He exclaimed excitedly. "I haven't seen him look that happy in so long..." He trailed off.

"Honestly, Dad," I sighed after a minute, convinced that I had to do everything. "Could we please have a conversation that doesn't revolve around this Jacob Black?!" I was so sick of hearing his name I could barely eat my dinner!

Dad opened his mouth to say something, but Mom cut him off before he could.

"She has a point, Sam," She said as tenderly as possible. "We're all happy that Jake's back, but..." She shrugged, hoping Dad would get the point.

"Alright," My father sighed. "Change of subject?"

"Yes!" Mom and I agreed together, causing us all to laugh.

"So, anything interesting happen today?" Dad asked once we'd all settled our laughter, and finally started eating again.

"Alex got a boyfriend," Mom answered nonchalantly.

My fork fell noisily to the table, and I choked on my mashed potatoes.

"Mom!" I screeched, after I'd finished coughing. Dad's smile was gone as well.

"Boyfriend?" He asked me, raising one eyebrow.

"I told you that in confidence!" I hissed at my mother.

"You know Josh, Sam," She chuckled. "He's a pack brother." Dad's eyes widened, and my cheeks burned bright red.

"Jared and Kim's son?" He asked. I dropped my head to the table, and covered my face.

"Mhmm," Mom answered. "He's really a sweet boy."

"Did he...I mean...well, has he..." Dad struggled for words.

"No, he hasn't imprinted," I answered quietly.

"Have you?!" My head shot up.

"No!" I exclaimed. "Can we go back to talking about Jacob Black?" He ignored my question.

"Are you sure you should go getting into a relationship right now?" He asked. "I mean, what if you...?" His voice trailed off.

I sighed. I knew this wasn't just normal fatherly over-protection. I knew how hard it was for him to think about the whole imprinting issue. I mean, he was so in love with my Mom, and was happy everyday that he'd imprinted on her...but...he'd hurt someone close to him in the process, and was forever worried that I would do the same thing.

"I think it'll be ok, Dad," I answered, trying to reassure him. "Josh is a really good guy! Besides, seriously, who is there for me to imprint on? I've met pretty much everyone I probably will meet, and as much as I hate to admit it, I don't think I'm ever going to be able to escape the rez! It's home, and it always will be."

"You'd be surprised, Alex, at how unexpected love can be," I knew he was speaking to me, but his eyes were on my mother; a hint of a smile at the corners of his lips. She stared back, completely entranced in his gaze. I felt almost intrusive as I watched them share this little private moment, but I just couldn't look away. It always blew me away how much they really loved each other! And, I hoped, now was my chance! My chance at my happily-ever-after. My chance at a love as pure as my parents. This was my chance, and I was taking it. Nothing was going to get in my way of finding the love I had always dreamed about. If only I had known that my true destiny, my true love, was only a few miles away from where I sat, lost in my musing. That what I truly wanted was just as blissfully unaware of our destiny as I was.



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