Aang: Anna does not own any of the charracters except her's. Also this takes place not only in the Avatar world but in an alternate universe. So if you do not like alternate universes please leave now. I'm joking. Anna would kill me if she heard me say that.

Sokka: Alright please enjoy. How was that Anna?

Me: Perfect.


The Gaang walked through the swampy areas. Sokka stepped ( more like fell) into a puddle of sludge and was now scraping the scum off of his shoe. He was also being very skeptical again. Aang was usually happy and Katara was holding hands with him.. again. Sokka wondered if he would ever find his own love. Just then a large blue light flashed and the gaang found themselves standing infront of Crenshaw Royal High school. He watched as a girl with long dark brown hair ran past. She was about Sokka's color and she had a certain glow about her, or atleast that is what SOkka saw. WHile Aang and Katara were scoping out the place. Sokka walked over to the girl. She held her math and world history books tightly as she talked with her friends. As if on cue she turned around when he walked up to her. Her brown eyes were warm and inviting and she gave him an odd look that made him melt. She extended her hand and said

" Hi, I'm Ila'"

" I'm Soookk.."

" Well nice to meet you Soookk."

" I mean my name is SOkka."

" Well that makes more sense, nice to meet you Sokka."

" You too. umm so where ya, headed?"

" To my bus, I ride it home."

" So is it some type of animal?"

" What? Your obviously not from around here you see those big yellow things over there puffing up smoke/"


" That's a bus."

" You mind if we catch a ride with you?"

" Not at all but the bus driver will. You have to have some kind of note and I don't think that you have one. But I could walk home with you if you want."

" That'd be nice."

" So where are you from?"

" Well uh, The southern part o..f..f the g..globe."

" Oh so your from Antartica?'

" Yeah that place."

" How is it?"

" Cold."

" You have a sister?"

" YEah and you?"

"No I'm and only child and I live at my friend's house."

" WHy?"

" It's along story."

" Ivbe got nothing but time." HE said stepping infront of her.