THe girl had on a pink tank top on and some white kaki shorts. She wore rainbow flip flops and she looked no older then Aang. She was petting a maltese and the cat rubbed up against her leg. She laughed playfuly. ( Like Toph's laugh in the swamp episode). She looked up with a weird and confused look on her face when she saw these strangers.

" Ila who are these people?" The girl said.

" China this is Aang, Sokka and Katara."

"Well Nice meet you guys you came opn a great day. By the way, Ila did you pick up the food and Cd's?"

" YEah, what song are you doing tonight China?"

" I haven't decided even if I am going to sing this year since we have some extra people."

" Come on please sing for them, they're guests." She gave her the pleading puppy dog face.

" Fine, I'll go aask Shia if we have some extra sleeping bags, hopefull you guys know some songs to sing." She said to The odd trio.


It was finally night time and they had set up the coffe table as a stage and surrpunded it with pillows, sleeping bags, and unopened bags of junk food. They all piled in, in their pj's. Aang and Sokka borrowed Shia's brother's pj's since he was away at collage. Katara borrowed a pair of Ila's."They all gathered around the table and Ila took the stage.

" First up, is China singing whatever it is that she can come up with fast enough, pleasestoplookingatmelikethatChinayouknewIwoulddothat." She said very fast in a whiny tone. China glared at her and ila grinning took her seat next to Sokka. China took the stage and began to sing..

Perfect by nature

icons of self indulgence

Just what we all need

More lies about a world that

" Common China sing a pretty song not a rock song, sing one of the songs you wrote."

" It's not rock Shia, and how did you know I wrote songs?"

" Well I have my ways."China grumbled and regained her composure then she began to sing

Whatever you do.

" No Tarzan songs either, sing the one you wrote about the little soldier boy."

" Fine."

Leaves from the vine falling so slow

brave soldier boy

comes marching home.

yeah, yeah,ooooh yeah

Brave soldier boy comes marching home.

THe gaang was a stonished that a girl her age could sing so well.

Ila then jumped up on the stage and pushed China down. China landed in Aangs lap then blushed and pushed Ila down who grabbed her pillow...only to be stopped by Shia.

" You remember? You can't hit her she has asthma, very,very active asthma which leads to..'

" I know, I know/"Ila put it down and went back on the makeshift stage and said

" Do yall want an oncore?"

THey all , except China yelled yes.

" China is now going to sing for you her song that she sings when she thinks that no one is around." ( this song has not particular tune to it I just made it up.)

The beautiful girl who lives next door

makes this boy's heart fluttler but makes my heart sore.

Feeling fresh feeling renewed all of the people left don' give a dang

THe girl next door has them under her spell.

They leave me fore dead and I cry out and say why?

? Why ? Why? Why? why?

Never to lonely never too hurt she lies to herself and treats me ne like dirt.

I try to be nice beacause if I slap her I'm the one her guards will come after.

Why why why, would I cry such bold tears

why til' I reach the sky If I could have one more try

the girl next door's boyfriend, myxboyfriend would be mine ...again

The room of five errupted in cheers. Especially Aang. Katara looked at China for a very long time she was around Sokka and herselfs skin tone, that's when her brain clicked.

" No way, is your grnadma Gweda?"

" My great,great,great,great,great, grandma who's daughter was Gweda who had another daugher and so forth gave birth to my great great grnadmother who's name was Isidar."

The group exchanged looks of confusion.

" ISidar?" they eylled in unsion.

" Yeah you know her?" China said nonchalantly.

" Of course we knew her.."

" Wait a minute that must mean you're over a hundred years old" China began breathing hard.

" What did you do?" SHia yelled/

" Nothing we just said we knew Isidar and then she started breathing hard."

" Ila go get her inhaler."

" Got it." She said running back into the room.After she inhaled she became ok again .

China took the stage once more and said..

" Ila is now going to sing a song--she was cut off because of Ila clamping her hand over her mouth.

" Right after China sings another song."

" But my voice hurts andit's cracky and crappy."

" No it's not."

" Fine." Then Ila took her place back on the floor.

Perfect by nature

Icons of self indulgence

" No China I don't want to hear about evanesence and her problems with this fake witch."

" Fine, Aang what song do you want to hear?"

" Umm, wait a minute, gray eyes, you look kinda like Katara.'

" I've never heard that song before..

" It's not a song it's the truth."

" So you're like my grandma the one I always wanted."

" You have my eyes." HE said

" Shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

" That would explain my arrow like birth mark on my back."

" Wait this means you and Katara are going to get togather."

" Yep." Aang said smiling.

" I wonder how this could change history."

" Oh you know the usual." SHia said into the phone as she wltzed into the room followed by a little toddler of about 5.

" Aww she's so cute." Katara said" What's her name?"

" Her name is Taya." When the gaang looked aropund they were no longer at Shia's house they were in some palace and instead of just one toddler another followed.

" What's her name?" KAtara asked the woman she was writting something down in a pad.

" This one, the first one's name is Taya, the seccond is Isidar."

" Where are we?" Katara asked, why your in Duweldenvarden."