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Author's Note: Hey there everybody! This is Gaara's Little Girl, with a BRAND NEW STORY! WHOO-HOO! All right! I really hope you enjoy this, because I want you to be entertained! Please remember to R&R!

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Blue Diamond, Black Heart

Chapter One: Dream Come True

Hinata's POV

"Hinata, will you marry me?"

I gasped, and felt the heat, rising to my face. I open my mouth slowly,

"Oh Naruto…I—"



Sleepily, I roll over, and slam my fist down on the alarm clock. I climb out of bed, and fall to the floor, searching for my slippers,

"Stupid alarm clock, waking me from my perfect dream." I mutter angrily, groping around under my bed, until I find what I'm looking for. I pull out a pair of lavender slippers. I've had them for a while now, ever since my cousin, Neji, gave them to me for my birthday. I love them for two reasons, one: they are from family, and two: they match my eyes perfectly.

Yes, yes, I have lavender eyes, and dark-blue hair to go with it. I am considered to be one of the ugliest, and weirdest girls on the planet. But then again, that's the story of my life. Hyuuga Hinata, the weirdest, ugliest, and weirdest girl ever born. Also a math geek. And also having a crush on the captain of the Basketball team, and most hyper boy of them all, Uzumaki Naruto. Still, it feels wrong to be crushing on him. Why is that again? Urgghh! Too early to think about it. Maybe breakfast will calm me down, so I can think straight.

I walk downstairs, running my fingers along the smooth mahogany, and gold plated banister. I think back: I can remember so well, how my sister Hanabi and I used to slide down the banister. Neji would always stand there, by the bookshelf, reprimanding us, and trying to get us to act like 'Hyuuga women of the main household'. God, he was such a pompous little kid. Heck, he still is, but enough daydreaming already!

Entering the kitchen, I find Neji, sitting at the table, newspaper in his hands, and Hanabi, wolfing down a bowl of Frosted Flakes. I smile.

"Hanabi, slow down! Don't want to choke now, do you?" I ask, jokingly. Hanabi looks up, swallows and smiles.

"Good morning Hinata-nee! Did you sleep well?" she asks me, brightly. Popping some toast into the toaster, and grabbing a carton of milk, I reply,

"Yes, actually. I had the most wonderful dream." Hanabi glares at me,

"About what?" My goodness, even for a six-year-old, Hanabi is a really inquisitive kid! I would never say that to her, because I love her to much, but still…

"ONEE-CHAN!" I hear Hanabi scream. I jump, spilling milk over the countertop. Neji looks up, and rolls his eyes.

"Shit. Now look what you've--"

"Neji-nii-san! Don't say things like that in front of Hanabi!" I say, clapping my hands over her ears. Neji simply gives me 'The Look', and turns back to the paper. I glare at him, but he doesn't even notice, possibly because my glares could bring a puppy back to life. Yeah, I'm just that un-scary.

Hanabi gets up, and grabs a dishtowel. I do the same, and together we mop up the mess. Once we finish, Hanabi looks at me expectantly. I get my toast, grab a glass of milk, and sit down at the table. Hanabi sits across from me, eagerly awaiting me to being my little story…

"Well, the dream started off all white" I begin, watching Hanabi close her eyes, imagining it all as I tell it,

"Then, suddenly, I was in a park, not unlike the one we have here, in Kohona. There were hundreds of flowers, sunflowers, roses, tulips, all types of flowers. I started spinning, and then I fall to the ground, laying in all of the soft flowers.

"Then, I heard someone calling my name, softly at first, but getting louder. I got up, and I found someone holding my hand. His face was in shadows, but it was such a lovely dream."

"Would you just get on to the point already? What makes this dream so wonderful?" Hanabi said, suddenly, arousing me from my daydream-like speech. I blinked, and I feel the heat rising to my cheeks, just like in the dream.

"Well…I dreamt," I paused for effect, but then decided to continue, "I dreamt that Naruto proposed to me!" I said, blushing a deeper red. I watch, as Hanabi's eyes snap open. Neji turns to me, a look of concern plastered on his face.

I stare at them, confused. It was a good dream, so why are they acting so…Urgghh! There it is again! That weird, numb feeling, that annoying feeling that I shouldn't love Naruto. But why not? Damn brain, why aren't you working?!

Neji leans over, and puts his hand on my forehead. I shiver, as his cold skin touches me. "Hinata, are you sure you're all right?" he asks me. Irritated, I push his hand away. He still has that look of concern on his face, but why? And then it hits me.

Double Crap. I'm dating Itachi.

I feel my blush go even deeper. Oh my god. That is so embarrassing! No wonder I had that awkward feeling. To be dating one man, and dreaming about another…oh crap. So embarrassed. But…what do Neji and Hanabi think. I can feel my eyes grow wide.

Hanabi bursts out laughing. "So, you finally got it? Wow Hinata-nee, not only are you slow, but you're a pervert! HAHA!" she manages to get out, between laughs. I blush even deeper, if that's even possible. Neji smirks, going back to the paper, he says,

"Wow Hinata. I never knew…"

"Sh-shut u-up!" I say, inwardly cursing myself for stuttering. I only stutter when I'm really excited, really nervous, or really embarrassed, and right now, I am totally the latter. Before Neji and Hanabi could torture me more, we heard a knocking sound. Hurriedly, I get up, and run to the door. I fling it wide, and there stands Uchiha Itachi, my long-time boyfriend, and one of the most amazing people ever born.

He was the Uchiha prodigy, and perfect in everyway. Only Kami knows why he picked me, disgrace of the Hyuuga clan, to be his girlfriend. Lord knows almost every girl in Kohona, and parts of other countries, wanted to be his. To tell the truth, I had never really noticed him, but three years ago, he had asked me to be his girlfriend, and immediately, I had said yes. Maybe it was because I wanted to get to know him, or because I wanted to breech the rift between the Hyuugas, and the Uchihas. The rift being the fact that the two clans HATED each other. However, after my and Itachi's relationship started, the clans act as though they have always been the best of friends.

But how could I have not noticed him? With his silky black hair, and entrancing Sharingan-red eyes. His beautifully sculpted face, and pale skin. He was my angel, and now, my whole world. And to think that I still dreamt about Naruto…how awkward.

I smile brightly at Itachi, who gives a shy smile back. Itachi is a really reclusive person, but after a few months of our dating, he's begun smiling more and more often. Mostly for me though, to everyone else, he's still the 'same old Itachi'.

I kiss him, gently on the cheeks. I know, how lame right? But I made myself a promise, that I would never kiss a man on the lips until he proposed. Itachi kisses my cheek in return, and I lead him into the kitchen. Neji looks up from the paper, and greets Itachi. Hanabi is bouncing all over the place, but she still is calm enough to greet Itachi.

He turns to me, "So, are you ready for our date?" he asks. I shriek, and run up the stairs to find an outfit.


Itachi's POV

I watch as Hinata sprints up the stairs. I turn to Hanabi to ask her, but she pre-empts my question,

"She needs to get an outfit. She'll be back soon, don't worry. Hey, did you know that Hinata still dreams about Na—"

Neji clamps his hands over Hanabi's mouth, silencing her immediately. I look from one to the other, raising an eyebrow, but not commenting.

Blushing slightly, Neji said, "Narnia. Hinata has dreams that she's in Narnia." My eyebrows rise even higher, but I will not comment. What my girlfriend dreams about is her business, although I must say that Neji comes up with the worst excuses ever. Still…

Hanabi is looking at Neji, suddenly; she's starting to laugh. "NEJI-NII IS BLUSHING!" she screams out. Neji, blushing even deeper, looks at me briefly, as if apologizing, before turning away, saying "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about Hanabi."

Hanabi stops laughing. She looks at Neji, then at me. Obviously she had seen the look Neji had given me. Suddenly, I see her jerk with surprise. Pointing an accusing finger at Neji, she suddenly screams,

"OH MY GOD YOU'RE GAY! NEJI-NII-SAN IS GAY!!" and, screaming, I watch her flee the room. I feel my eye go into a spasm. Giving Neji an once-over, I quietly, but swiftly, exit the room. Neji follows me, apologizing over and over, and repeatedly saying that 'he wasn't checking me out', and that 'he's not gay'. The fact that he's stalking me doesn't make me feel any better though. Suddenly, I hear Hinata's soft, beautiful voice,

"Ita-kun, I'm ready"

I turn, and gasp in surprise. Hinata blushes a light, rosy pink. She's wearing a sunflower yellow, sleeveless dress, her hair, long and wavy, down, with a butterfly clip in her hair. The dress fits perfectly, and hugs all her, I gulp, curves. I never noticed it before, possibly because Hinata always wears her large jacket, but she has AMAZING curves. I feel myself blush slightly. I look down, hoping that my bangs will hide it, mumbling,

"You look…stunning." I hear her giggle. Returning back to my look of stoic resolution, I escort Hinata out of the Hyuuga Compound, and towards Kohona Park.


Hinata's POV

I look around at the park. Flowers are growing everywhere, and Itachi is leading me towards the pond. We sit down together, and I snuggle close to him, feeling him sigh, as I push my face into his soft, but sturdy chest. We just sat there, looking out, across the water, and at the flowers and trees, saying nothing, but completely enjoying the beauty of nature.

"Hinata." I turn at the sudden sound of Itachi's voice. He's looking at me, with such seriousness in his eyes. I stand up, thinking he wants to go, but he doesn't follow. Instead, he begins to speak,

"Hinata, everyday, you become more and more beautiful. Ever since I met you, I've wanted to be with you. You're kind, sweet, beautiful, and I want to be with you every day of my life."

I feel my heart start beating faster. Itachi continues,

"You are an amazing woman, and ever since you started dating me, three years ago, I've felt like the luckiest man in the world"

I begin to hyperventilate. It's like a dream. I hear Itachi's words, as if from far away, but it seems so real. This is no dream.

"So Hinata,"

Itachi gets up from his sitting position on the ground, and goes onto one knee. This can't be happening!

"I want to know"

This can't be real!

"If you"

It's like a dream, but I never want to wake up!

"Would make me the happiest man on the planet"

My eyes are geting wider, and wider, my breathing is irregular, I feel so light-headed.

"Hinata, will you marry me?" Itachi asks, reaching into his pocket, and pulling out a box. He opens it, and I gasp. Inside is the loveliest ring. A gold band, with a light-blue diamond in the center. In carved on the inside, it says, 'Hinata Hyuuga: The most beautiful woman on Earth, and the Love of My Life-Love Itachi Uchiha'

"Oh Itachi! I-I…YES! Oh Itachi, yes!" I say, tears blurring my vision, as I throw myself at him, holding him tight, and kissing him, full, on the lips.


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