When the snow melts

When the snow melts...
Will you be there...?

'Saphir!' A shout from a dreamland. It's all black... But that voice.. I know that voice. Jade, you never did really call for me, did you? In fact, I'm quite certain you'd be glad were I dead. But that doesn't matter. I wanted to bring her back to make you happy. Come to think of it, a lot of what I did then was for you. Or with you in mind. I didn't care what happened to anyone else. Just you.

Sitting up, I'm cold. There's something warm on my face, but that's about it. My glasses--?! Where are they? I fumble in the snow... Nothing. They are gone. You are gone. I am alone. I lift a hand to my face. Upon pulling it back, I find red on my fingertips. I don't think I'd ever seen my blood... I can't recall now though. My head hurts and I feel ill. I manage to get to my feet. My chair is broken, somewhere behind me. I reach out a hand, finding the wall of the cave. It is cold and I can feel the ice through my gloves. With much staggering and a bit of falling, I make it out of the cave.

Keterburg... I can't think of which way to go. How shameful, someone so beautiful as I reduced to staggering blindly through an icy blizzard. Surely... Surely, I can't die here. Not like this. Jade... No! I am beautiful and strong, even if you never noticed! I will not die here. I carry on.

It seems like forever. I am lost, I am hungry, and I can not see. I fall into a pile of snow, my body is shaking. I look up weakly. I must be hallucinating, you had long since left. Never would you return for me... Against my will, my left hand lifts, reaching out for a silhouette. Against my will, it falls into the snow. My vision begins to blur, then fade... 'Jade'...

Surely, the snow will melt... one day.

There is warmth. Warmth-- not cold. I am dead, aren't I? But I hear voices. A girl.. and something lower. Is it you? I am hopeful. I groan a bit. The lower voice asks the girl to leave. The door closes. We are alone. I do not open my eyes. I hold my breath...

--end part one--