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Bobby pulled the truck into the emergency room at the hospital, the same one where Dean had been before he disappeared. He got out and ran for help while Sam struggled to stay conscious. His vision kept blurring, repeatedly tunneling and graying out. Dean moaned a little and Sam stilled, shifting Dean so that he could see his face. Dean had a bruise forming on his jaw from the hard punch that Bobby delivered and he was shaking. Shock. Sam glanced through the rain speckled windshield to see Bobby returning with a gurney and a group of doctors and nurses. They rushed to the passenger door and opened it, helping Sam out of the truck to get to Dean. They laid him on the gurney and rushed him inside. One of the nurses looked at Sam and yelled for another gurney as the young hunter's hazel eyes rolled back in his head and he fell onto her in a boneless heap. She slowed his descent, with the help of Bobby's quick reflexes, enough to keep his bloody head from contacting the pavement. Another gurney was quickly brought outside and the second Winchester was pushed through the doors soon after the first.

Bobby had been sitting on a hard plastic waiting room chair for what seemed like forever. He just stood, his knees protesting with a squeak that only he could hear, turning when a familiar looking doctor walked through the doors. "Family of Dean and Sam Waterston?"

"I'm their uncle." Bobby said, rushing up to the doctor. "How are my boys?"

"Both pretty lucky actually. Slight cases of shock for both. Sam has a mild concussion, several scrapes and bruises, but nothing a few days rest won't cure. Dean on the other hand…"

"What doc?"

"What happened to him? I mean, we're treating a young woman that was brought in just before you arrived. She's suffered a psychotic break, ranting about making someone hurt and that it wasn't her. I normally wouldn't tell you this, wouldn't divulge medical information about someone you're not related to but she mentioned his name. Said something wanted to make him suffer."

"She kidnapped him from the hospital. They're workin' a sensitive case and the person they suspect of doin' some serious things forced the woman to kidnap Dean. They beat him, tryin' to kill him to keep their cover. It's a federal case. I really can't say any more ya see." Bobby trailed off as he flashed a badge, one he lifted from Sam when they went after Dean. He knew explaining things was going to get rough. The badge made things easier.

"What is this, the family business?"

"Ya might say that doc. Now what about Dean?"

"He has a moderate concussion, several new cuts and abrasions along with a bruised jaw. His knee was more severely injured, resulting in a torn ligament. We've put him in a full leg brace and for now we think that immobilization and later physical therapy will be enough to get it back to one hundred percent. The bruising over the rest of his body should heal. We're still a little concerned about the hit he took to the kidney previously but as long as no perforations or infections develop we could be looking at release with bed rest orders by next week."

'That's good because unless those boys are half dead you're gonna have a hell of a hard time keepin' 'em here. Can I see 'em ?"

"Sure. We put them in the same room. One-twelve, just down the hall. I'll be in to check on them in a couple hours." The doctor said as he went to finish his rounds. Bobby walked into the room to find them both asleep, looking younger than they had since he laid eyes on them for the first time after the semi totaled the Impala. Dean's freckles stood out on his nose and cheeks, a bandage showing stark white against the side of his head. Sam was much the same, stubble starting to cover his jaw and the white gauze standing out as it covered a small abrasion on the side of his neck that he'd gotten when he tackled Meg. Bobby walked over to stand beside Sam's bed and smiled when he saw the boy's hazel eyes flutter open.

"Unh… Bobby?" Sam said as he stretched gingerly on the bed and rubbed at his stomach. "Wha' happened?"

"Concussion, boy. You're both back in the hospital."

"Oh, that's why I feel like crap then. How's Dean?"

"Turn your head kid. See for yourself."

Sam edged his head around on the pillow to take in his brother's pale features on another bed just a couple feet away. "How's he doin'?"

"Couple weeks he'll be fine. On crutches, but fine."

"His knee?"

"Tore a ligament. They think PT will work."

"I'll help him. What about what she did to him? Do you think he's gonna be okay?"

"As long as you're around, Dean'll be okay."

"I'm not goin' anywhere." Sam shifted so that he was lying on his side and yawned, his eyes slipping closed as he relaxed, still facing his big brother. Bobby pulled the chair from the corner of the rooms to sit at an angle at the foot of the beds where he could see both boys. He sat down and winced.

"Why the hell do all these chairs feel like they're made outta brick?" Bobby glanced between Dean and Sam and grinned. "Waitin' for you two to wake up is literally becomin' a pain in my ass."

"You know you love us." Dean's voice sounded out, slightly raspy. Bobby started and stood up, coming up to the bed.

"Damn boy, I'm glad you're awake."

"The bitch back in hell?" Dean said as he shifted and stifled a groan at the soreness in his body.

"Yep." Bobby said. Dean's eyes moved to rest on Sam.

"Did I do that to him?"

"He'll be okay."

"You're being evasive." Dean said, still staring at Sam.

"It's not worth answerin'. Even if you didn't you'd still blame yourself for him gettin' hurt. You gotta stop that Dean." Bobby chided.

Dean snorted a laugh and then winced at the aggravation of his bruised ribs. "Like that'll happen. He's my baby brother."


"Hey Bobby?"

Bobby sighed. "Yeah kid?"

"You mind pushin' us closer together?"

Bobby smiled and released the brake on Dean's bed, pushing him closer to Sam and chuckling when Dean closed his eyes and groaned, his concussion making his world spin with the movement. He paled and Bobby chortled. "You asked for it kid. Jus' remember that."

"Yeah. Thanks." Dean said as he swallowed hard. But he was now within arms reach of Sam. He smiled wanly at his slumbering brother and reached out gingerly when his ribs protested. He ran his hand through Sam's hair, careful of the bump he felt above his ear and then when Sam shifted closer to Dean in his sleep Dean put his arm around Sam's shoulders. "Thanks for bein' there for me, bro." Dean said softly as his eyes closed, his head against the softness of Sam's hair. Bobby smiled at his boys and left the room silently, determined to snag and some decent coffee and a more comfortable chair.

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