Okay, this one shot between Jean Gray and Charles Xavier can be interrupted in two ways; romantic way or father/daughter way. Jean's negativity in here could be a little OOC or she could be having a bad day…in this one shot, she is a late teenager, hence the bad day idea. Anyway, here you go!

"So…" Xavier got the class's attention with his booming yet soft voice. "Now that we finished Romeo and Juliet, what are your opinions about it?" For the past four weeks, they had spent a few days reading it out loud, practicing slightly of their performance skills.

Before anyone could even raise their hand, a familiar voice rang out coldly, "It was a perfect example of how love does not change over time; it's ignorant, foolish, and rushed. It ended in sin and stupidity, not tragedy. Two teens, I stress that word, meet each other and within a few hours, they plan to marry each other! Then, after thinking they're in 'love', they get torn apart because of an arranged marriage, which was very common back then. The girl pretends to die which makes her 'lover' kill himself, which makes her kill herself for real. In other words, she is the reason for his death and her own. It shows how stupid love can make you."

It was Jean Gray, her tone full of rage as red as her hair.

It was silent as Xavier's pensive gaze landed on her. She sat next to the window, which shook slightly from the harsh winds the storm was bringing. Her eyes looked like they could have lightning in them.

"Very deep and interesting opinion, fueled with rage and bitterness it sounds like. You're right though; love does make people stupid…and blissful. Tell me, Jean, what really fuels your opinion?" He asked calmly. Several people muttered something about how she and Scott got into a fight, but kept quiet when she glared at them.

Suddenly the bell rang.

She tried to leave but heard is voice in her mind, ordering her to stay.

Moments later, Jean sat before him. "Tell me," He insisted, "If you were in Juliet's position, would you think it was stupid?"

"I'm not though, so why bother pretending a silly thing?" There was a double meaning to her words. Perhaps she meant that she wasn't in Juliet's time or position, so why bother thinking that way. Or…perhaps she meant that she wasn't in love and was loved like Juliet was…so why bother pretending.

"Don't you love anyone so much that you couldn't live without them?" He leaned forward, staring and holding her gaze.

It was a silent match until a minute went by and she looked away. "…One man, yes. I love him dearly but…he wouldn't love me like Romeo loved Juliet."

"Might I know who this man is?" The Professor asked, sharp as ever. She had said man, not guy or boy. Something told him that she didn't mean Cyclops.

Jean looked at him and grinned pathetically, "…No one, sir. The older man would never think of loving me like I love him."

She stood and started to leave. As she reached the doorway, however, she hesitated. Without looking back, she stated, "I can't imagine life without attending your classes, Charles."

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