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Chapter 8: Research & A Phone Call

One Hour Earlier:

Buffy interlocked Spike's hand with hers and lead him up to the bedroom. She kissed him as she shut the door, leaving them alone.

"Well, luv, had I known that this is what I would get before I fought you, I would have taken up on this offer a long time ago." Spike growled in his throat as he kissed her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"I didn't take you up here to…god." Buffy let her eyes roll back as his tongue danced across her neck. She knew that this isn't what she brought him up her for, but part of her was too weak to resist. Buffy let the desire flow, but something flowed so strongly that she jumped back, realizing that the same moment Spike did to.

"Pet, did you-"

"Feel that. Yeah." Buffy tried to steady her breathing. "What was that…it was so…intense?"

Spike shook his head. "I have no idea. I just let myself go and…"

The stared at each other in silence, until Buffy moved and sat on the bed. She wanted to continue, but whatever that was that jolted through her made her focus even more on the fight. "Spike, promise me you won't hold back today. They need to see a real fight. They saw the ubervamp, but there were only a handful of them then."

"I will try pet, but I don't want to hurt you…not again." Spike turned his head away from Buffy's gaze and sat down beside her.

Buffy took Spike's face and caressed it, turning it to face her. "Spike…that was the past, I thought we were past that."

Spike nodded. "Still, can't help it pet. I remember what I did and now I am going to fight you." Spike locked his eyes on her. "I know what you want to show them. You don't want the playful banter or sparring, you want me to actually fight you. I don't think that I am strong enough."

"I know how you feel. We just need to give in to our instincts. I know you feel it too. I feel a pull towards you, but at the same time I feel the urge to fight, to fear. My instincts scream vampire. I am sure yours scream food."

"Buffy-"Spike shook his head. "I never think that. Never."

"I know you do. It is who we are. Just because we don't act on them and push them in the back of our mind, doesn't mean they are there any the less." Buffy stood up and made her way to the door. "Promise me this time though, you will let go with me. Just let whatever happens happens. I trust you enough to know that if it goes too far you'll stop."

Spike got up and walked to her. "Can't we just do what we usually do, but this time you can give up and admit defeat." Spike winked at her.

"In your dreams! You know I will win this!"

He growled and pushed her up against the door. The same feeling was back, but he didn't fight it this time. "We will see, slayer."

Buffy felt her heart accelerate at the new feeling. It frightened her, but excited her at the same time. It felt like it had been a part of her for so long, yet, new as she finally gave in.

She grabbed Spike's face with her hands, crashing their lips together in a passionate kiss. She felt her heart pound in her chest and could feel her body heating up. She could feel his need and desire as he kissed along her neck, sending another powerful jolt through them.


The gang watched with open mouths as the two blondes simultaneously drank from one another. All to afraid to move and all to shocked to interfere. A few of the potentials were crying, while others gripped tighter onto their weapons. They weren't expecting this…they never even seen anything like this before.

Both blondes snapped back, both Buffy and Spike with their normal faces. Buffy crawled backwards until her back hit a nearby tombstone. There were tears filled in her eyes. Spike simply stayed on his knees, staring at her. Lost and frightened.

He was gone in an instant, fleeing into the nearby woods as his own tears from anger and sadness rushed down his face, while Buffy simply broke down.

Willow rushed over to her, but jumped back when Buffy backed away. "Get away from me!!"

Giles took a cautious step forward. "Buffy, please, just calm down-"

"Calm down!? Giles, I just-to Spike- and…" The slayer stared her old watcher directly in the eye, causing him to take an unconscious step back. "I liked it." With that Buffy, too, fled, leaving the Scoobies and Potentials frightened and alone.

"I want everybody to find a book and research everything you can on what you all just saw." They all burst through the door of Revello Drive. Giles began passing out books to each girl. "Willow, look on the computer and try to find anything. Dawn, go in Buffy's room, and see if there are any types of relics or symbols or anything that might not belong. I am going to check out the Watcher Diaries." He turned towards Anya and Andrew. "I want you both to look through prophecies. Try to find anything relating to a vampire and a slayer." Giles took off his glasses and turned towards Xander. "I need you to phone Angel. Don't tell him too much; just get him to tell you everything he knows about a claim."

Xander looked confused as he nodded. "What is a claim?"

Giles looked down, "Something we need to know more about. All you need to know right now is what I told you to do."

The watcher took a deep breath as he looked around and grabbed the diaries and began to skim them, while the others scanned through books.

Xander slammed the phone on the hook and took a deep breath. He picked it up and dialed for the third time. "Come on…Angel!!"

"Xander? Is that you?"

"Look, I need you to tell me everything you know about a claim?"


"Just tell me!!"

"Fine. A claim is something that vampires can do. It is a connection between two vampires causing them to become connect to one another with the ability to sense what the other is feeling or a clouded sense of where they are. In extreme cases, they can become so connected they will literally feel what the other is feeling due to a psychic bond. Even to the point where they can hear each other talk or take strength from one another, but that is extremely rare. Now tell me why you want to know."

"I can't, not that I would want to anyway, Fang Breath."

"Why not!"

"Because we're not sure what is going on with Buffy yet-"

"Buffy's been claimed!!!!!"

"I said we aren't-"




Xander slammed the phone on the hook again. "Shit!"


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