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Summery: Bella goes to the meadow in new moon, and meets Laurent there, but the wolves are too late. What happens when Bella is changed into a vampire and goes to the Volturi?

Disclaimer: A lot of the lines in this first chapter are SM's cause I can't change the scene (except for the minor detail of her being changed into a vampire. So bear with me on this one okay.

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Alone. I repeated the word with a grim satisfaction as I wrenched myself to my feet, despite the pain.

A dizzying array of emotions shot through me in a second. The first was surprise; I was far from any trail her, and I didn't expect company. Then, as my eyes focused on the motionless figure, seeing the utter stillness, the pallid skin, a rush of piercing hope rocketed through me. I suppressed it viciously, fighting against the equally sharp lash of agony as my eyes continued to the face beneath the black hair. Next was fear; this was not the face I grieved for, but it was close enough for me to know that the man facing me was no stray hiker.

And finally, I recognized him.

"Laurent," I yelled. It was so weird, seeing him like this, alone in the meadow. He stared at me in confusion as I grinned widely. I was amazingly glad he was here. It gave me a small sense of hope in this dark time. It also so gave me proof that vampires did exist, that it wasn't just a dream. That he was still out there. This thought gave me comfort beyond compare.

"Bella?" He was surprised to see me, apparently.

I nodded, pleased that he remembered me. It was like some desperate attempt to see that I was worth remembering.

He smiled at me, and was suddenly just a few steps away. He smiled and his brilliant teeth flashed in the sunlight.

I gulped and took a step back. I was afraid now, remembering that he had gone to Denali, a vegetarian coven. That was NOT what scared me. What made me shuddered and my hands start to shake was the color of his eyes.


I gasped as I saw him and tried to run. Even if I was fast enough to run away I was too late. He was already in front of me, sinking his teeth into my neck.

I screamed in pain and was suddenly thrust on the ground by some huge, bear looking thing. But it wasn't a bear at all.

It was the worst pain I could have ever imagine. The pain was dripping in my veins as the venom spread and with every inch it hurt more in more. I don't know how long I sat there, before a man and a woman, about thirty years of age, found me on the ground writhing in pain.

They carried back to wherever they lived, and I could hear them talking but could not make out the sounds. My sin was crawling and I kept scratching it, leaving red marks all over. Eventually I even started to bleed. My hearing was getting better already and I could hear my heart beating slower every moment.

I felt warm hands against my forehead every once in while and then heard the people talking to some kind of doctor. I sighed and felt my skin. My heart was barely beating and my skin was cold. All the sweat that had covered my body earlier, no longer came. I was dead.

Then I felt a burning sensation in the back of my throat as I noticed I was on a white couch in the people who had picked me up's living room. I turned to see them staring at me with wide eyes. I was sure they thought I was dead, for I was ice cold and I had no beating heart.

"What are you?" The woman asked. She was scared out of her wits, and I could feel it. Then all of a sudden I knew her. Her name was Kathleen and she worked at the bank. She was an accountant that enjoyed long hikes. She had two sons, but one of them had disappeared a year prier when he took a trip to Italy. I knew everything that had ever happened to her, just by looking at her.

I stared down at my now white hands and sighed angrily. Yet I was happy deep inside, but then the anger took over.

"I am a vampire." I murmured. It wasn't so much to convince them, but myself. Then all of a sudden the burning in the back of my neck was too strong and I was sinking my teeth into their necks.

I got up after I was done. It was amazing how good it tasted. I wondered how I had ever been disgusted by blood. I had no idea how I could survive with out it then.

Then I looked down at the three people I had just killed. I was ashamed almost, yet it was over-powered by evil happiness. I couldn't believe I was proud of what I had just done. These people had never done anything, but help me, and yet there they laid, still, white, and cold. I had sucked all of the blood out of them, and I was no longer thirsty.

Then when I really thought over what I had just done and I realized what I was. I was a monster and there was really only one place for people like me.

The Volturi.


I hopped in one of the nicest cars I had ever seen. I didn't know whom it belonged to, and I really didn't care at all.

I had run to Seattle for some odd reason and killed about six more people, just for the fun of it. There was a six-year-old girl in the bunch, and I didn't even feel bad about killing an innocent little child. I was an angry beast, which was all there was to it.

People stared at me as I hopped into the car. I couldn't imagine what I looked like. It was hard to believe that I was anywhere close near to the beauty of the other vampires I had associated with, so I didn't believe that was why they were staring. They were probably staring at me clothes. I was covered in blood, and that probably didn't look good. I sighed as I started the car, getting many glances as it purred to life.

I drove to the airport at 160 mph. It was exhilarating, driving that fast. I understood, finally, why he enjoyed it so much. Then I suddenly remembered the first time I had ever driven with him. It was in Port Angeles when I was almost…

I remember that talk with a stab of pain at the edges of the hole in my chest. Being a vampire did not heal all wounds. Thinking of him hurt so I quickly turned my thoughts to where I was.

I was in line, now, to get my ticket. There was a guy in front of me that kept staring at me. I sighed and looked down at my clothes, remembering the red liquid staining them.

I quickly got out of line and headed for a gift shop. I bought a halter and a mini skirt that would fit my newfound curves perfectly.

I got dressed in the bathroom, stuffing my old clothes in a trashcan on the way out.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror for the first time since I had been changed. My eyes were indeed ruby, but cloudy also. No wonder the people on the streets had been staring. I had red eyes. Then I looked at my reflection more carefully.

I looked absolutely amazing. That is the only was I could describe how I looked. My features were perfect, godlike in fact. All of the curves and angles of my face were in the perfect place now. My lips were full, my nose was like a models. I looked like I had just been photoshoped by one of the people at a magazine. My outfit looked perfect on me, outlining all of my curves. It was absolutely astounding. I was just as skinny as I should have been. My hair was silky and brown. I pulled it back into a ponytail, looked at model-like self one more time, and then exited the bathroom.

I got back into line and I was sure I looked ridiculous. I had no bags and yet I was in line, trying to get a ticket. Both males and females were staring at me. The boys stared at me with lust in their eyes, and the girls with envy. I sighed again and noticed that it was finally my turn.

I stepped up to the counter and got a ticket to Volterra, Italy. I faked an Italian accent for some reason, and I even convinced myself that I was Italian. I was amazingly good at it. I laughed as I got out of line. The woman at the counter had asked me why I was visiting America. I laughed at this internally and told her that I was visiting a boyfriend, loud enough for the men in line to hear.

As I walked to Gate 696 I couldn't help but notice that every single person was staring at me. It was getting rather annoying, especially when I would look at them and suddenly know every little detail about them. I couldn't help it.

I sat down I a chair purposely far from any other person, in fear I would lose control, but also in annoyance.

Then finally the person at a black desk in the middle of the large area announced on a speaker that the plane had arrived and it was time to start boarding.

I stood up quickly and headed for the long tunnel that would lead me onto the plane. I was the first one on and immediately sat in the very back of the plane. I sat on the right isle at the window seat and people started to file in one by one.

A brave teenage boy about my age sat beside me and smiled politely. I smiled as wide as I could at him and then closed my eyes, allowing the connection between us to go no further.

I buckled my seatbelt, even though I knew I wouldn't need it, not at all. I didn't even have to open my eyes as my fingers traced the leather strap and clicked it together across my torso.

I sighed as I thought over what had just happened to me. It seemed so much like a dream, a wish almost, and now it was finally happening. I was glad that my dream had been fulfilled, and yet I was saddened by the fact. The only real reason I had ever wanted to be a vampire was so that I could be with him forever. Now that he was gone there was really no reason for being inhuman and immortal, no point at all. All it really meant was that it would be harder for me to do if I decided to kill myself.

I pushed that thought from my mind and focused on the boy beside me. I opened my eyes and noticed that he was staring at me, and there was a small, unintended smile on his face.

He had light, almost sandy brown hair that was cut at an average length. It was slightly spiked and it matched his tan complexion perfectly.

I suddenly knew that his name was Hunter. He was moving from Port Angeles to Volterra and had a sister named Natalie. He was going to live with his girlfriend, Savannah. I knew every single little fact about him and then I unthinkingly said, "Hi, I'm Bella."

His grin grew more pronounced as I introduced myself. He suddenly held out his hand, which I shook, "Hunter," He said lightly and I smiled.

We talked the whole way there, which was very, very long. We talked about his girlfriend, and that she wanted them to be closer, so he was moving in with her. He was nineteen, a year older than I.

Then the conversation grew suddenly painful. He asked me, "So do you have a boyfriend?" He asked me this lightly, but it was not taken that way. My face fell and my expression grew pain. The edges of the hole in my chest tugged with intense pain as his face flickered through my mind.

He noticed my expression and apologized, "I'm sorry." He said, "I shouldn't have asked."

I shook my head, "It isn't you fault." I mumbled, "You didn't know."

We sat in silence for a minute and then unthinkingly I told him, "He left me a little over half a year ago," I admitted truthfully.

He caught his breath as I told him this and then he let it out in a big sigh. "Wow." Was all he said.

I nodded and then changed the subject, not wanting to linger in such a painful area, "Do you have any siblings?" I asked as evenly as I could.

We continued to have casual conversation until the plane landed, for which I was eternally thankful.


I hauled a cab and jumped in the backseat. The perverted driver kept staring at me, and it was really awkward. Finally I arrived in the plaza. It was full of people dressed in vampire costumes. I giggled when I saw that some of the children were wearing fake fangs and remember reading about this day. It was Saint Marcus Day, though he was one of the evil vampires, not the one who drove them out of the city.

I paid the driver and headed into the square. I had no idea where to find the Volturi, only that they would be somewhere near here. Then suddenly I spotted someone as I walked through the gate. It was man I had never seen before, but was most definitely a vampire.

He was even whiter than I was and his eyes were had a red tint to them. He had long black hair that covered one of his eyes. He was big, like Emmett, but almost softer. He was hard to describe.

I walked through the crowded square over to him bravely. He noticed I was one of his kind and smiled at me. I smiled back at him and asked, "Are you one of the Volturi?"

It was too low for any human to hear, and nodded and grinned once more. I smiled also and asked him, "I want to join. Bring me to you master, would you?"

He nodded and led the way toward a dark alley, where two large figures were waiting. They were in grey cloaks and their heads were concealed, hidden from any ray of sunlight that might give their secret away.

"I'm Bella Swan," I told them. I could feel them listening carefully, "I was turned into a vampire just four days ago after I was bitten in a meadow in Washington. I knew what I was, for I was once acquainted with a very different family of vampires. Then they left me and I have no desire to be anything like them. May I join you guard?"

They all looked at each other, then after a few minutes nodded and led me down long dark halls of a sewer and then into a large stone room where Aro, Marcus, and Caius were waiting.

What I didn't know was that I was going to be made one of leaders of the Volturi Family. I didn't know then many things that lay ahead.

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