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"You don't really say much, do you, Mistress?"

Ichimokuren tilted his head musingly, one-eyed gaze trained on Ai. As he suspected, she didn't reply; rather, she continued to flick at her toy marbles, hunched over and impassive. Curled on his side nearby, Moku stretched and smiled.

"I mean, I've always noticed—I've just never felt the need to bring it up, I guess. But lately…"

He shrugged a shoulder and chuckled, unperturbed by the lack of response. Ai really was a quiet creature, rarely adding anything to a conversation other than her rehearsed monologues.

But, in his eyes, that was just part of her charm.

"I've been wondering, Miss," Ichimokuren continued in a low voice, a sound almost akin to a purr, "if you might be encouraged into saying something. Something unusual. Something else."

His words were colored by an impish smile; he sat up languidly, crawling closer on all fours. Ai glanced briefly to her right, just in time to catch his fingers grazing the tips of her hair.

They were eye to eye before she could blink.

"I bet I could encourage you," Moku breathed, touching her cheek. Almost subconsciously, the small girl leaned closer. "I bet I could make you say my name."

Ai, as was the norm, said nothing in response to this. However, her porcelain face turned just the slightest shade of pink, and by her knees her marbles lay forgotten.

She offered him no words of encouragement, but her eyes invited him to try.