These are coming in quick

These are coming in quick. Maybe I should go slower… than again, maybe I just like to write?

Jeshire walked around the castle looking for Reala. Knowing him, he'd probably jump out at her any minute- and even though she knew it was probably coming she'd still let out a shriek and fly way higher than was in her comfort zone. And sure enough…

"Looking for something?"


She'd been at in Nightmare for around a week (Not that she was counting) and had begun to take a liking to the place; with the exception of all the signs of death around her, it was rather ok. Definitely not as bad as it was when she first came. She and Reala were starting to get along nicely. She was disappointed that she hadn't seen hide nor hair of NiGHTS yet, though.

"So, sibling, you were looking for me?" Reala was calling her that now, "sibling". When asked why he simply said that both their forms were birthed at the hands of Wizeman, so he considered her a sister almost.

"Yes... I'm hungry... and I was hoping you could help me find something to eat?" Jeshire giggled, embarrassed. Here she couldn't find anything that wasn't poisonous to eat, even though it probably wouldn't harm her so bad, she wanted to be safe.

"Come with me." Reala answered, and took her hand. Jeshire couldn't fly yet, still. She tried, floated for a second or two, a few inches off the ground, and then fell last time she tried.

Reala then proceeded to float, carrying Jeshire with him. They then flew out over the castle, but before they got anywhere fast, Wizeman called them in. "Reala! Jeshire! Come at once!"

Reala turned instantaneously and went back for the castle, then led Jeshire (Who hadn't quite memorized the castle yet) to the main room. "Just through here" He said, and he opened a huge door. Behind it sat Wizeman the Wicked. "Good of you to come, Jeshire. I have good news for you... "

"I'm glad to hear it, master Wizeman."

"You have progressed well in all but your flying... I think it's time we moved to phase two. Reala, you will fly Jeshire to Jackle's domain. She will stay there to complete her training."

"Pardon me, master Wizeman, but don't you think Jackle's a little... out of his mind to possibly be fit to care for Jeshire?" Reala pointed out. Jeshire agreed- Jackle was freaking insane! He'd probably stab her just to see which way she'd fall!

"Yea, man! Jackle's nuts!"

"Do you intend to continue questioning me, my children?"

"No, master Wizeman. My apologies for questioning your plans."

"Yes, please forgive us, Wize- master Wizeman."

"You are forgiven. You are to also to leave for Jackle's domain immediately."

"Yes, master Wizeman. I shall guide Jeshire there."

I'm going to die, Jeshire thought to herself. Reala might have noticed this by looking at her face, but she didn't. She rather hoped Wizeman didn't notice, he might think she was to cowardly for this. And she still hadn't met NiGHTS. She had to hang in a bit longer…

"Now go!" Wizeman commanded, and a few minutes after that they were off, headed for Nightopia- at last, she got to see it! Jeshire marveled at the wonders she saw below her- pians, fields full of grass the color of emeralds and crystal-clear lakes and rivers below her. Some parts were as twisted as in Nightmare, but this was a dream world after all- and dreams tended to be a little twisted.

"Isn't it sickening?" Reala commented, "It's too happy, could use Wizeman's touch."

"I think it's beautiful!" Jeshire exclaimed, "Absolutely gorgeous!"

"A dreamer might think so, I assume. But could you really imagine living here for all eternity?"

"Well, if I got tired of it I'd just explore other people's dreams. That'd be fun."

"I see... maybe you can't really be the fighter I thought you'd be"

"Hey, I take offence to that!" She giggled. Reala sighed, "Maybe time with that madman will do you good."

"You can't b-" At that moment, something rammed into Reala, knocking Jeshire out of his grip. She screamed as the ground rushed toward her. Reala tried to catch her but before he could, but something caught Jeshire first and flew off quickly. Reala couldn't catch up. Jeshire tried to look at her capturer and only got to see him long enough to see a bit of purple. "W-who are..." she didn't finish. A flying purple being... it must be NiGHTS! Although a little to shaken up to have a squeelfest, she was overjoyed. She wasn't sure that was what here face showed, though. In about ten minutes they had reached a thick forest. NiGHTS landed softly, letting Jeshire go. She looked around her surroundings. She was in Mystic Forest, it seemed. It certainly looked like it, with the definitely out-of-place signs and traffic lights. She smiled, just a little twisted.

"You're safe now!" A Nightopian told her, "Hello, I'm Piff!"

"I'm Jeshi- I mean, Crystal. That was my name before I got here anyway. Wizeman named me Jeshire. And honestly, I rather like it."

"Okay, than you Jeshire." Piff smiled, than he looked around, "Where did NiGHTS go?"

Yea, Jeshire thought, this is when I'm finally supposed to meet him!

"So, tell me about yourself while we wait for NiGHTS, than I'll tell you about me!" said Piff.

"Okay, uh, well... I'm a girl from the waking world, first of all. There, it's my mom, her boyfriend, my two brothers and me. I live in a town called Bothell... uhm... I like to draw, and paint. I play piano, too, but I'm not so good yet."

"Maybe you can play piano here, too." Piff said, "If NiGHTS can play his flute... maybe you can play piano! You'll have to ask NiGHTS how, though."

"I see... So, you're, uh, NiGHTS friend?"

"Yup! We've known each other for a long time!" He said. He was definitely a happy little guy, not a care in the world.

"You two seem to get along just fine." A feminine voice said. A voice she recognized as NiGHTS's. Jeshire looked up. NiGHTS was hovering a few feet above with an apple. He handed she apple to Jeshire "It sounds like you need this."