A/N: If I owned Ginny and the Harry Potter crew, I would give them all intensive psychological therapy, rather than writing about them online.

As the line of first years rounded the corner on their way to potions, Ginny Weasley stopped mid-sentence in her conversation with Michael Corner to stare in horror at some nearby students. Michael looked toward the person upon whom her gaze was resting and was unsurprised to see Harry Potter, though the boy's current activity did come as a bit of a shock. He was trying to escape one of the Valentine dwarves, though why that should cause Ginny to stand stock still in the middle of a busy corridor with her mouth hung open, he had no idea. Usually, she never shut up.

Ginny stood transfixed as Harry tried to escape the dwarf. She had to hand it to Lockhart- with a school as old as Hogwarts it was difficult to attain a superlative. Going after the title of most embarrassing teacher was probably a good strategy in his never-ending quest for fame.

As the dwarf read the poem, she really started to panic. She didn't know who she was going to have to kill, but it was apparent that someone- probably someone with red hair- had set her up.

Then she saw the diary and all thoughts of revenge left her. How did he get it? Does he know how to use it? What has Riddle told him? Oh Merlin…

She almost didn't hear when Malfoy took that cut at her. She was pretty certain the blond idiot had no idea what the diary really was, but she was relieved that Harry had it rather than him, anyway. In any case, it would be easier to retrieve if it was in Gryffindor.

"Ginny? Ginny? We've gotta get to Transfiguration," said Michael, giving her an odd look.

"Right. Thanks, Michael." But before she stepped into the classroom, Ginny spotted a pair of red heads, close together and sniggering exaggeratedly.

"Oh… You'll pay. You'll both pay," she said in an undertone to Fred and George Weasley, who both sobered slightly at their little sister's threat. Then she strode after Michael with the distinct air of a girl with bigger fish to fry.