Chapter 4: I'll be...

Cloud gagged. "That's disgusting!" he hissed, one hand to his forehead and he made a face.

"It's meant to cure hangovers," Zack said as if that meant something great. Cloud raised one eyebrow, pressing the heel of his palm to his other eye.

"It tastes horrible."

"But how does your head feel?"

"...Better I guess," Cloud grumbled as he and Zack walked along to the SOLDIERs' suite. "Where are we going anyway?"

"The SOLDIERs' suite. Reno said it was open so we're going to check it out!"

"Uh... huh..." Cloud blinked, wondering why he was going with Zack.

- - -

"Aw man..." Reno grumbled as he and Rude manned the helicopter. "Where could he have gone, yo?!" The red head, usually cool with a sly grin was-- for lack of a better word-- pissed.

"It's quite unlike the Vice President to just take off like this," Rude commented. The ginger continued to fume. After a little while of silence, he had calmed down and stopped fuming. Silence reigned between the two, the only sound coming from the helicopter. Reno drummed his fingers before sighing.

"Man..." He groaned a second time, breaking the silence. Rude glanced out the window, then to Reno before doing a double take to look out the window again.

"Reno, look," Rude said, pointing. Just below them was one of the company cars-- and Rufus's favorite one at that. Noting this, a sly smirk crept to Reno's lips.

"The kid's got a thing or two to learn about tact, yo," he said, his smirk growing into a grin. Like you should be talking, Rude thought as Reno nodded to him. The two took the helicopter down in front of the car. The car, of course, swerved to one side but the two Turks maneuvered the copter into the car's path again. The driver-- not visible through the tinted windows-- back the car up and turned around, speeding off towards the mountains.

"Damn!" Reno cursed. "Who's he got driving that thing, yo?" It was a perfectly natural assumption too. They knew-- everyone knew-- that the Vice President Rufus ShinRa was too spoiled to drive himself. The Vice President was, in short, an angry, bipolar, and intelligent but spoiled child. He got what he wanted almost every time he wanted it. He had become vice president of ShinRa Electric Company at the age of seventeen. And, on top of that, he had always had a way about him...

"Why would he run off like that, yo?" Reno questioned Rude as they searched for the car. They had lost sight of it when the mountains started to spring up in the landscape. Catching sight of part of the car, the Turks brought the copter down. It was stopped just behind a rock, barely out of view-- no wonder they'd missed it the first time.

They got out of the helicopter. The two crept towards the sleek black vehicle, stealthily peering into the windows. They found that it had been deserted. Reno huffed, then sighed, raking a hand through his crimson man.

"I don't know what his reasons are," Rude answered the question earlier posed to him. "But he's determined." Reno opened his mouth to reply but his phone began to ring. He pulled it from his pocket and flipped it open. "Yo," he paused here, listening. "We found him but we lost him, yo," the red head told the caller. "Hey, man, don't yell. We got an idea... yeah, yeah. Okay... Yes sir," Reno grumbled. He then hung up, turning to Rude.

"We gotta pick up the pace, yo. Tseng's getting antsy."

"Naturally. The Vice President is missing," Rude commented. Reno huffed and started to walk towards the helicopter.

"What are you doing?"

"Gunna go get the helicopter. We'll go to the other side of the mountains and catch him there, yo."

"And what if he stays in there?" At this, Rude motioned to the mountain range.

" we go through it?"


The younger Turk groaned

- - -

Nibelheim was like any other small town that had a Mako Reactor. It was an out-of-the-way, middle-of-nowhere sort of place-- and the last place that the Midgar-raised-Vice-President-of-ShinRa-Company would be. The town itself was quiet in an eerie way, and wasn't like other small towns where everyone knew everyone else's business. In fact, Nibelheim was quite strange in its silence and that didn't sit well with Rufus. The few people outside watched him and his strange, big, black dog-like creature-- Dark Nation-- walk by. They watched as though...

That was just it. Rufus couldn't figure what it was, though he thought it must either be out of fear or in awe, but the way the villagers was somewhat unnerving, even for him. He pushed it to the back of his mind. It doesn't matter what they think anyway. He kept walking. Dark Nation stayed close to his side. The canine-like creature's ears were pricked back as he trotted alongside his master, ever the faithful pet. His eyes scanned the town for anything that might pose a threat to his precious master.

The pair moved through the village at a fairly quick pace. Rufus keep his eyes forward, Dark Nation growling at anyone who passed by too closely. They made it out of the small town and walked through a small pass in the mountains. The pass opened, splitting at a fork in the road. To the left was the ShinRa mansion, where Rufus was headed, and to the right lay the path up Mount Nibel and to the Mako Reactor.

Rufus paused at the fork before turning left and walking to the ShinRa mansion. He pushed open the gates and walked through, up the path and to the door. He pushed opened the large wooden doors and looked around the place.

"Hmph. It's horrible in here," he coughed a bit. Dark Nation sneezed at the thick layer of dust. Rufus shook his head and walked up the stairs. Every few steps creaked as he did so, Dark Nation following him. They got to the top of the stairs and Rufus looked left, then right. He turned and went to the right, then took another left down that hall, only to find the door at the end locked. He frowned and turned, walking back to the right. The door down that way was unlocked. Rufus went in that room and looked to the bed, then the book shelf, and then the large stone wall.

"Hn..." The man with the slicked back blonde hair walked to the wall, putting his hand on it. He was rather surprised when it opened on him and he fell in. It closed immediately behind him and he huffed. "Damnit." He stood, brushing himself off. He could hear Dark Nation whining and pawing at the wall on the other side.

"It's okay, boy," the Vice President called to Dark Nation. "Stay there." He then turned and walked off. On the other side of the door, the black creature walked in a circle three times before sitting down, his head on his paws.

Rufus followed the path to the ladder and made a face. "Disgusting." The place was underground, ergo it was dirty, dank, and dark. It revolted the ShinRa man, who climbed down the ladder nonetheless. He looked around at the cavern once he'd gotten to the bottom of the ladder. It was... well lit. He never knew this place was here. Got to remember to have that insufferable red-head bring me some information on this place later, he thought was he walked along one side of the cavernous place. He found a door and opened it.

Inside were three coffins. Rufus furrowed his brow. Why would there be coffins in here? That's just odd. He walked over to the one on the far left and pushed the cement cover aside with some difficulty. He was-- although he wouldn't admit it-- relieved to find it empty. He wiped his hands together, then moved to the middle coffin and pushed it open. Blue eyes widened.

There's someone in here?! He took a step back, his breathing quickening. The person inside the coffin... Looked like he was sleeping. Dark hair hung in his face, his arms were crossed over his chest but his chest was moving.

Is he... really asleep in there? Rufus crept towards the coffin, examining the man inside. The man's left arm was covered in gold metal, forming strange claw-like things over his fingers. A high red collar covered his mouth, strapped closed across his chest by buckles. It flared out and down in the back like a cape, probably forming some sort of cushioning for the man laying on it. That-- along with the red bandanna like fabric around his forehead-- were the only red in his clothes. The rest was black.

How morbid. Yet fitting, Rufus thought. He reached out, touching the golden clawed hand with two fingers. He quickly pulled his hand back, looking down the man's form. He looked to the other's face then. How pale. What is he, some sort of vampire?

Rufus put his hands on the rim of the coffin bending down. He reached out one hand to check the other's neck for a pulse. There was a sound and, before Rufus was fully aware of what was happening, the man in the coffin had woken and grabbed his wrist with the clawed hand. His own blue eyes widened, moving up to lock with the exotic red ones that watched him.

"...Release me." It only took a moment for the Vice President to get his voice back from his shock. The other man... just watched Rufus without saying a word. He didn't let go of Rufus's wrist even when Rufus tried to pull away. He moved to grab his gun, but the black haired man grabbed his other wrist as well. Damnit! I can't get my gun! Rufus cursed mentally.

"Who are you?" The raven haired man asked. Rufus had been looking at the other's hands, trying to think of a way to get out when he spoke. He pressed his lips together a moment before inhaling and replying, "Rufus ShinRa."

"Rufus...ShinRa?" the man echoed.

"That's right. I'm the Vice President of ShinRa Electric Company."

"'re the vice president?"

"That's correct."

"'re young," the red eyed man pointed out. Rufus huffed.

"Nineteen, going on twenty."

Those red eyes just watched Rufus's face without another word said. Rufus kept the other's gaze all the while, doing his best to give the other his most intimidating "I-know-I'm-better-than-you" look. Before he realized what he was doing, the blonde was saying, "Your eyes are... very interesting."

Finally, the exotic-eyed man looked away. Rufus... wanted to smack himself. What the hell was that?! You sound gay. Down right flamer. You would've been better off saying "Damn, you're hot, let's fuck." He kicked himself mentally. He was so involved with mentally scolding himself that he didn't notice the other released him. However, when he did notice, he blinked.



"What's your name?"


"Vincent what?"


Rufus nodded. Vincent Valentine. I'll have to see what I can find about you.. He thought. He noticed that Vincent had laid back down and closed his eyes. "Going back to sleep?"


"Why?" Why am I being so curious? I really don't care.

"..." Vincent didn't reply. Rufus crossed his arms, getting pissed. He waited and still, Vincent laid there with his eyes closed, obviously not planning on saying anything.

"Okay, fine," Rufus snorted, rolling his eyes. "Go back to sleep." He started to turn away, then stopped. On a whim, completely uncalled for, he grasped the other's collar and pulled him up, pressing his lips to the vampire-looking man's lips. Vincent's eyes snapped open, widening. Rufus lingered there a moment before releasing the other's collar and stepping back. With a soft 'hmph', he turned and walked out. Vincent blinked a few times before, as if nothing happened, he laid back down and pulled the coffin closed.

Rufus walked back the way he'd come, climbing back up the ladder and going back to the big stone wall. He pressed against it, trying to find the way to open it. However, the thing opened on its own. He fell through again, this time landing on top of Dark Nation, who yipped. The creature squirmed out from under him, standing beside him and sniffing him.

Rufus grumbled and got up, moving to the bed in the room and falling onto it. One arm covered his eyes as he laid there on his side, his other over his chest, fingers brushing his lips. He could only think of the way the other's lips felt against his own. How... soft. Warm, smooth... His thoughts focused on Vincent before drifting into black waves of exhaustion. The Vice President... fell asleep.

- -

"The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth"

Edwin McCain "I'll Be"

- - - -

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