In the beginning...

It never ceased to amaze him, just how he managed to get himself into these situations. Yanked out of a semi-comfy home, he was sent to Konoha, to live with a complete stranger, who claimed to be his 'godfather'. What a weekend.

He sighed heavily as he unpacked his freshly delivered belongings in the basement of a small house that reminded him of a coffin. Yeah, it was that small. Who ever heard of a one bedroom home? Technically, it was two bedrooms but one was converted into an office, with a mini library for writing.

Whatever... he thought cynically placing his clothes in the designated dresser draws.

Glancing around the basement, Naruto noticed it was actually pretty cool. It was completely finished with a full sized bed, couch, radio, full bathroom and window. It's like having my own apartment, he thought to himself taking note of the private entrance that was situated right along the driveway. Maybe this won't be so bad after all, he decided before remembering one major detail.

The part that sucked the most, the part he always hated worse than any other; he was going to go to yet another school. He'd have to start from square one, try to make friends all over again and probably end up being the target of 'popular' kids, yes that happened before. It sucked major balls. Just as he was starting to feel a little better about his situation, he felt bad all over again.

Naruto just didn't have the best of luck when it came to making friends. He always seemed to piss off the wrong kinds of people then get wailed on all year long for it. He really couldn't help it though, it was part of his nature. He loved being goofy and silly and sometimes people just didn't get it. As for bullies, well he had no toleration for them. No matter how outnumbered he was, he would always stand up for himself. That was a rule.

So far this would be school #5. Obviously he didn't stay in one place too long. As he laid across the bed, situated in the back of the large room, he mulled over the last prank that got him sent back to the orphanage, what a classic.


"Naruto! How could you? Do you have any idea how much it's going to cost to rewire the whole house and plumbing? Not to mention the damage you caused at school last week?" Mitoya, his foster parent, yelled as she packed his bags.

"I said I was sorry..." he said sulking in the corner as he watched with amazement how fast she was moving, as if this was planned and practiced.

"That is not good enough this're always sorry...time and time and time again...sorry doesn't fix all the problems you cause around here," she said resentfully.

It almost hurt. He actually thought she liked him. It was only meant to be a prank. You know something to make him laugh. He thought it was genius. He had rigged the wiring and plumbing to go on and off randomly every time someone triggered it unknowingly. When the phone rang, the toilet would flush. When the TV came on, the shower would run. When the faucet was ran, the blender would blend and the microwave would start. Pure brilliance. Guess he was the only one who thought that.

"I'm sorry to say but you have to go," she said not seeming very sorry at all.

"But...but...what about school and church and my friends...what about you?" he asked in a panic.

"You should have thought about all that before you decided to destroy things. I knew taking you would be a handful, but it's become too big of a headache. Having to run down to the school house everyday...Naruto did this, Naruto did're driving me crazy...maybe it's better off this way."

"Yeah, better for you," he scoffed kicking at the carpet bunched together in the corner.

Beep, beep, beep!

"The car is here to get you...I'll help you load your things," Mitoya said carrying a bag with her out the door.


The trunk shut as she opened the back door of the cab for him. He didn't cry, he didn't say anything. It was yet another disappointment in the life of Naruto Uzumaki. He gazed forward; that would be the last time he'd ever see Mitoya. Once he was on his way back to the orphanage, all he could do was regret. Regret being born. Regret how he lived. He hated his life.

That wench, he thought sourly. She didn't even have the decency to bring me back herself.

End flashback

"Hey, kid...I'm getting ready to order pizza. What toppings do you want?" a husky voice called down from the door at the top of the stairs.

"Anchovies and they have Ramen flavored?" he called back facing the steps now.

"Hahaha, no but anchovies and pineapple it is," the older man shouted before shutting the door.

Naruto smiled. He had been so preoccupied with wallowing in self-pity that he completely forgot about Jiraiya; you know, the man that came and got him. He didn't really know how to acknowledge the guy, after all he was still a complete stranger. Hell, he never knew his real father, let alone that he had a 'godfather' out there or any other family members for that matter. Still, he decided to act as if this was just another home. For now it was. Soon Jiraiya might decide he didn't want to be bothered with another person's kid. When that time came, it meant right back to the orphanage.

After hearing the doorbell ring, Naruto walked up to the first floor where he met Jiraiya in the kitchen and joined the big guy at the table.

"Pizza a la Jiraiya ...that means it's special," he joked handing Naruto his own pie. "I know how you growing boys can be. Plus I hate anchovies," he said digging into the pepperoni pizza he'd ordered for himself.

Staring silently over his food at Jiraiya, Naruto reminisced on the day he showed up at the orphanage. He was out in the back yard when he was called in.


"Hey, yeah...that's him alright. Looks just like Yondaime..." Naruto could hear a big white haired man say as he walked past him to the headmaster's office.

"Close the door behind you son," said Mrs. Flasco. She was the owner and operator of the orphanage in which Naruto had graced the halls of on 4, no 5 separate occasions. "You may have noticed the guy in the hall. His name is Jiraiya. He claims to be a relative of yours. He knew your parents and wants to take you in."

"My parents?" Naruto asked not quite convinced. "What do you mean take me in? I'm going to another foster home? What a crock..." he said folding his arms over his chest. He would just rather live out his days in the orphanage till he was grown enough to do his own thing. Going from pillar to post was a pain in the arse.

"Naruto, you're getting too old to go from home to home anymore. Jiraiya has requested to adopt you, not just foster you till you screw up. It's about time you left here and stopped coming back," the women said with little to no compassion.

"Sure, sure...whatever. But, I'll be back. I always come back," Naruto stood from his seat and walked out the room.

"So whaddya think kid?" the white haired guy asked him on his way out the headmaster's office.

"I think, I'll be back..." Naruto said passing by the bewildered male, to go to his room to pack his possessions once again.

End flashback

A week later here he was.

"Hey, Jiraiya…" Naruto spoke up between bites.

"What's up?" asked the older man.

"At the orphanage, you said something when I walked said I looked just like, Yondaime."

"Yeah, sure ya do...bright blond hair, big blue eyes...of course Kushina is in there too. You got her last name after all," he boasted.

Naruto was quiet for a second, "I don't know those people." He turned his head away, he felt a little ashamed.

"Hey lemme show you something," Jiraiya said standing and walking out the room.

Naruto followed behind him. They went to his study.

After about ten minutes of searching around the tight office space, he produced a picture of a man and a pregnant woman. They were smiling and holding each other very closely. The woman was beautiful, she had long red hair and rosy cheeks while the guy had an electric smile with bright hair like Naruto's, and of course the most surreal blue eyes.

"That's them. We called him, Yondaime but his name's Minato. Minato Namikaze and she's Kushina Uzumaki. Those are your folks brat," the hefty voice spoke from behind Naruto.

All he could do was stare at the photo in hand. He was in a mild state of shock. He couldn't believe it, he had never seen them before. My parents… They looked so happy. One day I'll have the courage to ask what happened to them.