A/N: This is my version to a response for the SMMFFC for the merry month of May. Now for those of you who don't know what the theme is, its strange couplings or rare pairs. I believe they assigned some people to do certain pairings, but since I'm not a part of SMMFFC, I believe that I am free to post my version of a rare pairings collection in the crossover section. Pairings range from far and wide in terms of characters and anime/manga, and will be updated everyday (unless something happens, as you have noticed, I had to start this on the 5th of May instead of the 1st.)

Title: My Heart

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: Romance/Humor

Crossover: Sailor Moon and Naruto

Version: Anime and Manga (respectively)

Word Count: 923

Feedback: If you feel so moved...

Rating: K+

"Hey, hey, hey!! Time to wake up!" Minako cheered, rushing into the sleeping, missing nin's room. With a practiced leap, the Senshi of love landed like a ton of bricks atop the jumbled mass of covers that appeared to be Kakuzu. He grunted at the feeling and contact of her weight, burying his face further into the pillow, which didn't go unnoticed by Minako. Grunting herself, she began to shake him back and forth, chanting some kind of ditty that included the announcement of a brand new day. "Stop..." he moaned, grabbing the pillow and forcing it over his head.

"Geez, what's wrong with you, grumpypants? Did you break a nail yesterday or something?" she teased, grinning from ear to ear like a little fox. He sighed, a muffled noise from under the pillow, "Not all of us received the same amount of sleep last night," he reminded her, hinting at the fact that his mission had taken way longer than necessary. Straddling him still, Minako seemed to lean back and think about this, "Oh yeah!" she said after awhile, "I completely forgot!" she giggled, remembering that she had gone to bed long before either he or Hidan had come back.

"Now that you remember, can I please get some sleep?" he roared from under the pillow. "Nope," she stretched the word, leaning over to get closer to his ear, "Your Leader-sama called a mission this morning, and since I overheard, I thought I'd come and wake you." she smiled, unbeknown to him. "...Great..." he mumbled, sighing as his shoulder blades popped up, signifying that he was going to get up soon. Without a second thought, he promptly pushed her off and walked over to a lone chair where his cloak, mask, and headband lay. Minako, meanwhile, sat boredly on the bed, her knees drawn up to her chest while her lips were pooched out in thought. She cocked her head to the side, blond tendrils falling sideways, as she locked her crystalline blue onto the masks on his back.

She'd been able to vaguely recall a conversation with him and the man named Hidan about this secret ability of his. In each of these masks contained a heart he'd stolen from someone, and by planting it inside of himself, he'd basically achieved immortality. This idea, though, soon gave way to another one...a better one. She smiled from ear to ear once more, her eyes closed in bliss and slight embarrassment. "Well," she started, sliding off of his bed in the most inconspicuous way that she could, "I'll see you downstairs." Kakuzu didn't even nod, believing to know the exact reason why she left. Of course, he didn't really care where she went as long as she didn't leave the hideout or the general vicinity without orders, but...something wanted her to stay. He'd have to figure out which heart it was, and destroy it.

Going to the meeting room, it went pretty much as he anticipated (in short, Hidan cussing, Deidara and Tobi being general pains in the ass, etc.), and he sure as hell didn't want to be there lost in the aftermath. Sliding away, he figured he'd go to back up to his and Hidan's room to count his money or something...anything to pass time while he awaited another mission or for another target to move into a desired place. Upon arriving, he gathered his necessary materials and basically set up 'camp' at the small table he used for calculations.

"Kakuzu!" he jumped, a heart of his nearly going out at the sound of that screech; truly, he'd been so immersed he'd hadn't even heard the tiniest of sounds. He sighed, "What is it, you brat?" he asked, not even turning to look at the blond-haired princess behind him. "Is that anyone to greet someone? Smile once in awhile!" she seemed to advise, quickly changing the subject to make sure she still had his attention, "Anyway, I brought...something for you." he wasn't quite sure, but it sounded as if her voice had given out halfway...as if she scared or something.

"And what would that be?"he asked uninterestedly, fiddling with an amount on his calculator. Minako sighed from where she stood behind him, her shoulders slumping into a defeated position, "Look," she started humbly, causing him to wonder for a second if this was really the princess he'd come to know, "I guess to you, I'm just bait and a money-ticket, but I've been doing some thinking lately. Really, ever since you kidnapped me, I've been thinking of a way to get back home and what I was going to do if you ever turned me over to those people." Anyone could catch the emphasis on the term, the girl obviously referring to assassins or men of the same sort. "Anyway," she began once more, "I made this for you. Take this..." she held it out to him, expecting him to turn around to reach for it.

"...?" he questioned, doing exactly as she had wanted.

"My heart." his green eyes widened in shock, but soon discovered it wasn't quite what he had been thinking. Instead, what lay in the girl's palm was a cut-out of an orange heart, decorated with sewed-on pebbles and such. "Your welcome." she stated with a smile, bursting from the room with so much energy, she almost trampled Hidan on her way out; her next destination: the closest place to heal the cuts from the sewing needle.