Title: Cloud IX

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: Romance/Humor

Crossover: Sailor Moon and Kingdom Hearts II

Version: Anime and Game(respectively)

Timeline: Sailor Moon (Post-Stars)/ Kingdom Hearts (AU-ish, pre-Organization)

Pairings/ Characters: Rei/Demyx

Requested: Moi Fah

Word Count: 881

Feedback: If you feel so moved...it's much appreciated.

Rating: T

"I don't date idiots." she said simply, taking a sip of her drink with a roll of her eyes away from the stage inside the dance club. The band of the night had wasted no time in getting their routine started, having made a clatter on stage as the lesser known band with no roadies had scrambled to get their equipment set up.

She'd come with a group of friends from university, unfortunately none of them being one of the Senshi. It was probably why she felt a little strange...that, and the blond-haired guy with the mohawk and strange-looking guitar was practically staring her down. Every time she felt eyes on her, she turned towards him and caught him doing the 'oh no I wasn't looking at you' glance by quickly rolling his eyes in another direction. Kind of a stupid thing to do, Rei remarked, when the person you were staring at quite clearly knew. Her friends had joked that he was checking her out, but like she said, 'she didn't date idiots'.

It was wrong to judge someone before getting to know them but...she'd dated a so-called rockstar before. And if his silly antics on the stage tonight were any indication, then she surely wasn't interested. He was cute, maybe a year or two younger than her in physical years, but she was beyond him in mental years, she was sure.

Besides, getting involved with another musician wasn't a good idea. They were moody, hard to understand, and sometimes took off with saying a word. She scowled into her glass, finally realizing that she had been trying to sip from an empty glass. No alcohol for her, just some soda, but it was helping to take her mind off things. It was silly that she was being forced to sit here, lecturing herself about something that was of hardly any concern. Big deal...he was looking at her...that didn't really mean anything. Not to toot her own horn or anything, but she was nice to look at...she'd be told that before so it wasn't a surprise to her nor did she take that information in denial.

When the waitress passed around again, she ordered another drink despite her thirst being quite quenched by now. Still, anything to help her keep her mind off of him...wait, why was she still thinking about him in the first place? She hazarded a glance out of the corner of her eye. Yep, he was still staring. Or rather, he was foolishly trying to hide it.

Excusing herself from the bathroom, Rei kept her head turned away from the stage. Coming here tonight was a bad idea after all...it was hard to concentrate on having fun with her friends when a cute boy was staring at her the entire night...not to mention it was getting a little weird. Once at the bathroom mirror, she quickly checked her make-up to make sure it looked alright. Not because she planned to go and lead him on or anything, oh no, she was forming a plan, one that involved marching straight up to him and telling him whatfor. If you wanted to spend staring at someone, you might as well go and speak to them.

She nodded, idea firmly planted in her mind. She was going to be forceful but still polite; if he was interested in her, he should just say so...then they'd see how things went from there. One last nod and she was out of the door, but didn't make it far...

"Hi I was thinking of asking you out but then realized how stupid that would be...hi." Rei stopped and stared, trying process that jumbled sentence that had been presented to her. It was the blond-haired, mohawk boy (who else?) wearing a silly, shy grin on his face. She was a little flabbergasted to be honest, "Um...hi." she managed, suddenly forgetting her great plan at his forwardness. "And you're..." Might as well ask for a name here.

"Oh, it's Demyx! I'm in a band with my friends, I play guitar, we're pretty bad." he laughed, nervously stringing his words together again, "Do you think we sounded bad?"

"...did you?" Rei asked, hoping he would drop the conversation...she hadn't exactly been listening. "My name's Rei." she nodded.

The two stood there for a minute, in silence, casually glancing about the room. The two of them possibly searching for something to say. "You mentioned going out sometime?" she asked, trying to sound nonchalant, maybe a little on the uncaring side.

"There's a pizza place right around the corner. We can go right now."

"But your band, won't they be-"

"Nah, it's cool! So...that's a yes?" he sounded so eager, Rei had to admit it was kind of adorable.

"Yeah, sounds like fun." she assured, practically being shuttled out of the door as the boy yelled back to his band mates something about being busy for the rest of the night. Rei rolled her eyes, of course, yell back at them as they walked out the front door about his plans.

And Demyx? He couldn't say much, especially not when it was coming out in jumbled sentences, but he had a weakness for fiery women.

A/N: Not my best, trying to get back into this writing thing when I have the time.