Title: Blood and Water

Author: Moi Fah

Genre: Romance/Angst/Horror(?)

Crossover: Sailor Moon and Naruto

Version: Anime and Manga(respectively)

Timeline: Any/ Any

Pairings/ Characters: Michiru/Sasori

Requested: (I received this pairing as a suggestion/idea for another story I'm writing)

Word Count: 287

Feedback: If you feel so moved...it's much appreciated.

Rating: T

'Blood is thicker than water...'

It was an old saying that fit them to a 'T'.

The red-haired man was always addressed as Akasuna no Sasori...the red sands...in all, she should have been terrified, horrified and disgusted but her mind began to run wild with ideas. She pictured a swirling mass of sands mixing in with the red hue of blood...it wasn't very often she got inspiration to paint anything other than her element of water.

If he represented the element of blood in the old saying, did that make her the water part? Sasori was not her family and never would be and that was what the saying had truly meant...Haruka was her family, Hotaru was her family, the senshi were her family now. Sasori no longer had a family to return home to, he'd killed them, desecrated their bodies by turning them into puppets and weapons. How someone could even think of doing that...

...but she knew, she knew those red sands were dangerous. Just the mere mention of it made her hair stand on end, his past not even an issue. If blood truly was thicker than water, than those red sands would consume her and swallow her, choke her down under an undertow of crimson, her lungs filled with the mixed grain and liquid. It make her uneasy, sick...but she couldn't stop herself.

Her waves of water, refreshing and calming, would do little to change him or his red sands. Unlike the ocean waves that lapped against the sandy shore, the two of them mixed more like oil and water...

After all, when you mix water with sand, all you'll ever get is mud.