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It was the day Samantha Carter had been trying to forget ever existed.
Today was the one year anniversary or Dr. Janet Frasier's death.
There weren't a lot of other women on the base so when Sam had met Janet they were friends instantly.

Now in the briefing room she sat waiting with the rest of the SG-1 team for the dreaded announcement that General Hammond was going to make.It took all her strength not to burst into tears right then and there.She didn't want the guys to think that she couldn't handle things like this.She wanted to prove that she was just as strong as them.

The whole room was silent.Sam could feel the tension in the air,but couldn't bring herself to break it.She knew if she said a word she would burst into tears.

Colonel Jack O'Neill had an unreadable expression on his face, while Dr. Daniel Jackson looked as though he was going to be sick. Teal'c had obviously been meditating for hours because he was extremely calm.

Sam heard someone clear their throat and turned to see General Hammond and the rest of the team staring at her. The General continued on.

" I think you all know why i called you here." He paused for a moment to keep his composure." This day, one year ago, our much loved Dr. Janet Frasier died in battle , when hit with a Goul'd staff weapon blast, while saving the life of a young soldier.The-"

Samantha couldn't bear it anymore.

" I'm sorry ,Sir.", she blurted before running out of the room. She ran to her room and threw herself onto her bad. She burst into tears the minute her head hit the pillow.She cried until she was gasping for breath.

Why did Janet have to die? she was so young! That thought brought another waterfall of tears to stain her pillow.

Back in the briefing room General Hammond looked at the team.

" Well there's no need for me to finish so you are all dismissed." " Thank you, Sir" The guys said at the same time.

Jack said goodbye to everybody before heading off to look for Sam. Where would Carter be??,He thought to himself. should I talk to her or not...maybe not...well actually its my duty as her CO to make sure everyone is looked after and she definitely needs some looking after. He had seen the pain in her face and the tears she refused to let fall down her face.

He checked her lab and the cafeteria and even the locker rooms but she wasn't there. He went to check her room and knew he found her.

Carter isn't the type to cry so this must be seriously serious.Well, duh Jack!! She lost her best friend on the base!!

Samantha hadn't shown any tears after Frasier's death except at the funeral and when she found out, Jack recalled. He hadn't noticed anything strange about her or anything.

Jack raised his hand to knock on her door but realized that she probably wanted to be alone for a bit. He wouldn't want to embarrass her or anything.He would see her at lunch anyways.

Samantha finally ran out of tears.

She had no clue what had gotten into her.She hadn't cried this much since Janet's death.She lay there trying to think about happy things.

Lemon pie, Jack's jokes, Daniel's know-it-all-ness , Teal'c's "indeeds",Janets contagious laughter. The last though caused her to start crying once more. Her sadness was soon topped off with exhaustion and she fell asleep.

Jack sat in the cafeteria alone. He was getting impatient.

He had been waiting for Sam to show up for 3 hours thinking that she would get hungry.

OH CRAP!!That does it!! He got up and went to check on her.He knocked at least 5 times before opening the door.

There she was asleep. Her short hair was everywhere and her eyes were puffed up from crying but , boy, did she ever look like an angel.

Jack took the blanket from the end of the bed and covered her with it. She moved slightly but only to pull the cover up to her chin.

He was about to leave but thought he should at least leave a note. He quickly scribbled one and left it on her nightstand where she would notice it.

With one lt glance in her direction he left closing the door quietly behind him.