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Jack pulled up to her driveway trying to think of what he was going to say to Sam to explain why he was here.

He got out of the car and walked up to her front door, and rang the doorbell.

No answer.

He tried the door handle and was surprised to see that it was unlocked. He walked all over the house and it looked as though somebody had went through everything.The bedroom was destroyed and everything was scattered.

The windows were broken in the basement and he felt his stomach lurch.

Samantha had been robbed.

Jack ran outside and grabbed his cell, dialing 911.

"We have a robbery at 32238 Snow Ave. Bring an ambulance just in case."

Jack parked his car in front of the house and got out of the car to try and call the General.Before he could even dial the number he saw a certian person coming down the sidewalk staggering. He looked closer and noticed it was Sam and she wasn't in very good shape.Boy was he glad he had ordered that ambulance.

"Major Carter!" He yelled walking up to her cautiously.

Samantha looked up."Sir?"

"What the heck happened to you Carter!?"

"I...I...I don't really know! I went to the store to get piankillers and on the way there was a truck loaded with stuff and the men in it were really big.They came up to me demanding who I was.They tried to get me in the truck but I used my Level 3 martial arts training on them and they left." She answered looking slightly confused.

"Well it looks like they still got thier hands on you! Your pants and shirts are ripped and you face has blood on it!" He said coming up to her and wiping off the blood.

Samantha winced and pulled away still a little bit mad at her C.O. for treating her like a baby."Why are you here! I can take care of myself!"

Jack tried to hide the pain in his eyes as he replied." I'm sure you can but something is wrong with you.We all know that!"

"Nothing's wrong with me and maybe just maybe you all should back off and let me live my life!" She basically screamed at him.

Just then the ambulance and police came and he had no time to reply.

After the police investigated they were glad to report that not too many things were stolen but it would be best if Sam lived elsewhere till they caught these people, seeing as they might be second-time offenders.They asked Jack and Sam many questions and then they left.

The paramedics checked all of Samantha's bones and wounds and made sure that everything was cleaned properly in order to avoid infection.Soon they also left leaving Samantha and Jack alone in the torn up living room.All that was left in that room was the couches and one lamp. Why they hadn't stolen them nobody knew but Samanthat considering she knew how loaded the car was.

"So..." Jack said trying to break the awkward silence.

"What do you want from me Sir?"

He flinched at the anger and disapointment in her voice."I'm just wondering where you'll be staying now."

"Probably at the base even though everyone is clearing out for the summer and won't be back till fall."

What she said was true.There were only a couple more days of work left and then there would be no readon to stay at the base.The General was also leaving and had ordered everyone there to take a one month break, meaning they had to leave.

She couldn't think of anyone she could go to seeing as how her family all lived in other states and she just wanted to have a month to her self.Finally Jack spoke up.

"Why don't you stay at my place? I have a whole house to myself and It's not really a bother to me to stay."

Yah so that you can keep an eye on me. She thought to herself but she answered, "I guess I don't really have a choice.I sure don't want to stay here."

"Good. Go get your things and I'll park the car in the driveway." Jack said smiling with satisfaction.

Samantha soon had all her clothing and everything else pack and she reluctantly got into the veichle.

The drive was silent. When they finally got to the house Samantha noticed how beautiful the house was with the little white picket fence and all.Not that she would tell that to Jack.The last thing she needed was him to get an ego yet.Jack helped Sam with her things and showed her to her room.

Soon her things were unpacked and she had konked out on the bed with her jacket and shoes still on.

Jack looked at her and wondered how such a fiesty woman could be so beautiful in her sleep. He put her legs onto the bed and took her shoes off. He grapped a blanket from inside the closet and covered her with it.He glanced at her one more time before closing the door and shutting off the light.

Jack woke up with a start when she heard a blood curling scream.He grabbed his pistol and ran to Samantha's room ready for anything.He slowly opened the door and peeked in.

Samantha was thrashing around in her bed and she was drenched in tears and sweat. He quickly rushed to her and shook her trying to wake her. She finally awoke and when she saw him the tears started anew. Jack held her and rocked her back and forth, whispering soothing words to her. Soon she was asleep agian and he tucked her in again.

Back in his own bed he began to wonder if her problem was a little deeper that just sadness. Somebody dosn't just have horrible nightmeres and still be okay. If only I could get her to open up to me.

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