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Welcome to the planet

Welcome to existence

Everyone's here

Everyone's here

Everybody's watching you now

Everybody waits for you now

What happens next?

What happens next?

I dare you to move

I dare you to move

I dare you to lift yourself up off the floor

I dare you to move

I dare you to move

Like today never happened

Today never happened before

Her body thrashes around as I gaze at her, the morphine has worn off…completely and we are out. I can't handle this, what I've done to the love of my life…I can't handle this! I clench my fists in anger, in frustration, in pain and I move to gaze out the window, into the snowy beauty of Alaska. I felt the self disgust well up inside me, I did this to her and yet I can't even look at her? Have I no bravery? Then the screaming started and I spun around in horror. I gazed at my angel. My hands fluttering frantically over her body smoothing her hair, wanting so badly to help her.

"STOP!!!!!!!!Don't, Please….Just MAKE IT STOP" My heart is shattering with every word, every scream…I can't stand it. "I DON'T WANT IT!!!!" I flinch back, my soothing movements stop as I gaze at her…she doesn't want this…not immorality…not me…no…I throw my eyes down to gaze at the floor, I don't know what to do with myself. She…she wanted to die…to take herself away…I just couldn't let her do that…selfish creature that I am. I've taken away so much from her, I even took away her mortality, her ability to die…what kind of monster am I?

I gaze over, my body shaking as the machine blares that her heart has stopped…I didn't need the machine, I heard the last sluggish beats myself as Bella the human, the soft and caring human faded away…

I couldn't look at her; I still stared at the long line on the machine. The unnerving noise of death…a noise I never, ever wanted to hear in association with my Bella. I heard the soft breath before she spoke and I tensed standing so helpless to do anything but watch that long red line. Her voice was like the softest and sweetest ringing of bells in the winter, like sleigh bells…yes like sleigh bells. I was admiring her voice so, it took just a moment for her words to register.

"Are you going to leave now?" I tear my eyes away from the monitor and gaze at her, knowing the hurt and pain was seeping through my eyes. Did she want me to leave? I gaze at her, memorizing every bit of her new appearance. Still clad in her black camisole and underwear, she was such a sight, her legs seemed longer, sharp and toned, paler, an enticing shade of porcelain like white. Her body was slimmer, and yet curvy, she looked sharp somehow…and soft. Her waist tapered in and enhanced her figure. She was somehow the same only…enhanced? Not better…just different. Her face was sharper, the bones more prominent and strong. Her lips were not the reddish color that used to stand out so beautifully on her face…but a paler more delicate pink. Her eyes were framed by the long and thick lashes that were opened only slightly to reveal her impassive and sickeningly red eyes.

"Leave?" I choked on the word. "If…If you want me too, I will."

Her eyes softened as she gazed at me.

"Not what I want Edward, I thought it was what you wanted? Not to have me? I can understand you-that-that you didn't want me but I must ask…Why?" Her gaze met mine, controlled and cold, curious.

"Why Edward would you not let me die?" I opened my mouth but she cut me off. "You denied me immortality so long, you didn't want me! You left! And now, when wanted to leave you pulled me back!? To leave me tortured in this immortality knowing forever that YOU DIDN'T WANT ME!?"

Any newborn in such stress would have lunged for me, lunged for the kill. But not my Bella, no she sunk to the floor, looking at me, asking.

"You believe that I don't want you? How….Bella how many times did I profess my love for you? How many days did I tell you that I would never stop loving you-"

"The one day, when you left was enough to tell me every day, every single day that you didn't."

"Bella, I…I had to leave you. Don't you understand? I didn't want you to die at my hands, at our hands. You deserved so much Bella, you deserved to live, I didn't want to take that away."

She stared at me, smirking bitterly. "By leaving me, you did. Did you really think I planned to live without you? Did you really think that I was so unaffected? That I loved in such a fickle way? I GAVE you my heart Edward. God as furious as I want to be with you I can't because you still have it. You still have my love and God damn it! I still love you! And I…I just want to be so mad, so angry but I just…can't."

I looked at her, hope shining in my eyes. "You love me?" I asked.

"How many days did I tell you I would never stop loving you?" she mimicked me.

"Not enough I'm afraid." She looked angry again but I continued. "Not enough because I had to miss hearing it for a year. Not enough because I couldn't say it back for a year."


I laughed. "Bella I love you, I never stopped." I stepped closer to her.

She stood, gazing at me. "Never?"


The most beautiful grin broke out on her face.

"Good." And then she kissed me.

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