Hurry up, goggle-head

Hurry up, goggle-head!

By: Flamegaruru

Rika and Takato crazy! They make such a kawaii couple, so I wanted to write a fic for them! I'm using the English names, okay? I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Toei and those people. This is called fan fiction because it is so not true!

Rika sighed while she was walking home. It wasn't that she was tired from last night's battle with Vegiemon, but something, else. A little tug at her heart. Rika humphed.

Confusion is a sign of weakness, and I will not let myself be weak. Rika told herself as she turned the corner.

Takato was looking at the blossoming trees. They're so beautiful this time of year, he thought. He frowned, remembering last night's dream:

Takato was in a foggy place again. " Hey, Guilmon, are you here?" Takato tentatively called out.

" Takato!" Rika called out.

" Huh?" Takato's eyes widened. Why would Rika be calling him?

Takato looked down to see Rika lying down on the floor. " I need your help Takato!"

Takato was still lost in his dreams as he rounded the corner.

" OW!" Rika cried as someone ran into her, sending her crashing to the ground.

Takato moaned, rubbing his butt. " I'm sorry," he said and offered his hand to the girl he knocked over.

" RIKA!?" he cried in disbelief.

Rika's eyes shot open as she saw Takato's face inches from hers.

" What are you following me for? You are in love with me, aren't you?" Rika said, her face void of any emotion.

" Don't be ridiculous!" Takato slightly blushed, although Rika didn't notice it.

" Just leave me alone," Rika said and brushed her jeans as she got up and walked away.

The visions of his dream still in his head, Takato followed her.

Rika rolled her eyes. What's that fool following me for? I don't care what he says; he must have some sort of a crush on me.

" Why are you following me?" Rika demanded as Takato halted.

" Uh, because I," Takato mumbled. The last time I talked to her about me dreams, she threatened to beat me up! Think Takato!

" I'm waiting, goggle-boy," Rika tapped her foot.

" Since I was, um, inconsiderate and knocked you over, I just thought I'd walk you home!" Takato nervously laughed.

Rika cocked her eyebrow at Takato. That certainly is not the reason. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to find out later. She started walking to her house.

" Wait up!" Takato yelled and ran to catch up to Rika.

Takato was met by an awkward silence. " So, how was your day?" he lamely asked.

Rika stared at him. " Why do you want to know?"

" Because I want to be your friend."

" I don't need your friendship. I can get along fine on my own," Rika icily replied.

" There's no I in team!" Takato smiled, using Tai's classic line.

Rika cast a sidelong glance at Takato. Why do I feel so weird around him?

Takato grinned as he saw Rika look ahead. After the way she's treated him and Digimon, a normal person would just give up trying to make friends with Rika. She was cold and unwilling to everyone, excluding Renamon. Yet, there was something in Takato that made him keep trying to make friends.

" My day was boring," Rika quietly said.

Takato whipped his head. Did Rika just answer my question?!?

" So was mine, although I doubt you had a large dinosaur eat your homework!" Takato laughed at his own joke.

Rika felt strange. She had this incredible urge just to…

Takato looked happily at Rika and saw her grin and give a little chuckle.

" Home," Rika said as she shook her head, fervently hoping she hadn't done what she thought she did.

" I'll see you later then!" Takato smiled as Rika glared at him. " And, be careful, okay?"

Rika stared at Takato's retreating form, perplexed. What did he mean by that? Oh, well. I have more important things to do, and with that last thought, Rika flipped her head sideways and went into her room.


Yes? No? Maybe so? I know this was short, but it was the fist chapter.

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