Hurry up, goggle-head

Hurry up, goggle-head!

Chapter 4: " Pure Insanity"

By: Flamegaruru

Part four already! Wow! Thanks for your support, reviewers! All of you are the best! Okay, when we last left our digi-kids, Takato and Rika were trapped in a cave. How romantic! Ahem. So people who can't stand Rika being too "nice" I advise you to go! She will never lose her real attitude, but she does maybe kind of get sensitive. Besides, she's getting to be that way in the show, so she is evolving into character and maturity. How scary. *CoughSARCASMcough* One last note, this story is a bit angsty so have some tissues at hand! All right, it's not THAT sad, but it's sad enough! I'm scaring the readers away! Just go ahead and read the story!

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing of Digimon. All that is on legal papers over there in Japan. Please R/R but no flames, k?


" Aww," Takato whined as his head drooped and he sweatdropped.

Rika cocked an eyebrow at him. What do I see in his? She smirked a bit. Although it is kind of cute when he whines…WAIT! Did I just think CUTE? Rika cringed inwardly.

" I guess we're stuck down here," Takato nervously shifted his weight under Rika's unwavering gaze. Why am I so scared to tell her my feelings?

Rika sighed as she sat down against a rock.

Takato closed his eyes. Well, I'm the leader and since the leaders of the digidestined were the holders of courage, I should use my courage. He drew in a deep breath, gathered his courage and sat next to Rika with a huge smile.

Rika blinked skeptically at him. What is he up to? She put her fingers on the bridge of her nose and muttered " This is pure insanity."

" What is?"

" We're trapped in a cave. Together." Rika fought the urge inside her heart that told her that she didn't mind being trapped with Takato one bit.

" So, um, are you going to continue your reign as the Digimon Queen this year?" Takato asked. His answer was silence.

Takato furrowed his eyebrows. Okay. So Rika isn't talking to me. Maybe she's thinking of a way to get out of here and away from me. His face fell as his heart started to break. Why did I fall for someone I can't have? Tears started to flow silently down his cheeks.

Rika was thinking, but not of a way to get out of the cave. She was grappling with her feelings for Takato. Just my luck to fall in love with a weak person- my exact opposite. What do I see in him? She looked up at the ceiling. Perhaps it's because he actually cares about me and wants to be my friend. He is nice, and kind of cute. Rika felt a small blush creep up her face. Oh no… I'm turning into some soft and lovesick girl. Maybe I won't be that mushy, she hoped and turned to look at Takato.

" Takato! What's the matter?" she turned so that they were eye to eye, unaware of the great amount of concern she had in her voice.

Takato looked at Rika and stared at her in shock. Concern in her voice? Worry written all over her face?? (A/N: The sky must be falling!)

Rika dug in her pockets for a tissue and handed it to Takato who took it.

" What's the matter?" she asked again, not caring if she sounded soft.

" Why do you care?" Takato sniffed, sounding a little harsher than he planned to.

Rika looked shocked. " Well," she answered timidly, a small blush tingeing her cheeks. " Because I thought we were, kind of friends," she averted her gaze.

Takato looked hopefully at her. " You mean it?"

" Of course," Rika snapped. ' Why would I say something if I didn't mean it?" she finished in a slightly softer tone.

" Only if you were afraid,' Takato replied, voice as equally as soft.

Rika gulped and looked Takato straight in the eye. " So," her voice wavered for a second. " What is the matter goggle-head?" Why is he staring at me like that?

Takato continued to stare at Rika. He looked deep into her violet eyes. There's something she's hiding; she's afraid. Her eyes are full of innocence; I get it! She's afraid of love, of being hurt!

Rika looked into Takato's amber eyes. What is this weird feeling I get whenever Takato's around? It can't be love. Or can it?

As Takato and Rika were staring at each other, a small figure moved through the shadows and hid behind a rock next to the duo. Impmon scrunched up his nose in disgust. Yuck! Humans make me sick alone, but when they're all lovey-dovey…he made a gagging impression. A devilish grin smothered his face. Only one thing to do in this situation…

~~~~~~~~~~~ We momentarily leave the cave to the Digimon battle ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" Pyro blaster!"

" Fox tail inferno!"

Growlmon and Kyubimon unleashed their attacks on Phantomon who easily deflected them.

" We need our tamer," Kyubimon said to Growlmon as she dodged a swipe of Phantomon's shadow scythe.

" Calumon, go get Henry and Terriermon!' Growlmon told the rookie Digimon as he slammed into Phantomon, creating an escape path.

" Okay," Calumon answered, worried about his friends' safety as he scampered out of the forest.

Growlmon groaned as Phantomon hit him over his head. " Do you think Calumon will get help in enough time?"

" He has to. Until then, we must keep fighting," Kyubimon replied.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Monsieur Henry's place ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Henry paced around his room.

" Momentai," Terriermon said.

" Takato should have called by now."

" He'll cal if he needs help."

" But he might not be able to!" Henry sat next to Terriermon on the bed.

" It'll be all right," Terriermon perched atop Henry's head.

Henry sighed. " I hope so."

Calumon jumped onto Henry's balcony and rapped his claws against the window.

" Calumon! What's the matter?" Henry cried as he jumped off the bed to open the window.

" Takato and Rika are in trouble," the minuscule Digimon replied. " We have to hurry!"

Henry grabbed his D-arc. " Let's go!"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Finally! Back to the fluffy Rukatoness! ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Takato tried not to blink. Rika's violet eyes put him into a trance. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a little fireball appear. The dream…Impmon…

" Badda boom!" Impmon yelled as the fireball shot towards the two Tamers.

" Rika! Look out!" Takato yelled and pushed Rika out of the way, thus taking the full blow of the ball of flame.

" Takato!" Rika cried as she got up and moved to him. She propped his limp body against a rock. ' Come on, goggle-head, wake up!" she frantically cried.

" How can you humans care for someone? Disgusting!" Rika's eyes blazed as she looked over at Impmon standing on a rock, holding his stomach. Her heart started pumping faster as she felt an intense fire surround it, and her hands balled into fists.

" You're just jealous that no one cares about a little runt like you!" she yelled and threw a rock at him.

" Hey! Watch where you're throwing those things! You could hit me!" Impmon put his hands over his head and ran into the darkness.

Rika breathed heavily, calming down as she turned to Takato. " Come on, goggle-head, wake up. Please?"

Rika blinked rapidly, but her eyes kept watering. Crying is a weakness, crying is a weakness, crying is a weakness, crying is a weakness… she repetitively thought, but she couldn't keep herself from crying a few tears as she stood above him.

The cold tears splashed onto Takato's face. He groaned. That's going to leave a mark. I wonder if Rika's okay…

Rika's eyes shot wide open as Takato stirred. She quickly wiped at her eyes. " I can't believe you fainted like that!"

Takato looked her and smiled. " I'm okay."

Rika gulped and looked him straight in the eye. " I…" Just say you're glad he's okay! " Chased Impmon away." She averted her gaze. Stupid.

" Oh," Takato said, a little disappointed.

Rika turned and faced him again and opened her mouth to say something when the ceiling rumbled.

" It's got to be Henry!" Takato said as the ceiling collapsed next to them and Gargomon leaped down. Henry's head popped out from above.

" Growlmon and Kyubimon are in trouble!"

" Let's go!" Takato said as Gargomon picked up him and Rika.

" Going up!" Gargomon yelled as he leapt up.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Growlmon and Kyubimon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Phantomon chuckled. " Good-bye, digi-weaklings."

Growlmon forced his eyes open to see Phantomon raise his scythe. Where are you, Takatomon?

" Gargo laser!" Phantomon was pelted by hundreds of laser bolts and he retreated a few steps.

" Growlmon!" Takato cried and rushed to his partner's side.

" Kyubimon! Are you all right?" Rika rushed to her Digimon.

Kyubimon raised her head. " Rika. I knew you'd come."

" It's all right now," Rika said as she patted Kyubimon's head.

" Growlmon! Speak to me Growlmon! I don't care if you call me Takatomon!" Takato fought the urge to cry. I have to be strong; like Rika.

Growlmon opened his eyes. " Let's take this Digimon, Takatomon."

Takato grinned. " Sure."

" Digi- modify! Matrix digivolution activate!"

Calumon's triangle shone brilliantly as Growlmon digivolved into War Growlmon.

Phantomon glared at War Growlmon. " Are you so weak that you need a human to digivolve?"

" You've only begun to see our power,' War Growlmon rumbled. " Atomic…"

" Blaster!" Takato yelled as War Growlmon unleashed his attack.

" Aaaaaargh!" Phantomon yelled as War Growlmon's attack began to dissipate his data.

" That did it!" Takato beamed.

" Not so fast, goggle boy! Look!"

Takato looked ahead in disbelief.

" Phantomon's cut open a digital barrier!" Henry said. Between two oak trees, a colorful barrier ripped through the terrain.

" Go get him!" Henry cried as the three Digimon charged.

Rika watched the Digimon as they prepared to tackle Phantomon. Something isn't right about this attack…Suddenly; Rika realized what was wrong. " Wait!"

It was too late. The Digimon tackled Phantomon, sending him hurtling through the portal, but he leftover friction started pulling them in too!

" Kyubimon!' Rika yelled.

" Don't worry, Rika. I'll be fine," Kyubimon calmly replied.

Rika's eyes started to well. You're my best friend. And mine you. Move on, but never forget me. I won't. I promise. A few tears wound their way along Rika's face as Kyubimon was sucked into the Digital World.

" Gargomon!" Henry frantically yelled.

" Momentai, Henry."

" This isn't time for Momentai!" Henry replied, tears steadily flowing down his face. " I can't lose you!"

" You'll never lose me Henry as long as you remember," was Gargomon's final reply as the hole swallowed him up.

" War Growlmon!" Takato cried as he ran towards his friend.

" Takato! Wait!" Henry yelled.

What does he think he's doing? As always, never caring about himself, only his friend first, Rika thought as she leapt forward and grabbed Takato around his stomach.

" Takato, if you go up there, you'll be sucked in too!" Rika said.

" War Growlmon! Don't go! I need you!" Takato pleaded as tears streamed down his cheeks.

" Takatomon. You lost me before, but I came back. As long as you hold onto that hope, I will come back," War Growlmon said as the portal drug him in and closed.

" War Growlmon…" Takato softly said as he slumped into Rika's arms.

There was an uncomfortable silence.

" What happened to Calumon?" Rika broke the eerie silence.

" He got sucked in too," Henry replied in a monotonous tone. " I'm going home." With that, he slowly headed out of the woods.

Rika sighed. She felt Henry's pain, but knew that her place was here with Takato. Kyubimon told me to move on. I must be strong. I know the Digimon are all right, but now I have to help Takato and Henry.

The tears continued to flow rapidly down Takato's face, but he no longer noticed. Inside, his heart felt like it had been ripped out; there was no feeling, only emptiness. His body slowly sank to the ground. Guilmon, my best friend is…gone. He looked up at Rika.

Rika looked down at Takato. He looks so heart-broken. " Is there anything I can do?" She asked as she lowered herself so they were eye to eye.

Takato gazed into Rika's violet eyes. Sympathy…he thought in wonder. " He's gone," he mumbled.

" He'll be back," Rika said.

" I miss him already."

" Guilmon wouldn't want you to be this sad."

Takato's lower lip trembled and his eyes brimmed once again with tears. My heart hurts so much…he thought.

Rika's mind raced. What should I do? Something tugged at the back of her heart when she looked at Takato, and she decided.

Takato was too saddened to be surprised when Rika gently enveloped him in her arms. He needed someone to hold him.

Could this be what Kyubimon meant by moving on being…nice? It feels good, but I don't think I'll completely give up on my old attitude. With her mind cleared, Rika focused her full attention on Takato. She could still hear Takato's muffled sobs as his tears soaked her shirt. Her arms tightened her hug on him.

" It's all right now, " she reassuringly whispered in his ear.

" No! It's not all right!" Takato yelled and broke free of Rika's arms. " He's gone forever and nothing will ever change that!" He cried and flung his goggles down to the ground and ran towards his house.

Rika bit her lip. She looked down at the goggles, picked them up and headed home.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Henry's home ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Henry slowly took off his shoes. His eyes were blank and dull as he trudged through his house. As he passed his room, he noticed a dim glow permeating through his door. I thought I turned my computer off… he opened the door. Henry couldn't mask his surprise as his eyes widened and lit up while tears of joy and relief flooded down his face.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Rika's house ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Rika sat cross-legged by her table, her Digimon cards and D-arc scattered across it. She shut her eyes. Renamon. My first true friend. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be lonely and angry. I owe a lot to her.

" Rika! Phone!" Rika's grandmother called.

Rika got up and picked up the phone outside her room.

" Hello? Henry? Huh? Wait a minute, slow down…REALLY!? Yea, sure, right away! Bye!" Rika's face broke into an enormous grin as she hung up the phone and ran through the house, gathering a few items and running outside.

********************* Guilmon's old place *********************************

Takato leaned against the cool brick wall. He fought to hold back his tears. This place, so many memories…He whipped his head up to the sound of approaching footsteps.

" Knock knock," Rika said as she appeared outside the gate.

" How'd you know I was here?" Takato asked as Rika came in.

" I had a hunch,' Rika replied. " Come on, Henry wants to show us something."

" Why? It's not going to make the pain go away."

" You won't know until you try," she offered her hand.

Takato looked up at Rika. He inwardly sighed. I've got to learn to say no…he thought as he took her hand.

" Here," Rika showed him his goggles as they headed over to Henry's.

Takato reluctantly took them. " I don't know," he said.

" Come on! How will I make fun of you if you don't have your goggles?" Rika smiled.

Takato gave her a loopy grin and slipped on his goggles. Wow! She looks so pretty when she smiles! " You should smile more."

Rika blushed. Is he flirting?? " Uh…"

Henry opened his door and ushered his friends in.

" So, what are you going to show us?' Takato asked as Henry led them to his room.

Henry's reply was a lop-sided grin.

" Momentai, Guilmon. Takato will be here soon."

Takato's eyes widened. Terriermon? Guilmon?

" Takatomon!' Guilmon jovially cried as Takato flew to the computer monitor.

" Guilmon! You're all right! That's great!" Takato smiled.

" See Takatomon, I told you it'd be okay."

" Renamon!' Rika exclaimed as Renamon appeared next to Guilmon.

" Rika. I'm glad to see you."

" Same here," Rika grinned.

" How is this possible Henry?" Takato asked.

" They're in the digital world where all data is connected. This is like virtual email."

" Good thing I remembered how to get to Henry's computer," Terriermon quipped.

" You're so humble," Renamon sarcastically replied.

Takato smiled as the Terriermon and Renamon started to argue. Everything's going to be all right.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After Rika and Takato had to leave ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

" I'm glad they're all right," Rika said as she and Takato walked home.

" Well, I'm glad that Renamon and Terriermon are there to look after Guilmon," Takato cracked and grinned as Rika laughed.

" Here we are," Takato announced as they came to Rika's house.

" Are you sure you're all right goggle-head?" Rika asked as she leaned onto the doorframe.

" Yeah, thanks to you," Takato replied.

The two nervously shifted their weight.

" So, I'll see you tomorrow?" Takato hopefully suggested.

" You can count on it, dream boy," Rika winked and closed the door.

Rika leaned against the door. Am I insane? I just flirted with goggle-boy! I must be going crazy; maybe it's malnutrition, Rika thought as she put on a look of despair. Although that look on Takato's face was classic! Maybe I could get used to flirting, Rika smirked a little and headed inside her house.

Takato felt as if his face were on fire. Did she just call me "dream boy?" As if she had dreams about me? He smiled from ear to ear and pumped his fist. " YESSSSSSS!"

************************** A few hours later *******************************

As Takato and Rika crawled into bed, they both felt a little…fuller somehow.

See you in my dreams, Rika.

Till tomorrow, goggle-head.

With those last thoughts, they grinned and slipped into a blissful sleep.


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" This is pathetic, goggle-head."

Chapter one: " Shadows of Impending Infatuation"

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