La Corda D'oro Primo Passo Fanfic-The Start of the New Legend

La Corda D'oro Primo Passo Fanfic-The Start of the New Legend

Author's note

Okay, so first of all this is my first time writing a fic for la corda d'oro but I've read a lot of other fic's about this so, this shouldn't be too bad…it's like a continuation after ep 26… there were a lot who made a fic similar to this…so I'm just creating my version…boy was I pissed of by the ending …I mean kaho doesn't even end up w/ one of those HOT bishies!! of course maybe you'll realize just by the 2nd chapter on who'll she'll end up w/…hehe…...and I DON'T OWN la corda d'oro primo passo…but I do wish I own those five cute bishies to myself!!...sigh

Chapter 1- A New Prelude

Okay before all the lovey-dovey moments here's the POV'S of the bishies on how Kaho…has somehow influenced them…


"Len, music is something you have to enjoy and let others enjoy as well" my mother always said. It was not until I met you, HINO KAHOKO, that I finally understood what her words truly meant. Really, I'm so slow…when did I realize you slowly began to change me…I'm pretty sure it started when you heard me play Ave Maria for the first time. "I had no idea the violin could produce such wonderful sounds" those words are still echoing in my ear…that was the time I first saw the sparkle in your eyes…and other various events too…like when we played that duet, the way you played it really charmed me and before I knew it...I tried to play it in the same carefree way. You said after the duet it was a wonderful performance, no it wasn't the performance that was wonderful it was simply…YOU…


"I'm such a coward…" I can admit that honestly. If I compared myself with you, I'd surely lose, HINO KAHOKO. First of all, because of so many minor problems, I used them as a reason pr excuse to run away, but not you, you were different it was true there was a time when you felt like giving up and I couldn't even help you…but you recovered quickly…You faced all the challenges just to be able to play the violin again. You didn't only open my piano playing but opened my heart as well.


Wow! I can't believe it! So much has changed since I met you, KAHO-CHAN! I know that somehow I'm not worthy of someone like you, I couldn't help you in a lot of things…like in the 3rd selection you were suffering so much but I couldn't do anything to help you. When you became depressed after that I couldn't even comfort you. And before I knew it you…were smiling again…I felt relieved but also pathetic that I wasn't the one who brought back your smile. But if the song I played at the final selection helped you somehow I'm glad because I somehow helped an important person in my life


Really, an annoying person till the end…HINO KAHOKO, do you know how much you've truly affected me? I, who never shows my true self to anyone, showed them to you. I guess no matter how good I am at pretending or hiding my true self…I can't hide it from you…and there's one more thing I can't hide…can't hide or pretend that you haven't affected me just as much (maybe even more) as the others. I kept pretending that I wasn't affected or that I didn't care. But, if you had heard my performance at the 3rd selection you could see it clearly, that performance wasn't the usual. That was the first time I performed with so much of my real self… Chuckling for a bit In the end you weren't only annoying. But extremely amusing as well. I guess in my own words I'm saying…I'm interested in you KAHOKO-puts extra emphasis on hino's first name


It was very nice to meet KAHO-SEMPAI and her music. Sempai was very mysterious to me at first. She always seemed to be troubled. But her troubles never seemed to affect how captivating her music was. Just like sempai her music was mysterious, I couldn't understand what kind of feeling it gave me, it was just something I wanted to hear, but because of sempai I understood how my music was, my music became better and clearer thanks to KAHO-SEMPAI-okay I know the correct one is senpai, but sempai's cuter so I'm using that


Author's note

Waah!! Did I make them a bit OOC?? Did I capture the characters feeling correctly?? please let me know!! And just making it clear…Shimizu is NOT IN LOVE with kaho, ok?? He just treats her like an older sister!! But I'm not sure if I'll make him an item with Fuyuumi…don't know what kind of romance it'll be…oh sorry for the bold notes…those are just comments I couldn't hold back…