Characters Age:

Hinata Hyuuga17 years old

Sabaku no Gaara28 years old

Sarutobi 60 years old retired

Now, on with the story.

Hinata woke with a start, a mild headache throbbing as she sat upright on the sofa and discovered an even worse throbbing. Laying her face in her hands, she felt the heated blush as she relived the terrible spanking. She winced at the thought of ever repeating it, and wondered how she could extract herself from the situation. Her next thought, of him carefully cradling her in his arms as she cried, made her limbs weaken. And the rapid rush of blood to her center at the thought of his hypnotic eyes, and strength, took over. Shutting her eyes, she felt lethargy fill her, and lying back down, reached a hand under her skirt touched herself intimately.

Her soft moan floated to the perked ears of the man quietly sitting in his leather chair, watching her through half closed eyes. He watched as he heard the blood rush to his ears. He watched as his cock sprang to life. He watched as her moans increased to tease him. He watched as she sweetly reached her peak and writhed in innocent joy less than six feet from him.

"You realize this takes our relationship to a whole new level." At the sound of his deep voice, she jumped up from the couch like a startled cat. Her look of embarrassment warring with incredulity was priceless. Anger seeped in and took over. Rushing at him, she leaned over and poked a finger to his chest, too upset to notice his own shallow breathing or heightened color.

"How dare you! You … you … you … peeping Gaara!" Tossing her arms up in frustration, she squeaked when he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down on his lap. Catching her hands before they got her into more trouble, he took a steadying breath, and spoke to her slowly.

"Whose office is this? Yours or mine?" He watched her stammer briefly before mumbling a reply.

"I'll take that as a 'yours'," he smiled slightly taking in her subtle pout. Raising a hand, he lifted her chin and forced her to look at him.

Flushing further under his scrutiny, she found herself squirming uncomfortably on his lap. And then freezing as the side of her hip brushed against his restrained erection. Awareness of his need left her nearly breathless, and her eyes dropped to his mouth, her pink tongue darting out to lick her parted lips with artless seduction.

Feeling his own heart rate increase, his forced a calm tone. "Hinata. Hinata. Look at me."

Panting softly, she raised her eyes. The heat of his glance nearly made her bones melt, and she felt the oddest sensation of slithering from his lap.

"Are you a virgin?" His low, voice rumbled and sent goose-bumps over her skin.

It took a moment for his question to filter through. Widening her eyes, she bit her lip and slowly shook her head no.

She felt his deep sigh of pleasure with a sense of giddiness. And when he stood, taking her hand to lead her to the sofa, followed him obediently. Sitting on the couch, he pulled her down to straddle him, moving one hand up her back, pressed her forward into his deep kiss. Her soft moans shot through him and he reached below her skirt to hold and squeeze her rounded warmed cheeks, relishing her soft gasps. When she began to thrust invitingly against him, he gave in and quickly unzipped and released his now enormous erection. Moving one hand between her thighs, he felt her readiness, and placed himself at her entrance.

When strong hands gripped her hips and thrust her down on him, she tried to repress the cry of shocked pain and tilted her head up to avoid his sharp glance.

He felt her impossible tightness and a tearing sensation at the same time he heard her cry and froze, the ache in his balls throbbing painfully. With inhuman effort he sat immobile, feeling her body shake, seeing the tears run down the side of her face. Reaching up, he wrapped a hand around her hair and held her still, lust and anger battling in his ferocious glare.

"It's too late to stop now. God damn it. God damn it!" And dropping his hand, moved them to grab her vice-like around her waist. He moved her up and down over his throbbing cock, swallowing her cries in his mouth, and increasing speed to reach his climax as soon as possible.

The feeling of being impaled and stretched, as his tongue and lips held her captive, nearly overwhelmed her. When she heard his deep growl and felt herself slammed repeated down onto him, she knew it was over.

Hands still on her waist, he hung his head as his breath returned to normal. When he felt her shift to move off of him, he kept her firmly in place, still connected, encasing him.

If ever one of his looks had made her squirm, they paled in comparison to the dead stare he now gave her.

Choking on a sob, she sat, feeling his still large presence inside her, wishing he would hurry, hurry and do whatever awful thing he would so she could run away and lick her wounds.

"Why?" His soft spoken word did not match the lethal glare.

When her eyes dropped, he shook her forcing a wince.

"Why did you lie to me?"

Sniffing loudly, she stuttered, "Because … I wanted to. I wanted to with you. And, I knew you wouldn't if I told her I never had." Her explanation ended on the petulant tone of a child.

"You're damn right I wouldn't have." He kept his eyes on her face, thinking dark thoughts to himself. Tilting his head he asked, "Did you think this would break the agreement? That your spankings would stop?"

Biting her lip, she tried to think clearly, but her squirming was creating odd sensations deep inside of her and she felt his occassional twitch in response. When his hands shifted her up and down briefly, she gasped, and answered haltingly. "No. Uhmmm. I don't think so."

"Because they won't." His bland look sent a thrill through her.

"In fact," his hands gripped and started moving her slowly, sweetly over his growing erection, "It just adds a new element."

She felt lost in his eyes as he grew inside her, throbbing, stretching, but this time, without pain. Hands positioned over her hips and belly, he silently tutored her into a swaying, movement that slid him in and out of her with liquid heat. A feeling deep inside began to build, and sitting back, he relaxed his hands and watched her move at her own pace. When her eyes rolled into her head and he felt the flutter and tightness wrap around him, he caught her sweet cry of release in his mouth, and moved to lay her below him on the couch. Chest heaving, she watched him settle between her thighs and begin to move with rapid, deep thrusts that smacked against her clit and send sharp spikes of pleasure through her. His guttural moans of release flew to her ears and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him.

He sighed deeply into her neck and pulled back to look gently at her. "That's not how your first time should have been."

She looked at him with flushed cheeks. "It's everything I could have wanted."

Looking at her, he felt a sense of inexplicable peace, and wrapping her in his arms, turned to hold her.

And think.