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This is my first real attempt at romance and to be honest it isn't my favourite genre to write so don't expect a happy ending. It hasn't been beta'ed as I posted as I wrote it (it is finished) but I would like to say a huge thanks to Denise over at HGH who commented on every single chapter.

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Chapter One

Dean's head swam in pain as he began to come round. He opened his eyes but he was surrounded by black. He wasn't entirely sure what had happened but he did know he was in a lot of pain. His head felt like it had been smashed in with a rock and his body burned with an intense pain; so bad it made him want to pass out. Breathing hurt and he could feel a heavy weight crushing his chest; holding him to the ground and he didn't have the strength to even attempt to move whatever was pinning him down.

"Are you okay?" A timid voice came out from the darkness. It was female. Dean attempted to speak but it hurt far too much; he could only let out a soft moan to let her know he was awake. He heard her move in the darkness until he felt her sit down next to him. "Are you hurt bad? We fell a long way and you've been out for a while now," her voice was soft, wavering with fear as she reached out and touched his arm. He winced in pain, the arm was obviously broken. "Sorry."

"Wha'…" he attempted to say. "Wha' 'appen?" Those few words caused him more pain than he could ever have imagined but he needed to know.

"We fell," she explained. "The ground was unstable and we fell. You got pinned by the falling rocks. I thought you were dead."

"No," he whispered before gasping for breath. "Sa… Sam?"

"Who's Sam?" She asked, confused.

"Bro… Bro…"

"Your brother?" Dean nodded but he didn't know if she could see him in the darkness. "He's not here, there's no-one here. I've been calling for help but there's been no answer. My name's Emma, what's yours?" She asked before she realised that he might not be able to answer. "Oh my God, I'm so sorry, can you talk?"

"Dea… Dean," he gasped.

"Its okay, Dean; we're gonna get out of this, I promise. We just need someone to come by so they can get help. Can you hold out until then?" Dean didn't reply; it hurt far too much and he could feel the pull of darkness take hold of him and he felt his eyes close for which he was thankful. If he wasn't awake then he wouldn't be in so much pain.

"Dean? Dean? Don't close your eyes on me, you have to stay awake," Emma begged, the panic evident in her voice. She was concerned for him; that he wouldn't survive for help to arrive but she was also scared, she needed him awake so she wouldn't be so alone. "Please don't die," she said, tears running down her face.

Dean welcomed the dark as it took a hold of him and consumed him until all the pain he was feeling slowly melted away; leaving him in a haze. He could distantly hear someone calling his name and he tried to reply but he didn't have the energy to call out. The weight on his chest was becoming heavier with each passing minute and breathing was becoming more difficult. He knew he wasn't going to last much longer.

Emma shook Dean but he didn't respond. He didn't move, he didn't groan and he didn't even acknowledge her presence. "Dean, you have to wake up, you can't die. I'm sure you want to see your brother again, he'll find us I know he will; but you have to wake up. Please don't leave me alone," she sobbed before she heard a rustling above her. There was someone there. "Hello?" She cried out as loud as she could. "Hello, is there anyone there? Please, you have to help us."

"Hello?" She heard the person call back. Laughing almost hysterically in relief; she answered the voice.

"We need help, there's a guy and he's trapped. He can't breathe."

"Is he awake?" The voice asked. It was male.

"No, he passed out. There's a rock on his chest and I think he might die."

"What's your name?"

"It's Emma."

"It's okay Emma, I'm gonna call for help," everything went silent for a moment as he stopped shouting to call for help. It was far too long in Emma's opinion and Dean was deteriorating rapidly. "Help's on its way," the man called.

"They have to hurry; Dean isn't gonna last much longer."

"Dean?" The man's voiced sounded panicked.

"You know him?"

"Is he okay?" He avoided her question.

"No, he's having trouble breathing. Wait, are you Sam?"

"Yes, Dean's my brother," his voice quavered and cracked, filled with pain and anxiousness and worry for his brother.

"What were you guys doing out here?" She had to ask.

"We were looking for a dog," he lied. Well half lied, it was been a werewolf they had been after. Sam was guessing that Emma was the girl dean had raced off to save. "What about you?"

"I was out here with my boyfriend," she told him. "He ran off and left me when we heard some strange noises. He isn't my boyfriend anymore."

"That's probably not such a bad thing. Are you hurt?"

"A little, not as bad as your brother. I can't really tell, it's too dark down here."

"Is he still breathing?"

"Yes, it's shallow and heavy but he's still alive. I don't think he can last much longer though."

"Where are they?" Sam exasperatedly cried, feeling completely helpless at what was happening. His big brother could die and there was nothing he could do to help.

"Dean?" Emma once again cried as she heard him stir. He was waking up and in more pain than ever before. "Dean, its okay; Sam's here and he's called for help. They'll be here soon"

"Sa…" he breathlessly whispered. He was slightly aware that someone had said his brother's name but he was in too much pain to fully comprehend what Emma was saying.

"Yes, he's here. He's right above us and he wants you to stay awake until help arrives. Can you do that?"

"Sa…" Dean coughed gently, desperately trying to pull air into his lungs but each breath burned like fire. His breathing became shallow and rapid; it was clear to Emma that Dean was in serious trouble.

"Emma, they're here," Sam called. "You both just have to hold on a little longer."

"Sam, I don't think Dean can," she cried. "I think he's stopped breathing."