Might and Magic

By Sammie Spitz

Chapter 1: The Summoning

"And, after the final blow was dealt," King Jeff concluded his story, "The demon hound feel at the warrior's feet and," He threw sand into the fire, causing it to flare up a little, "burnt to a firey and. With the demon gone and the villiage safe, he went back to his family."

Everyone that was sitting around the camp fire with him that night clapped and cheered for him. His audience included Barry, Juno, Vela, Lupus, Floyd, two other JF soldiers, and a family of five Tribals. One of the other soldiers was Sam. She was part of a race called Sature. The top half of her was that of a brown-haired, green-eyed human, while the bottom was that of a white and brown horse. She wore a white, midrith shirt with a chinese dragon on it and a denim skirt.

The other soldier was Cyrus. He looked like a typical human: long, white hair, silver eyes and in a black leather jacket and jeans. What stood out was the fact that his eyes resembled a cat. That was because he was part werewolf. He shifted between his human form and that of a white werewolf.

"That was great!" Juno said.

"Now that's a little surprising." Jeff said with a chuckle, "Usually soldiers complain about the stories being for little kids."

"I wouldn't get sick of 'em." Vela commented, "They're always exciting."

"Yeah, wouldn't you imagine fighting like that?" Juno pondered, "I mean, with the sword and all those old fashioned weapons? And going out there on horse back? Now, that's excitment! Everyone's so afraid to get that close, they usually only use guns. Is there even anyone left who uses that combat anymore?"

"Ask just about anyone in the mounted squadrons." Cyrus answered with a laugh. Juno had forgotten that most mounted officers used swords or whips, since ammo wasn't an issue.

Then, they noticed the Tribal family. The husband with the baby in his lap, and the wife with the son and daughter. The daughter pulled on her mother's dress and asked, "Demon hounds aren't gonna attack us, are they?"

Vela patted the little girl on the back and said, "Don't worry. They don't live on this planet." This was one of the most rewarding parts for Vela. She loved kids. She could never lose her temper or get frustrated with kids.

"Besides," Sam added, "There are a ton of warriors here. If any demons go after the village, we can deal with them."

"Well, if we're going to deal with any such thing, we'd better get some sleep. It's getting late." Jeff interrupted.

Meanwhile, little did anyone know that they were being watched. The observer watched them from another dimension with a special spell. He wanted they're help but he wasn't sure. They seemed a little inexperienced. He then sighed and said, "Well, I suppose it's better than nothing."

The Gemini squadron were all asleep in their house. they lived in a two-story house that was located convenitenly next to a launch pad on Goldwood. That night, they were all fast asleep, when Juno heard a sudden sound in the hall. He lifted himself up and listened more carefully. It was like some kind of strange animal crashing around in the hallway. And it was awfully close.

In nothing but his jeans, he quietly slipped out of his bed, which was the bottom bunk. He climbed up the ladder and looked at his sleeping sister. He gently gave her a shake. She groaned and looked up at him.

"Juno...what the..?"

"Shhh, I think something's in the house."

Vela listened for herself. She gulped nervously, then asked, "A prowler?" Sure, she was a soldier. But, the idea of a prowler in the house sent chills up any woman's spine.

"I don't know, but we better check it out." The two went for the door. On the way, Vela nudged Lupus away. At the thought that he may get to chase a prowler, he barked a little, which awoke Floyd.

"Why are you two up at 3:50 AM?" He asked curiously, "This isn't your usual sleep pattern."

"Someone's in the house." Juno whispered.

"But I didn't detect any knocking. Aren't they supposed to do that?"

"If it's a prowler, they don't?"

"What are they?"

"Criminals that sneek into your house. Now, just follow us so we can see what's going on."

The all quietly walked out into the hallway. They didn't need to go far to see the intruder. I was a strange animal, about the size of a large horse. It had an eagle's head and wings, dog's ears, lion's front boby and horse's hind body. When it heard the footsteps, it turned around with a start and looked at them nervously.

Juno quietly approached it, the others following behind him. The creature held still. When Juno was about arms length, the creature brought it's head back. Suddenly, there was a bright flash. Floyd closed the lenses on his eye cameras. When he opened them, the rest of the team was gone, and the animal with them.

"Oh my. this isn't good at all." He said nervously, "Juno! Vela! Lupus! Anybody! Where are you?! Oh dear!"

Floyd was panic striken. He could only think of one thing to do. He rushed of for help. For the only person he though could help him in a situation like this.

To Be Continued...