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The next day Shuichi woke up in his lovers arms. An odd thing, given Yuki's normal habits. The writer was still asleep and, not wanting to disturb him on a Saturday morning, Shu decided not to move just yet and to let him wake up whenever he felt like it. Gently caressing his hair, Shuichi started wondering where the 'happy mood' that Yuki had been in last night came, but he couldn't figure out, no matter how hard he tried. Although he knew his lover almost perfectly, he could determine what had made him act the way he did the previous night, where all the opened came from. Shuichi was sure that something had happened, something that Yuki would not reveal very casually on his own. Yuki started to move, so Shu decided to let the mistery unsolved for the time being:

'Wake up sleepy', he said in a low and soft voice. A small smile appeared on Yuki's face and he opened his eyes to see his lover. Shuichi's face was filled with love, and Yuki wondered how could the young man adore him so much, even though most of the time he was behaving like a total ass to him, shutting him out whenever he could. 'Maybe I should just try to change this, little by little, make a real effort.' Yuki kissed his lover good-morning and put his head on the pillow again, contempt to just lie there and hold the other in his arms. Shuichi had other plans in mind:

'Oh come on, I don't wanna lie in bed all day', Shu complained in his usual childish manner. 'It's Saturday, I wanna go out and have fun. We could go to the park for a walk, or go see a movie, or...'

'Or you could just shut up and try not to give me a headache so early in the morning snapped Yuki and instantly regretted it. 'Damn, stop hurting him you idiot!', he said to himself.

'But Yuuuki...', complained Shuichi and gave the writer a sad, though slightly annoyed puppy look, which sometimes had the wanted effect because the writer adored it. Not this time:

'Besides, this place is a mess and you promised that you would clean it up. We have guests for dinner, remember?'

'Dinner? Guests?', asked a surprised Shuichi. Although he was used to it by now, Yuki couldn't stop himself from marveling at how quick his lover could pass from one emotional state to another.

'Tohma and Ryuichi. Don't tell me you forgot. You're the one that asked them to come in the first place, although I can't even begin to imagine why you would ask this 5-year old singer here. He'll probably paint the walls pink, and I'm not entirely sure that you would have a problem with that.'

Shuichi giggled for a moment (while Yuki rolled his eyes at the sight, although he secretly loved it when his lover giggled) but then he started to panic. He had completely forgot that he had invited the two, he had lost track of time lately, being overly preoccupied with his lover. 'He's not a 5-year old child. And I have to cook, right?', he asked rhetorically. Apparently Yuki didn't think so:

'He certainly behaves like one. And I believe a dinner would actually imply cooking, unless you want to order something', Yuki offered, although he suspected that his lover would not accept that alternative.

'Yuki, stop being mean. I totally forgot that it was this Saturday and I haven't bought anything and the apartment looks like a hurricane victim and I have no idea what to make and...'

'Okay, stop. If you quit this useless babbling I will help you with all of these'.

'Really, Yuki', said an enthusiastic Shuichi. 'Oh, thank you, you're so kind, I love you so...'

'Oh God...', said Yuki, while Shuichi continued to praise him. Yuki got out of bed and headed for the kitchen, followed by his lover. He made them both some coffee, although Yuki was usually against the idea of Shuichi drinking it because it gave him even more energy than usual. But this time Yuki decided that the singer needed it, given that they had so much to do to prepare for the evening. He watched his lover putting sugar, a lot of sugar, in his coffee while he chatted happily, trying to figure out what they had to buy from the supermarket. 'If he is going to have a sugar rush I'm going to kill him', thought Yuki, though he gave him a warm smile; he loved when his lover had his head in the clouds. 'Wait...', he thought, remembering what he had read the previous day in the singer's diary. 'He might be just pretending.'

Yuki was facing a moral dilemma: to tell Shu that he had read a part of his diary and risk upsetting the singer or possibly even worse or not to tell him and hope that Shu would not figure it out on his own. Both options had their advantages and disadvantages and Yuki had no idea what to do. He decided to put the matter aside for the moment, at least until they got over the day. He sighed, took a cigarette from his pack and waited for Shuichi to finish eating the sandwich he had made himself.

After they finished, they decided to get dressed and run for the supermarket to buy their groceries before staring to clean the house. Usually a visit to the supermarket with Shuichi was totally chaotic, and today was not an exception. He was very stressed out about what he had to buy because they obviously forgot their grocery list at home. So they ran back and forth through the market, continuously remembering something they had overlooked. After that tormenting part of their day was over they went home to clean up and then, later, to start preparing diner.

It was a quiet day at NG Studios and it's president was relaxing in his office, drinking a hot cup of coffee with just the right amount of sugar and cream to make it perfect. The building was almost empty, a usual thing on Saturdays because most of the artists were away on tours and the rest of the personnel was at home enjoying the weekend. Seguchi Tohma knew that it his employees enjoyed a good weekend, they would come to work on Monday mornings satisfied and able to work at full potential. The previous director only gave them the Sunday off, but Tohma was not a slave driver... but only because he couldn't get away with it for very long. He didn't cut himself any slack though. Although he liked the agitation in the middle of the week, he could get a lot more work done on Saturdays when there were fewer crises that needed his involvement.

'Hey Tohma, what are you doing?', asked the voice of a happy young man.

'Ryuichi', thought the president, and looked up to see the singer entering his office with an excited look on his face. Ryuichi did not usually spend his weekends at NG Studios, but it seemed that lately he had changed his habits. He would come every Saturday and sit with Tohma in his office, writing a song or listening to music or playing with Kumagoroo or simply just being there and making conversation with the blond. Tohma found this thing very puzzling. He had asked Ryu why he rather spend Saturdays at work when he could be anywhere he wanted, but the latter has just smiled and changed the subject. This left a couple of questions marks on the table, but no matter how hard he tried, Tohma couldn't find the answer to his questions. The puzzle was starting to bug him and he decided to start getting some answers. A tough thing to do when it came to Ryuichi.

'Hello Ryuichi, please come in', came the unnecessary invitation, as Ryu was already headed for his usual place on the couch. 'I was just drinking some coffee and thinking about what are the today's issues on the agenda.'

'Oh, that's boring. You always do that, always so serious. Why don't you have some fun?', complained a sad-looking Ryuichi.

'Ryu-Chan, you know very well that if I don't take care of these problems that nobody will. Other than that, we will have plenty of fun tonight.'

'Uuu, are we finally going to Disneyland?', asked Ryuichi, his face all lit up and happy as a small child at that perspective. 'I haven't been there in centuries and yo promised that we would go soon and we'll have so much fun and...'

Tohma smiled seeing his friend so excited but then he put on his 'serious' face again:

'No Ryu, we are not going to Disneyland. We were invited to Eiri's for dinner, remember? Tonight, at 8 o'clock, at their house. Shuichi promised you that he would make something good.'

'Oh, I remember now! Even better, Shuichi is so much fun. Though' Yuki-San is kind of scary, especially when he is angry... Tohma, promise me that you'll protect me from him!', cried the singer.

'Ryu, don't worry, nothing bad will happen. We're just going to have dinner with some friends. But you must try to behave yourself, do you promise? No drawing this time, ok?'

'But it isn't fun if we don't draw or play games.'

'Fine, you and Suichi-San can play, but only if you do it nicely.'

'Why don't you define 'nicely', Tohma'. Ryuichi was not acting like a 5-year old anymore. He had a very mature look on his face, irony combined with a hint of amusement. Like he was quietly laughing at a hidden joke. Tohma was used to these sudden mood changes in his friend and decided to ignore the look on his face and not play the game.

'You know perfectly well what nicely means. Stop playing games.' Tohma decided to quickly change the subject. It was a bit scary when his friend was like this. 'You told me a while ago that you were working on a new song. Have you finished it yet?'

'No, not yet'. Serious Ryuchi was now speaking. 'It's kind of a love story, but one of the is oblivious to the other's feelings. At the beginning of the song they're not together. Both of them are quietly suffering, even though only one of them knows exactly why. I'm still thinking about it. I have no idea how it will end.' Tohma raised his eyebrows. 'I'm still hoping that it will have a happy ending, but the way things are going, it looks like it's not going to happen...'

'Ryuichi-San, are you all right? Is something bothering you?', asked a concerned Tohma. It was one of the rare occasions when his friend seemed dead serious. He had a sad look on his face... and there was something more in his beautiful eyes. Maybe just a bit of hope, resignation, and another thing that Tohma could not define. Something he had seen in Ryu's eyes lately.

'No, everything is fine', smiled the star and waved his hand. 'I promise I'll try to finish the song really soon. I want it to be on our next album.' Tohma smiled at this, but his concern remained. He looked at his friend while he picked up a magazine from the small coffee table and started reading it. Then he sighed and lowered his gaze to his desk, not seeing what look Ryuichi had given him.

The day passed on without incidents, Tohma getting a lot of work done with Ryuichi quietly at his side, never leaving the office. From time to time, the president felt that his friend was looking at him, but every time he looked up he discovered that he had been wrong. That gave him another strange feeling to deal with.

In the after-noon, Tohma decided that it was enough for the week and got up from the desk. Immediately Ryuichi got up, gathered his things and they left. They first drove to Tohma's apartment because he wanted to take a shower and change. It was only 4 thirty and Ryuichi started to complain that he was hungry so Tohma made them both a couple of sandwiches. They spent the remainder of the afternoon watching one of the singer's favorite movies. Then they went to Ryu's apartment because he also wanted to change his clothes. It was 7 thirty so they took Tohma's car and headed for their friend's house.

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