MistxBoyd and MiaxBoyd fanfic

MistxBoyd and MiaxBoyd fanfic

This is a fanfic about Mist, Boyd and Mia. I have included parts where they have sex, but I have put them on different chapters. Every even chapter contains sex. If you avoid the sex chapters, this guide's rating remains below an M. I do warn you, that even in some chapters words like 'sex' might show up, but nothing too graphic is in safe chapters. Safe chapters are odd-numbered chapters.

I also apologise if you read something so ridiculous in this fanfic and you're like 'what the hell was this guy smoking when he wrote this?'

So without any further ado, enjoy my fanfic, or, at least try and enjoy reading it. I enjoy reading comments so leave some if you have the time =)

Actually I just finished writing this and I just realised I screwed up my speech punctuation. I hope you can excuse me for it.

The following events happen right before Fire Emblem 10, as in, the Greil Mercenaries are just living in their base accepting various tasks.

Chapter 1

The Greil Mercenaries had accepted a task a little while ago in a small town. In order to get there quickly, it would require crossing a swamp-like marsh. The story starts just after they finished their task, and are heading back to their base.

It was a cloudy day. The Greil Mercenaries were heading back to their base, and had just reached the start of the swamp. There were many trees and bushes around, but no clear path to follow from where they were standing to the other side, which was not close. Oscar had already started to travel a long distance with Titania so they could get around the marsh since their horses would not be able to cross. Ike and Shinon, Gatire, Rhys and Rolf had already started crossing. Mia, Mist and Boyd were a little behind and just reached the start of the swamps. "Ew! There is no way I am crossing over that!"

"Oh come on Mist," said Boyd, "don't be such a cry baby."

They then started doing their usual pointless arguments when Mia interrupted them and said "hurry up guys…you two are really slow sometimes! It makes me regret saying 'I'll be part of the cool team' a while back!"

Ike said for everyone to either travel all together or in groups of three so no-one ever gets lost. Then every group would receive a group name, and Boyd named their team the 'cool' team.

Mist said, "that is such a stupid name for a team Boyd…honestly!"

"Well enough of your complaining," he replied, "I'll carry you if I have to, even if you do weigh a tonne!"

Mist said angrily "you weigh a tonne you big heavy rock! You're so big and I'm so little, I weigh nothing!"

Mia rolled her eyes and started crossing through the marsh, a little jealous of Mist, since Boyd offered to carry her. Boyd picked her up and started carrying her through the wet marsh. The smell the marsh let off was rather unappealing, but it was bearable. Boyd felt happy inside knowing that he could help Mist. Mist looked up at Boyd, looked into his eyes and smiled. She may have not been able to admit it, but she was really grateful that he was carrying her. He looked down at her and said "what are you smiling about?"

"Hehe! Nothing! I was just glad that I'm not going to get this dress dirty!"

"Hey Boyd," said Mia "you don't seem to be struggling with carrying her at all!"

"Yeah, she's lighter than I thought, but still really heavy! I'm just strong so I can hand-"

"No way!" Mist interrupted, "I bet if we fought, I would beat you, swords beat axes after all."

Mia knew their friendship was very strong. She was very jealous of Mist. 'If only Boyd would carry me! He's so handsome and strong…oh how I lust him…'

After a while, the three started to approach the end of the swamp. "Ugh! So…heavy! Must…drop!" said Boyd with a purposely strained accent.

"No! You can't! Not after all this! If you drop me I will kill you!"

Mist could tell he was joking but still played along.


Boyd threw Mist high up into the air and caught her. But when he did, her weight was just a little too much, so he collapsed, dropping Mist with him.


Mist was so infuriated with rage, she could barely control herself. Like Boyd, she was covered in mud, head to toe. She tackled him back into the swamp, then when Boyd fell, he grabbed some mud and threw it at her.

"Those two…when will they ever learn…" said Mia, shaking her head.

Mist was still tackling Boyd, but eventually she and Boyd started laughing. Boyd picked her up again and carried her to the edge, and dropped her down. The oozing mud dripped from her clothes down to the crisp grass. "I call having a shower first!" yelled Mist, running towards the base.

"Not if I beat you there first!"

They run past Mia, still dripping mud from the swamp.

"It's obvious to me that they both like eachother, yes indeed," Mia said, "but Boyd…you will be mine…and not that stupid Mist! Aha, ahahahah! Hahaha! Time to put my evil plan into action – operation Mist and Boyd break up!"

Mia had the most evil smirk on her face.

"And it's a good thing no one is around, otherwise they would've heard my evil plan and thought I had issues or something for talking out aloud, hahaha!"

Mist and Boyd, returning all muddy were trying extremely hard to get into the shower first. Mist was winning but then Boyd grabbed her and slung her back and went inside the shower. Mist caught up and said, "You're such a cheater Boyd! Open up, I called first anyway!"

Boyd came out, and looked straight into her beautiful blue eyes and said "alright, I'm sorry. You can go in first."

Mist was stunned by his sincerity. She hugged Boyd and thanked him. She proceeded to move into the shower, but then Boyd grabbed her arm, pulled her towards him and kissed her.

"B-boyd…I had no idea you felt that way about me."

"I…uhh…umm…well you see…I…"

Boyd turned really red. "Hehe! You're blushing!"

"Hey! So are you!"

Boyd, realising that Mist liked him back, kissed her again, only put more passion into the kiss. Mist broke the kiss and said "I…I love you Boyd. You've always been there for me. You're always looking out for me…always being fun to talk to."

"I love you too Mist…you're so beautiful, and the best person I've ever met.

Boyd turned red again and looked away and said "ahh…I'm not too good with this sappy stuff."

But Mist grabbed him again and started kissing him, leading him into the shower."

So it is by now obvious that there is some kind of love triangle. Of course Mist and Boyd have feelings for eachother, so will Mia manage to break Boyd away from Mist? Find out in chapter 3, or read on to chapter two where you'll see what Mist and Boyd get up to in the shower. WARNING: THERE IS SEX IN CHAPTER TWO! DON'T READ IT IF YOU DON'T LIKE READING ABOUT THAT SORT OF STUFF!

Also, for the sake of this fanfic, just pretend showers exist in Tellius. Showers with taps where you can control cold and hot water flow. Yes I know that makes this fanfic even more stupid but…you know, whatever.