Everything was caving in

Everything was caving in . Rubble was collapsing all around them as it fell from the ceiling .The ground around them was covered in blood , and the heavy smell of death hung in the air . Explosions were everywhere . Gasps of breath , followed by bright light as Exorcist and Noah clashed . Everything was dark for a fraction of a second , and in the second , visions of the Black Order appeared . People smiling , of happy days that lived only in memory . Their home was falling apart , was being destroyed .

'If this is the end , I will end with it .' he narrowed his eyes as a massive Hi Ban illuminated the place with light .

Fury was in their eyes , anger , hate for the Noah the only reason for their willpower . They were worn and tired , yet the Noah showed not a single sign of weariness .

Suddenly , everything fell silent . A pink umbrella opened , and the smirk on the Earl's face as he sneered at the Exorcists sent Lavi's blood boiling .

'Damn you ,' a silent voice cursed in Lenalee's mind . Allen , who was holding on to her hand for support , stood beside her silently . Trying hard to suppress the stinging tears that threatened to spill out any time .

She could feel the cold gaze of the Earl on her , when she felt a feeling that she had not felt since many years ago .

The feeling of reassurance , of safety , of friendship .

Allen and Lavi were standing facing the Earl , growling , "You will not get away ."

Laughing menacingly , the Earl ordered his army forward . A swarm of Akuma surrounded the team of Exorcists .

That did not stop the Exorcists from hoping , from hoping that good would triumph , that they would emerge victorious .

The Akuma were closing in , poised to attack anytime .

A sudden swarm of Hell's Insects destroyed them , and Kanda stepped out of the dust .

"YU !"