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Finding one in the Dark

Chapter one


Shook the silence of the morning as Ranma Saotome went flying off into the distance. And there stood Akane Tendo wrapped in a towel holding her mallet and breathing heavily from the effort of knocking a young man into space. A short time later a fully dressed and very angry Akane came trampling down the stairs.

"That IDIOT! He just came bursting threw my window while I was getting dressed!" Akane shouted as she came into the living room and sat down at table for breakfast. Kasumi and Nabiki were already at the table. Kasumi was in a tan dress over which she had tied a white apron with little flowers on it. Nabiki was still in her night shirt rubbing her eyes with a toothbrush in her mouth.

"Can't you two fight quietly in the morning?" Nabiki said irritably, taking out her toothbrush and pointing it at Akane.

"Oh dear," intoned Kasumi handing Akane a plate of rice and fried eggs. "Maybe he had a good reason, Akane. Maybe you shouldn't be so violent with your fiancée."

"HMPH! And MAYBE he shouldn't try and peep on me!" Akane fired back at Kasumi.

At that moment, Ranma came hopping over the dojo's outer wall, rubbing his forehead where Akane had hit him. He was walking back up to the house when Kasumi shouted, "Ranma if you're not hurt too badly, your breakfast is ready."

"A second class martial artist tomboy like Akane couldn't hope to really hurt me," Ranma smugly replied.

Still walking back toward the house with his head in his hand, he didn't notice Akane throw a kettle full of hot water at him. With a loud clang, the improvised projectile crash dead center into his face, knocking Ranma unconscious and soaking his clothes. He hit the floor with a wet, muffled thump.

"Can't hurt him, huh?" Akane retorted. "Second class martial artist, my ass," she grumbled under her breath.

Kasumi's smile momentarily faltered as she thought to herself, 'Poor Ranma.'

Nabiki and Kasumi picked Ranma up, and carried him upstairs. Upon arriving at his room, they laid him out on his futon. The room was still a bit chilly as they entered, so Kasumi hurried to shut the window as Nabiki left, without a word, in order to get ready for school. Turning as her sister closed the door; Kasumi looked down at Ranma's unconscious form and noticed he was shivering due to the wet cloths. Kasumi blushed deeply at the thought of undressing a man, but she couldn't leave him there like that. After settling her nerves, she proceeded to slowly unbutton the red Chinese shirt he almost always wore. She had some difficulty propping the young warrior up enough to remove the shirt. Settling herself behind his head, she gingerly lifted Ranma and scooted her knees underneath his shoulders. Kasumi lifted him again and scooted forward until he was lying against her chest with his head right beneath her chin.

Kasumi hesitated for a moment. Still holding him against her chest, she was finding it difficult to believe that only one year ago she had seen this boy walk into her home in his girl form with a panda at her heels. With a soft smile, Kasumi remembered an occasion where the martial artist had shown his true self. Ranma and Akane were fighting, and Ranma had of course suffered another bout of foot-in-mouth disease. Akane chased Ranma though the house into the dining room. Cornering him there, she aimed a mighty swing toward Ranma's head with her ever present mallet. Akane had missed him, of course. However the mallet struck the table which was filled with food Kasumi had spent the better part of the morning preparing. Ranma, performing a spinning back flip, managed to catch every morsel of food mid-spin, and then set the plates at Kasumi's feet, and hand-sprung to safety. It was not the fact that he managed to perform another spectacular acrobatic feat; at this point, that had become mundane. It was later that evening when she thanked him later, he had given her a soft smile and, with his hand behind his head, mumbled, "Well your food is so good Kasumi, I couldn't stand to see it go to waste." And it was not the words he spoke, for she had always been complemented on her cooking, but his mannerisms and the genuine honesty apparent on his face that had spoke volumes of his gratitude for her food. It was a silly memory, she knew, but it still was none the less etched in her mind.

Kasumi had been holding Ranma close and stroking his hair while she lost herself in the memory. The damp feeling of her chest brought her back to reality. Feeling a bit guilty, she retuned to her task of removing his wet cloths. She grabbed his open shirt and gently slid the cloth over his shoulders and once removed, she set it down beside her. Turning back to the task at hand, she looked down on a half naked Ranma. She carefully pushed him upright and slid out from under him still clasping his head and lowering him back down laying him flat. She stood up removed her apron and knelt back down using it to mop up the rest of the moisture on his chest.

"My he certainly is in good shape." As her fingers lingered maybe a moment longer than was needed to dry him off

. Next were his soaking wet pants. Her whole face turned red at the prospect of what was to come. She reached down by his waist and began to undo his rope belt when he suddenly made an involuntary moan. Her hand drew back at once, her heart skipped and her whole being felt hot with fear and apprehension. With shaking hands she gathered her apron and hurriedly left the room.

'What am I doing?' she thought scolding herself whilst leaning against the door frame. 'He's my sisters Fiancé.' She took a moment to compose herself and went down to clean up breakfast.

Genma and Soun were still sitting at the table when kasumi approached. Soun looked up from his paper.

"Kasumi-Chan where have you been? I was hoping Genma and I could have some tea with our Breakfast." Sound asked blandly turning a page of the paper he was reading

Kasumi blushed slightly holding her hand up to her cheek.

"Sorry father" she said making a little bow "I get you some as soon as I heat up some more water"

With that she went into the kitchen. Soun went back to reading his paper and said without looking up.

"Do you think there is something wrong with Kasumi this morning? She never forgets to set out the tea ….Saotome-kun?" Looking up from his paper his face drop as Panda-Genma was holing up a sign that read

"Don't look at me I'm just a panda"

"Oh Saotome-Kun" Soun said with his face buried in his hands.

In all the excitement Akane had managed to slip off to her room to get ready for school

"Damn that Idiot now I'm going to be late for school."

As she gathered her school supplies as quickly as possible and ran down stairs, she shouted after Nabiki who was just walking out the door to wait up. Kasumi was standing by the door holding a lunch she had prepared for her.

"Aren't you going to ask how Ranma is doing?" Kasumi asked in a half scolding tone.

"Hmph! As if I care. I'm going to school. Nabiki I said wait!" Akane fired back at her eldest sister

All Kasumi could do was shake her head "Oh dear, she's still such a child"

she thought to herself as she began her morning routine of cleaning up after breakfast, sweeping the floors dusting, washing the laundry and hanging it out to dry, going into her fathers room rolling up his bed, then off to her two sisters room and doing the same straitening up here and there where it needed to be done and lastly putting on her gardening shoes and venturing outside to rake all the fallen leaves, feed the koi in the pond, watering her flowers that no one ever seemed to notice and finally collecting all the laundry that was hanging outside witch was always a lot seeing as there were six people now living in the Tendo house hold. When she came back in her father and Genma now back in his human form were playing chess

"Kasumi-Chan can you makes some snacks for Genma and I?"

"Good Idea Tendo-kun, one cannot battle on an empty stomach."

"Yes father" was all she could say with a little bow.

"Now this is going to put me behind, I still have to go to the store to pick up something for dinner tonight"

She made them some rice balls and miso soup. As she was bringing the food out she noticed Ranma coming down the stairs briskly rubbing his forehead.

"Oww why does she always have to hit so hard!? The uncute tomboy." He grumbled to himself.

"Good Afternoon Ranma" She said with a Classic Kasumi smile.

"huh oh ahh good afternoon…uhh what time is it?" Ranma replied his mind still a little fuzzy.

"It's around 12:30 don't worry I've already called the school and had you excused for today."

"Thanks Kasumi" Ranma had an urge to say more but it made him uncomfortable so he ignored it.

"Oh Ranma, would you follow me into the kitchen so I can tend to your wound." She asked and turned on her heel.

"Huh? Oh no I wouldn't want to be a bother I've had worse" Ranma called after her.

Kasumi just shrugged looking a little crestfallen and went into the kitchen. Ranma sat down at the table still rubbing his head and wondering why kasumi had not looked him in the eye during there conversation.

"What did you do this time boy?" Genma asked with a piercing stare.

"Nothing the old freak was trying to steal her panties and he knocked me threw the window. But she never listens." He spat back at his father slamming his had onto his thigh

"You need to apologize to her Ranma." Soun told him sternly

"As your fiancé you need to treat her kindly and stop walking in on her in the bathroom and breaking into her room" Genma replied in his haughty voice.

"It's NOT my fault! She's the one who never puts the bathroom sign up and how can I stop that old letch from knocking me threw a window?!" Ranma Bellowed slamming his hand on the table and staring at his father.

"You Shame your father! Whining like a little Girl if you kept up on your training boy you could have stopped the master." Genma spluttered balling his fist with a river of tears flowing from his eyes.

"Oh yeah I don't see you trying to stop him pop ya big coward all you do is fall at his feet every time he comes into the room" Ranma angrily fired back at his father.

"How dare you speak to your father like that? Seams like I'm going to have to teach you a lesson boy!" The old man retorted letting the light glimmer off his glasses.

"Oh yeah. I like to see you try it old man!" Ranma chortaled while he stood up.

Ranma and his father hoped halfway across the room and got into their fighting stances as kasumi had entered back into the living room

"Oh my, can you two take it into the dojo please the carpenter is on vacation for a week in Kyoto so there will be no one around to fix the house if you fight in here." She muttered in her kind voice but with an air of exasperation filling her words

"Never mind… I'm outta here" Ranma said angrily jutting his hands into his pockets and began walking out of the room.

"Hmph getting soft boy can't even take on your old man anymore" Genma taunted.

As Genma began to chuckle Ranma did a flying leap to land behind he father with a powerful elbow drop to his skull.

"Whose soft now pop" as Genma lay on the ground his eyes doing pinwheels

"Now I'm leaving" and with that he leaped out the door and jumped to the roof. He traveled across the roof tops at breakneck speeds until he was nowhere near the Tendo dojo.

"Damn those two why is it always my fault? I should just leave. I need to get back to china anyway and get rid of this curse…..Why does she hate me so much its not like this arrangement was my idea. I've always try to help her out, and it just blows up in my face. Why did my idiot father have to do this to me? I'm tired of this… just so damn tired…" were the thoughts going through this young mans mind all of his problems coursing through him.


Ranma tensed, he knew that laugh and dreaded what was about to come. He jumped backwards doing a summersault in the air and landing lightly on one foot.

"Kodachi!" he said with a trace of fear in his voice

"Hello my Ranma darling. Are you out here contemplating ways to express your love for me? OH OH HO OH HA" the psychotic gymnast spouted hopefully with a dewy look in her eyes

Ranma shutter before a wave of depression overcame him and replied "Leave me alone, I'm not in the mood today…hey why aren't you in school Kodachi?'

"Oh Ranma darling always so concerned about me" she said with a star stuck gleam "Hmm... Well some one let loose sleeping gas in one of the classrooms so school was canceled for the day" she said holding a finger to her head and trying to sound innocent

"Yeah and I bet I know who that 'someone' was" Ranma thought to himself. "Well see ya around" he smiled, waved and turned to go.

"Wait Ranma dear have some of the cookies I made you"

Stopping in mid step Ranma turned back "No I'm fine I not hungry" geerrrruuuup he gabs his stomach and chortals.

"Oh Ranma darling your so mean to tease me…but I forgive you. Our love can concur anything! Now here have some my darling" she said with a dangerous look in her eyes.

"Uh uhuh…" Ranma stammered looking at the tan bag full of cookies. He had good reason for being suspicious the amount of time he had been poisoned by this lunatic. But seeing no way out of this he reluctantly grabbed a cookie and carefully bit into the side of one. She may be a delusional psychopath but she could bake. He swallowed the little piece in his mouth.

"MMM Delicious! Thanks Kodachi well I have to go see ya around"

"Wait my darling I have one more present for my love"

He nervously turned around to see her holding her trademark dozen black roses. Ranma took a few steps back but she threw herself on him and glomped down on his right arm.

"Take these as a token of my never ending love my darling"

"Uhh" he spluttered as Kodachi forced the roses into his hands. And of coarse once she took one step back they exploded in a cloud of paralysis powder. Felling his body getting weak and sinking down to one knee...

"OH OH OH OH HA! Now Ranma darling you're all mine"

She pushed him down onto his back and leaned over him closer and closer. As much as it made him uncomfortable when her soft lips were gently brushing against his cheek it thrilled him. It sent waves of confusing feelings down through his paralyzed body. She kissed his neck working her way around to his earlobe giving it a little nibble. And slowly around to his cheek kissing him again. She repositioned herself for the big kiss lowering herself down to his lip when they heard

Brinnngggg Brinnnngggg

Kodachi's head was swept back as Shampoo's deliver bike crashed into her face. She quickly recovered with a large red mark down her face.

"Who dares interrupt Ranma Darling and my Special time?" Kodachi spat into the night for she had not yet caught a glimpse of the lavender haired Amazon standing two feet behind her.

"What think doing with Ranma crazy girl?! He all for Shampoo" Shampoo interjected fury filling her voice.

"OH OH OH OH HA! Don't you know that Ranma darling and I have already promised our love to one an other. And after I get rid of you we will run away together and be married" Kodachi replied manically

"HMPH! Shampoo no let that happen you obstacle girl and obstacle is for Killing!" shampoo retorted with a sinister grin.

Shampoo and Kodachi both assumed combat stances and square off. Kodachi using her ribbon like a whip lands a quick series of blows all over shampoos body tearing many holes in her Purple Chinese top. Shampoo broke free of her attack and caught her ribbon in mid flight and wrenched it from Kodachi's hands.

"Shampoo angry now you lose"

Kodachi glared at the lavender haired Amazon and whipped out her clubs as shampoo charged her. Shampoo deafly avoided her clubs and got in a good upper cut sending her flying. Shampoo gave a raspberry to her shrinking opponent soaring off into the distance and turned around to see Ranma covered in kodachi's kisses.

"Hmph how dare Ranma be with other woman in front of shampoo" she gave him a powerful kick to his ribs and sends Ranma into the air, flying in the opposite direction of Kodachi.

All Ranma could do was think 'Why me!?' as a blinding pain emanated from his midsection

Ranma landed in front of Furinken High School front Gate just as Akane and Nabiki were walking out and crashed down with an earth trembling Thunk. Nabiki had always tried to figure out how Ranma could survived such terrible injuries and once even tried to figure out the kinetic energy he had to adsorb upon impacts such as these, but gave up on her calculations when the Kilos per square Centimeter surpassed ten thousand and figured that either his martial arts training had really toughened him up or he was something more than human. Akane however never gave anything like that a thought and after seeing the lipstick on his face pulled out her huge mallet from who knows where and


Sent his skull half a meter into the hard earth knocking him out for the second time that day.

"That pervert calling in sick to school then showing up like that. I hate him so much!" Akane stated tossing her mallet back into the void.

"He does always seem to get into compromising predicaments." Nabiki noted in an indifferent tone.

"I'm going to have a talk with daddy how he could engage me to a low life two timing cross-dressing pervert like that" Akane when on fuming.

"Well he was just trying to secure the future of our family and fulfilling his honor promise to Mr. Saotome"

"Yeah well why don't you marry him then" Akane interjected giving her sister a cold stare.

"Cause I don't care either way and you're the martial artist you two are perfect for each other"

"As if Nabiki I Hate Boys and he's the biggest Boy I've ever seen"

Stepping over Ranma's broken visage they two sisters made there way home. But luckily for Ranma Dr. Tofu happened to be on his way back from a house call and saw him smashed into the ground.

"Ranma are you alright…hmm two and a half meter hole flat spot on back of cranium and a pony tail. no doubt about this its Akane's handy work."

He carefully picked up the injured teenager and carried him to his clinic. A short time later Dr. tofu had arrived at his clinic and took Ranma into one of his patent rooms and carefully laid him down on a bed he began to examine him "Let me see…two damaged vertebrae in the neck, four broken ribs, multiple lacerations and contusions…oh and a concussion. Wow what happened this time Ranma she's usually not this vicious with you"


"Oh you coming around how do you feel?"

"Hey Doc" Ranma said in a weak voice "like I just got hit by a truck doc oww!"

"No don't try to sit up I'll be right back let me go get some supplies."