The Author's Apology to the Reader

by "The Enduring Man-Child"

And yes, the heading of this prologue is most definitely a pun.

This is a most unusual story. I have never before written a fic for "Batman: The Animated Series" and am not particularly a fan of it. I don't dislike it; it simply isn't my thing. I am posting this story here for a very unique reason: I am attempting to take a character created for the Sixties "Batman" camp series and inject him into the "real" world of Batman.

The character of The Bookworm was created, apparently, by writer Hendrik Vollaerts and appeared on only one two-part episode: "The Bookworm Turns" / "While Gotham City Burns." He was portrayed by the immortal Roddy McDowall. Although a one-off humorous villain he was my favorite "Batman" villain of the series and I've long wished that he had been a "real" Batman villain instead of just one created for the Sixties "camp" classic (like King Tut, Egghead, and Shame, to name a few).

This story is an attempt to insert the Bookworm into the "serious" Batman world; thus, it appears in this category.

I don't know how this idea will be received by serious Batman fans. I can only say that the idea came upon me suddenly and simply would not let go. It is the first story in a long time that literally seemed to "write itself."

If you are sympathetic with the idea, then please give it a read, and no harm done to anyone. If it isn't your cup of tea, then kindly ignore it.

Thank you for your consideration.