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Summary: Isabella Swan was born into a curse; one that was only to haunt the one born to Renée Swan, as her sister, Carissa Romano, had offended a witch. As she was infertile, the witch named Christiana has chosen her Renée to pay for Carissa's crime, and placed the curse upon her first born daughter, the one that the curse would hurt the most. Isabella is now 18 and needs to destroy the curse or face a lifetime of despair.

Disclaimer: The story is mine but most of the characters (except Carissa, Christiana and any others that pop up that are not in Twilight) are not mine.


Once Upon a Curse

Once upon a time, nearly eighteen years ago, a child was born in Forks, Washington to a woman namedRenée. She lived in a two bedroom house with her husband, Charlie, and her sister, Carissa. Carissa's husband had died two years ago, after he was run over by a jeep outside his sister in law's house. Carissa then went to live with her sister Renée, as her house was taken along with nearly all her possessions. All that was left to her was a silver locket and a diary that had never been written in or opened.

So, Renée, Carissa and Charlie lived together for six years. Sometimes it got hard and often there were arguments, but Carissa and Renée loved each other very much, and soon it was like they were still living with their parents. Charlie would often walk in on them giggling and be kicked out of the room to calls of "very private conversation!" Soon he discovered what these conversations were about.

Renée was pregnant. Each day it was beginning to show, more and more, and pretty soon, Charlie began to begin building baby things; Renée and Charlie would go out to Seattle at the weekends and buy clothes and toys for the new baby; they were not exactly rich, but they wanted the best for their child. Carissa, however, was a rather selfish person. After the years they had spent together, she found herself being pushed aside to make room for the baby. The only topic of conversation was baby talk now and she wanted more attention from her sister. One afternoon, after Renée and Carissa had rowed furiously over Carissa's room being converted into the baby's nursery; Carissa had stormed out of the house, climbed into her car and driven all the way to Seattle. There she went into a cafe and demanded a drink, charged to Charlie and Renée Swan. In her furious rage, Carissa took the drink and drank part of it, slopping some over the person next to her. They looked up and she simply looked back, challenging them to start an argument.

"You just got you're drink on me" they said, their voice muffled by the cloth over their mouth.

"Lucky you" Carissa muttered sarcastically. The person next to her stood up and ripped their cloth from their mouth. "Pardon?"

"I said lucky you! Why, do you have a problem with that, ugly?" said Carissa, standing up also and placing her drink on the side with a bang. The entire cafe fell into silence.

"You are making a big mistake my dear." The traveller said, pulling off her robe and tossing it onto the chair. Carissa in took her breath. It was a witch.

"Oh, my mistake" Carissa laughed nervously "I thought you were someone I knew"

"Do not lie to me, mortal!" the witch cackled "I am the witch Christiana and I know everything that swims around that little mind of yours. I know that you cannot have children; yet I know that you're favourite colour is orange. Do not test me, Carissa Romano!"

Carissa's mouth opened and closed soundlessly.

"You have insulted a witch. A great witch for that matter. So now I place a curse on you, Carissa Romano. You may not be able to have children, but the first born girl to your sister, Renée Swan shall be cursed from the moment she takes her first breath." Christiana pointed a finger at where Carissa's heart lay, hidden by her garments and skin. "She will be incapable of loving a man for as long as she lives. She will not feel the happiness of love, the warmth of another's embrace, nor the feel of another's lips upon hers lest this curse be broken." She lowered her hand and smirked. "Feel proud, Carissa Romano. You have just ruined you're nieces life."

Carissa stood with all the eyes of the tavern on her. Her eyes brimmed over with tears, and she flew from the tavern, driving as quickly as she could all the way home to sob to her sister the grave news. Her sister and her husband were distraught; their daughter was to lead a miserable life and there was nothing could be done about it.

SIX months later, Isabella Swan was born.

It was a Tuesday, the third of the month, and Renée had been hanging out the washing on the line in the garden when she bent over suddenly, wheezing with pain. Carissa was in the kitchen and yelled to Charlie, who hurtled out of the bedroom and down the stairs, bringing Renée back up with him. They didn't have enough time to get Renée to the hospital, Charlie lay his wife on the bed, and two hours later, was cradling their daughter in his arms.

"She's beautiful" he whispered, stroking her cheek as a tear rolled down his. Carissa and Renée nodded and Renée very tired, fell asleep.

Carissa and Charlie sat in silence for a while. "Will this curse extend to me?" he asked her quietly

Carissa looked up and sighed. "I don't know. I don't know anything Joseph."

"But you must know something" he growled, his voice low. "I mean, the curse was put on you."

"No, it was put on Renée and Isabella" she replied. "I don't know if Isabella will ever lead a happy life."

"She will" he muttered "I'll make sure of it."

"That's all well and good Charlie, but she can never break this curse. Do you know what that means?"

Charlie nodded. "I'll give her all the love she needs."

And indeed he did his best to. He scoured the land as Isabella grew, searching for boys that could possibly win her heart. At the age of three and a half, Isabella was holding hands with three different toddlers a week, each time disregarding them with yells, shrieks and moans. She couldn't stand to hold hands with them, hold eye contact for any longer then 3 seconds or get any closer then 5 inches from them, because she knew, even from that young age it was to place her with them romantically.

As she grew older and hit puberty, her friends would chat about boys they liked, things they had done with boys and how much they liked their boyfriends/male friends. Isabella would sit in silence and just listen to their experiences, wondering why she never felt the way they did. One such day, after her and her two friends Angela and Jessica had been discussing their latest rendezvous with two boys from school, Isabella went home and sat down next to her mother at work bench where she was mending a skirt.

"Mom, Angela and Jessica always tell me about the boys they like and all the romantic times they have with them. But why don't I ever feel this way with the boys Mom? Whenever Dad introduces me to them I don't want anything to do with them. They repulse me. Is this normal Mom?"

Renée sighed deeply and forced a smile onto her features. "Of course it is darling. Some people take longer then others to – mature, and get used to attention from boys. Romantic attention. That's all."

The thirteen year old had sighed with relief and smiled widely. "Thanks mum". She hugged Renée and bounced off to her bedroom. Over the next few years, Isabella repeatedly told herself that she was just maturing slower then the rest of her friends. When they discovered the world of "celebrity" they went mad, posters flying up on walls, becoming members of fan clubs and none stop chatter about them. And suddenly Isabella was turning 18 and she still did not like boys. She wanted answers.

"Mom" she said, sitting down next to her mother at the piano where she played. Renée was older now, the wrinkles on her face becoming deeper with each passing day. "You told me I would grow to like boys. But I am nearly eighteen, an adult, and still I do not like them. What is wrong with me?"

Renée sighed, because she had always known this day was coming and was surprised it hadn't come sooner. "Well ... you're father and I have something to tell you."

Fear clouded onto the seventeen year olds face. "No, it's okay Bella" Renée said, shushing her child gently. "Charlie!" He came from the kitchen. "Yes dear?"

"Its time" Renée said sadly. Charlie looked to his daughter and back, before sighing and nodding. "Yes, I thought it might come soon."

"What? What do you mean?" Isabella said, becoming impatient. "What do you know that I don't?"

The married couple looked at one another. "It's a long story" Renée began "But –"

"I have time" Isabella said, exasperatedly. "Just tell me the truth!"

Renée sighed and nodded. She told her daughter about Carissa's encounter with the witch all those years ago, right up to the point where the curse was cast. "The reason you don't like boys, Isabella, is because of what happened that day." She took her child's hand and gripped it tightly. "Your aunt, she insulted the witch Christiana, and if you know witches, you know that they are greatly offended by the slightest comment."

"There are such things as witches?!" Isabella gasped

"Yes. They are real Bella. But shh. Let you're mom continue."

" After you're aunt offended her, Christiana casted a spell that – that –"she broke off and a tear trickled down her cheek. "Carissa cannot have children. I was pregnant with you, so the witch cast a spell that caused a curse to be place upon you. You cannot love, or feel the warmth of love, forever."

Isabella gasped, dropping her mother's hand. "What? Ever?"

"Yes" Renée whispered, distraught. "Its pains me to say it, but that is the truth, and as you are turning 18 tomorrow, you deserve to know the truth."

Isabella stood up and backed away from the piano. "That's why boys make me feel sick?"

"Yes dear" Charlie said gravely. Isabella's face contorted, and then a wave of tears ran down it. "That can't be true. Witches don't exist!"

Renée simply looked at Charlie and then back at Isabella.

"It is" she whispered, her eyes brimming with tears.

Isabella let out a strangled yelp and spun on her heel, disappearing through the door beside her. In the distance another banged as she slammed it closed behind her. Renée sighed and placed her face in her hands sadly. "It's okay" Charlie muttered, rubbing Renée's back.

"No, its not" Renée whispered in reply. "My daughter will never be able to love. Love, the greatest gift any man can give a woman, has been taken from her. Isabella will never marry; she will never have her own children. She will die alone and unloved, feeling that way for her entire life. It is not okay Charlie!" she got on the stool and followed her daughter, a second door banging a second later. Charlie sighed and sat down on the vacant seat before the piano and began to play with his eyes closed.

Unknown to him, Carissa was hiding around the corner, having heard the entire conversation. She wiped the stream of tears from her face and slid down the door frame, feeling even more terrible then the night she had caused the curse.


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