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Now this chapter startes a little before Kennedy came to Wrestlemania.


Batista's POV

"GODDAMIT! MIZ! MORRISON! MVP! Get your asses in here!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. I swear the vain on my face is becoming it's own person. Do they know who they are even pissing off?

As I ready myself to bellow again, the three worthless scum enter the room, looking as though they were about to be yelled at and beaten. Well they were only half right.

"When I told you to be here in the morning as soon as the sun rose...I meant it." I couldn't help it anymore as I stalked over to Morrison before punching him in the side of the face. MVP let out a shreik of terror and Miz kept his eyes to the groud. Ha! They were all so worthless.

"Now," I began again pacing back and forth. "I get up this morning to admire my beautiful championship belt, since i am the best and most powerful in all of Wretlemania." I turned to glare at them, smiling when I see the three of them flinch slightly. "I go over to the case and what do I see?"

Miz and MVP shrugged while Morrison said "The belt nicley polished and cleaned from the previous night by Miz?"

Is he stupid? I call him over and he hesitently came towards me. I put my face up close to his and whispered in his ear, my eyes not leaving his. "Do you want to end up like Regal?"

I saw fear in his eyes and the understanding of what I was planning if he didn't shut his mouth. I pushed him back roghly and he went tumbling to the groud.

"My god damn belt is missing! NOW WHERE THE HELL IS IT?!" My eyes went to Miz when his lips went up in a smirk. "What's so funny?" Miz is sitting on the groud and it takes me little effort to pick him up and hold him in the air by his collar. I shake him a bit before growling and holding him higher up.

"Un-Undertaker. That b-big brute took it! I s-saw him leaving the palace shortly ago." Miz was saying 'Taker eh? That bastrad. He'll regret the day he stole from me. I had chucked Miz to the floor before turning back to him. " Miz, you shall accompany me with this, or I shall turn you into the toad that you are." Miz began to nod his head rapidly.

Heh. I knew that he would shiver once I mentioned my powers. I won't let the way I got them out of my mouth. It had started when my mentor, decided to let slip how to acquire the powers. Unfortunatley for Mr. Flair, it was by killing the persons entire family including Flair. He thought that he could trust me. That old fool. My friend Trips tried to talk me out of it but nothing could change my mind. My two brothers didn't know what was to happen. HBK, that soft, pansy. My other bro, Mysterio. We are as close as we could be. We are both extremley evil. Our conversations about ruling the world came to a near reality. Me and Miz set off and instantly found Undertaker, bags in hand.

"Halt." I say. Undertaker turns around, eyes fixing on Miz with a deathglare. "You have taken my belt." Undertaker rolled his eyes at me.

'He is one of those people who think I'm a joke. If he has my belt, I'll show him who is a joke.'

Miz grabbed the bags from 'Takers hand, Taker growling somewhat loudly. I quickly searched through when a familiar touch of inscribed gold made contact with my hands and I knew it was the belt. I pulled it out and looked at 'Taker, who's face showed shock and disblief.

"I didn't take that!" Undertaker said. "That asswipe framed me!"

I shook my head. Like Miz would have the gall to steal from me. "No need for your lies. You shall be punished...but in what way?" Honestly, there are just too many things that I could do to him. So, I shall let Miz decide. "Miz, tell me what I should do." The emotion on his face was priceless.

"R-Really?" I nodded. He leans in and whispered into my ear. Wait- what did he just say?

"Okay 'Taker," I said. 'Taker is looking at me skepically. "You are to be tutrned into a...horse." I began my spell, still not believing that I'm turning a human into a horse.

"You're kidding, right?" I laugh at his response and finish the spell.

"Come now, Miz. Let us go back to the palace." I said coldley, leaving the now turned 'Taker into a black horse.

Miz is cackling the whole way back. I dismiss myself and head to my eating area for some well needed food.


My day was boring. Trips came to see me before he pissed me off and I powerbombed him through a wooden table. I really liked him too. MVP and Morrison suddenly burst into the toom without knocking. Oh look, my punching bags have arrived.

"Sire! Sire! We have horrible news! It's about your brother!" I snarled at the thought that they would find it so important to bad news about HBK, so I figured it must be Mysterio.

"Mysterio?" I questioned and my minions nodded. "What has happened?"

"Sir! He...has been murdered!" I stopped thinking, letting my rage build up. He can't be dead. "A giant sandbag had fallen upon him by an unknown that has come to Wrestlemania.

"That man has the never to kill my brother. MY BROTHER! Send message throughout the land that Mysterio is dead and that I am furious." Pfft...which I am. My closest brother is dead and by some unknown. That man shall be punished. Later that night, I had planned on having tea with HBK. He'll have to shed some light on what has happened.


I left for HBK's some time later. His house digusted me with all the pink and ruffles everywhere. Ugh. I had to remind myself to smile at my brother in the pink dress. That kid was dropped far too many times on his head.

"Brother," I greeted him. I just wanted to smash his head in. "How are you copeing without Mysterio?
He knows how close we were and I'm surpirsed that he didn't contact me sooner.

"Meh. I could care less." This makes my blood boil.

"How dare you! He is our flesh and blood. I'm mad as hell and I'm going to find and kill whoever did this. I'll be back, I need to let out some steam.

I left him in the room before I pulled out my crystal ball thingy and contacted Miz and Morrison. They answered and I ordered them to find out who the hell killed Mysterio and the bring whoever it was to me. I ended the call before turning back and going into the room to join my brother again. My patience was running thin. Nobody crosses me and gets away with it.



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