Title: Communication

Pairings: Sasuke/Naruto/Sasuke

Rating: M (it's a soft M, really- just a little bit of language and brief sexual references)

Summary: Because Sasuke and Naruto show their feelings for one another in a slightly different way to most. Oneshot drabble.

Disclaimer: Sue me not, for I do not own :3

A teeny drabble that came to me whilst writing another, longer, completely unrelated fic. I hope it came out okay.

They lie together, pale limbs entwined with tan, breathing heavily in the moments following their climax. Naruto grins and tells Sasuke through tired gasps that he looks pretty with his hair all mussed up like that; Sasuke rolls his eyes, smirking, and tells Naruto to shut the fuck up, idiot, and asks why on earth he has to say such stupid shit all the time anyway. Naruto scowls and gives Sasuke a playful shove, tells him to stop being so mean, bastard. Tightening his grip possessively on Naruto's hip, Sasuke presses his lips to the other's with a tiny smile and Naruto can't help but sigh contentedly into the kiss.

After all, in Naruto and Sasuke's fucked-up little world, sharp insults and harsh touches mean I love you, never leave me, and nothing says I don't need you, you mean nothing, like a blank gaze (why are you here?) and quiet compliance (I just don't care any more).

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