Story: Dancing Weapons

Chapter: 6. Chapter 6

From: GreenRiderEpic ()

Hello, LdyDarkStr. It seems as though you have not updated my favorite fanfic

In a year. This makes me mad, so I have decided to bring Karigan and her

friends so they can...convince you to continue writing. *laughs sadistically*

The Weapons Donal and Willis dragged a kicking and screaming LdyDarkStr to the King's Study. She knew exactly why she was here. She hadn't updated. The two dropped her unceremoniously on the floor in the study. A beautiful, but slightly disturbing voice echoed through the room.

"Hello, LdyDarkStr, I have been expecting you."

"Wh-who are you?" the author asked.

An Eletian woman with brown hair, and striking green eyes emerged from the shadows.

"I am called Eleancor by my people, which when translated means

GreenRiderEpic. You may call me Green."

Ldy gave the Eletian and odd look.

"My parents were strange people, but that is entirely off topic. What I want

to know is why you haven't updated."

"Well-" Green held up her hand to silence her.

"I realize that life gets in the way sometimes, but an entire YEAR? That's

just plain unreasonable."


"I see know that I shall not receive any answers. Maybe Fastion and Karigan will have better luck."

The two characters emerged from the shadows, Fastion, expressionless, except fora gleam in his eye she could not quite place, and Karigan, who looked ready to throttle LdyDarkStr. She noticed now that Green was gone.

"How, how could you, leaving us on the edge like that? Because of your lack of updates, I've been removing lacy nightgowns from my pack over, and over for the past year!" Karigan yelled.

Fastion raised an eyebrow. "Lacy nightgowns, eh?" Karigan blushed.

"Don't get any ideas, Black Shield."

"I only jest, Karigan. Anyways, why haven't you updated?" he asked.

"Yes, why?" echoed Karigan.

My Answer:

Lady took a deep breath and held up her hands. "Look you two, I've been really busy. I've moved across state and started a new job. I work 12 hours a day! BUT…" she again held up her hands firmly as both characters started forward, "I have been rewriting Dancing Weapons. I had gotten to a place that I couldn't move forward with you two, I was writing myself into a corner. With the new rewrites, your relationship progresses a lot smoother and I think will be a lot more believable. I recently had a six-hour plane flight in which I rewrote all the chapters and began laying the foundation for the new. All of those are with Sirius7 my beta."

Fastion grinned. "So Sirius has them?"


Karigan crossed her arms. "Fastion. Don't even think it."

The Black Shield's smile went wider. "But she likes me."

Lady took a step back and snuck out of the room as a jealous Karigan rallied at the Black Shield for his interest in the other writer.

Thanks to Green for the kick in the pants guys. I'm glad you are enjoying the fic. I am writing more, but I had to do some rewrites, I had written myself into a corner and with my lack of free time lately, I have been uninispired. I appreciate you guys sticking with me and I hope to have more up soon! In the meantime, go bother Sirius! KIDDING. Don't bother her, except to review her amazing work and to get her to write more!