My original concept was to make this story a series of episodes similar to the show's style. Sarah's Test was originally supposed to be a single chapter in the Real Relationship story. It just got too long to fit in a single episode. I apologize that the chapter names are confusing, but, oh well. This concludes Sarah's Test. I'm not sure about Real Relationship yet. I may have another episode or two. So without further ado. Oh, I almost forgot. I still don't own Chuck.

Chuck stretched his arms in the air as he loudly yawned.

"Thank goodness I'm in the cage", he thought to himself. "I don't think I could handle customers today."

Being awakened at four in the morning and the four, no wait five, strenuous workouts last night had conspired to make him unusually tired. Even the several cups of coffee hadn't helped all that much. It wasn't helping that the clock was agonizingly dragging.

"Only ten", Chuck sighed to himself. "I feel like I've been here for ten hours already."

As Chuck stopped to contemplate his mood, he felt several different emotions. One of the main things in his head was fear. Sarah was going to be in the middle of a very dangerous mission tonight. Those Fulcrum guys were ruthless. If they suspected something, things could get very bad, very fast. Another emotion was anger. How could Bryce barge in and say those things? Even if he was jealous, he had no right to lash out at him. And the way he treated Sarah? That was simply unacceptable. Chuck vowed to himself that he would never treat her that way again. But overwhelming those other thoughts was bliss. As he went over every detail of last night with Sarah, a smile came to his lips. He could almost feel every smile, every look, every smell, and every taste. But most importantly every touch. Last night was different than their previous lovemaking sessions. Where before had been more urgent, last night was more gentle. They were learning to take the time to truly enjoy each other. Unlike the other women that Chuck had been with, he seemed to know exactly what to do with Sarah. Gone was the awkward clumsiness that had dominated his other experiences. And every move that Sarah made was simply perfect. Chuck wondered was that a testament to their chemistry or was it that he found her so incredibly attractive? Chuck could tell that Sarah had relaxed as well. She was much more comfortable and at peace. Whatever the reasons, it was fantastic."

"She really, really loves me", Chuck thought to himself as he made no attempt to hide his huge grin.

"Damn, Bartowski", Casey growled as he passed the cage. "Are you telling me that I have to live with that look on your face all the time now? What did Walker do to you last night anyway?

Realizing with horror what he had just said, Casey tried to retreat. "No", he said quickly. "Forget I said that. I don't want to know."

Chuck refused to let him off the hook.

"Well", he smiled. "If you must know, we stayed up all night playing scrabble. Sarah is the best scrabble player I could ever imagine. The way she handles those letters is amazing. Casey, she can come up with words that would just defy imagination. She has this thing where she holds the letter, holds it, holds it, makes you almost scream in anticipation, them bam, triple word score. Every time we would end a game, she would beg me until I would agree to play another. I think that her begging for the next game was the best part. I think we played four, no wait five times last night."

"Bartowski", Casey said as he extended his gun to Chuck with the handle forward. "What part of, I don't want to know, don't you understand? Either shut the hell up or shoot me. It's your choice."

As Casey walked away, Chuck called out to him in a laugh. "I don't know what it is about hot chicks and scrabble. Carina asked me to play last night too. Too bad, she's not nearly as good a player as Sarah is."

"Well", Chuck chuckled to himself. "I don't think Casey will be bothering me any more today. Now, only another hour before I can go over and see her. Let's see, that's only 3,600 seconds."

As Chuck was finally walking across the court, he could see Sarah waiting outside for him. She had lunch waiting for both of them sitting on a table. Well lunch might be an overstatement. It was a wiener and a soda. He fought the urge to run to her.

"I have to maintain some level of dignity", he thought to himself as he picked up his pace.

"Hi babe", Sarah smiled as she put her arms around Chuck's neck.

"Hi yourself", Chuck smiled back as he put his arms around Sarah's waist and squeezed. "I really missed you."

"It's only been fours hours since we were in the shower together", Sarah laughed as she kissed Chuck gently. "But I know just what you mean. I missed you too. It's great isn't it?"

"I can't tell you how sexy you look in that uniform", Chuck said softly. "Do you think we could sneak back to your place for a minute? I'm not really all that hungry."

"Down boy", Sarah laughed. "I think I may have created a monster. I'd love nothing better but we don't have time. You'll just have to wait until after work.

After a minute Sarah continued, "Man, now you've got me thinking about it. Now, how am I going to work all afternoon? I'll probably stick my hand in the fry machine by accident."

"Tell me about it", laughed Chuck. "I think I just put about six hard drives in one computer."

"I think I know how that computer feels", Sarah laughed back. "If it's like me, it can't wait for the seventh."

"Ok. This is serious", Chuck replied. "You either need to stop saying those things to me or take me home."

"Ok", Sarah grumbled. "We can wait. I guess."

"There is actually something serious I need to talk to you about", said Chuck as he sat down.

"Ok", replied Sarah as she took the seat next to him.

"About last night", Chuck started hesitantly as he grabbed Sarah's hand. "I want to make sure you understand how I feel about you using your, umm your assets on a mission. I know that's a huge part of your training. I know that you're an incredibly beautiful woman and making men lust after you lets you get them to make mistakes. I would never want you to feel that your hands were tied behind your back because of me. I don't want you to not do the things you need to do because you're worried about how I feel. Now don't misunderstand. I still think there's a line that nobody should expect you to cross. I just want you to be safe. I really don't care if you come home with a couple of extra fingerprints. Just come home. Ok?"

"Ok", Sarah smiled. "Thank you."

"At least, now you'll be able to work this afternoon", Chuck smiled. "I think I've effectively put out the fire."

"Trust me", Sarah smiled. "You just poured gas on the fire. Make sure you come over and pick me up as soon as you can after work.

We'll work on identifying your fingerprints as soon as we get home", Sarah whispered into Chuck's ear with a wicked smile. "Maybe someday, you can tie my hands behind my back. That might be interesting."

"Come on", Chuck whined. "Now you're just being cruel."

As Chuck reached over to kiss Sarah goodbye he felt her hand reach behind his head. Her lips crashed into his and he felt her tongue enter his lips. He eagerly yielded to the kiss with an intensity that matched her passion. Finally the kiss broke.

"Sarah", Chuck whispered as he could feel his face turning red. "People are watching us."

"Remember", Sarah whispered back. "As soon as you can."

If Chuck thought that the morning moved slowly, the afternoon was twice as long. It didn't help that Jeff and Lester obviously saw the goodbye kiss and were inventing ways to have fun at Chuck's expense. Their latest tactic was to give Chuck a standing ovation every time he entered a room. Anna called it, "the hottest thing she had ever seen." Even Big Mike tried to get Chuck to "move it to in front of the Buy More.". "It would be good for attracting traffic to the store", he explained.

About mid afternoon, Chuck walked up to Casey and said, "I need to talk to you."

"Chuck", Casey growled. "I told you I don't want to hear any more scrabble stories."

"No", Chuck smiled. "I just wanted you to know that Bryce visited us last night."

"Larkin was there", Casey said with a surprised tone. "What did he want?"

"A lot", Chuck replied. "He wanted Sarah to try and infiltrate the Fulcrum organization for a longer period. He wanted her to get as muck knowledge of the organization as possible so we could nail them."

"That would be suicide", Casey said softly. "These Fulcrum guys aren't stupid. Sarah will be lucky to fool them for a few minutes tonight. No way will she be able to fool them once they start checking up on her. Please tell me that she's not going to do it."

"She was", Chuck replied. "Bryce told her that it was her duty and you know what that means to Sarah. I had to talk a long time but I think I convinced her to stick with the original plan."

"Larkin's an ass", Casey growled. "Next time I shoot him, it's going to be in the head. Do you want me to talk to her?"

"I'd appreciate it", replied Chuck. "She's feeling guilty. She stills feels like it's her duty. It would help her a lot if you could let her know she's making the right decision. It would mean a lot coming from you. You know what she's going through and she respects you."

"She respects me", Casey asked incredulously.

"Now don't be getting all misty eyed", Chuck laughed. "I said that she respects you. Not that she likes you."

The instant that the clock struck quitting time, Chuck sprung towards the door. He sprinted across the courtyard to where Sarah was waiting.

"Dignity is overrated", he thought to himself.

Sarah was grinning from ear to ear as she watched Chuck running towards her. He barely broke stride as he grabbed her hand and headed towards the Nerd Herder. About half way home Chuck regretted that he had driven.

"We'd be home by now if we had taken the Porsche", Chuck moaned.

"Chuck", laughed Sarah. "You've already run two red lights. Please be careful. Passion is no good when you're dead.

"We've got about forty five minutes before we have to leave for Casey's", Chuck said as they hurried towards Sarah's apartment. "I'm hoping to get in two games of scrabble."

"Scrabble", Sarah questioned.

"Sorry", Chuck smiled. "It's an inside joke."

It was amazing. Even though they were headed for a life and death type mission, it was a much calmer intersect and his handler that drove to Casey's apartment.

"Wow", said Chuck. "That was incredible."

"I'd say it was way beyond incredible", Sarah sighed.

As they approached Casey's, Sarah turned to Chuck.

"Chuck", she started. "I'm sorry to have to end this glow. But it's time I got into mission mode. Do you understand?"

"Absolutely", Chuck replied seriously.

"I wanted to tell you", said Sarah. "Things don't always go as planned on a mission. Even if you hear something that surprises you tonight, don't worry. I know what I'm doing and I won't let you down. Trust me?"

"Without hesitation", Chuck responded. "What are my orders, Agent Walker?"

"Three things", smiled Sarah. "Listen to Casey, stay safe, and be there when we're done. Ok?"

"Understood", said Chuck. "And Agent Walker?"

"Yes", asked Sarah.

"I just want to tell you that you'll have no reason to worry about me tonight", Chuck said softly. "And if you see Sarah tonight, please let her know that she shouldn't worry about me either. And, if it comes up, please tell her that I love her and I can't wait to see her again."

"I'm pretty sure she already knows but I'll be sure to tell her", Sarah smiled. "She's a lucky girl."

They arrived at Casey's just as the conference was beginning.

Casey and Bryce were standing in front of the screen waiting for everyone to arrive. When Chuck noticed Bryce, his heart sank. He immediately looked to see Sarah's reaction. She was definitely in agent mode and he could not read any expression on her face.

"Ok people", Beckman started. "Let's make this short. We've got a lot to do and little time to do it. Agent Walker?"

"Yes maam", Sarah responded.

"I understand from our earlier phone conversation that you want to alter tonight's mission slightly. Is that still your intent?"

Chuck looked up and saw Bryce's smile.

"Yes maam", was Sarah's terse response.

"Ok. I agree", Beckman continued. "Walker you will proceed as we discussed. Casey you will take the intersect with you and tail Walker. Once you have identified the meeting location, you will notify Agent Larkin. Agent Larkin will dispatch our strike force to that location. Agent Casey, while our strike force is in route, you and the intersect will attempt to identify any Fulcrum agents in the vicinity. Once Walker is clear, we'll move in. Agent Casey, you'll need to stay in the vicinity until the strike force has neutralized the location. We need to have the intersect available to identify any Fulcrum agents trying to escape. That may take some time. Agent Walker will be on her own until you are able to leave the scene and find her. At that point, you can assist her in detaining Jim Smith. Any questions? Good. Well you have your orders. Good luck everyone.

"Sarah", Bryce said as he turned towards Sarah. "I've never been more disappointed. I never thought you'd be the one to shirk your duty."

Chuck took a step towards Bryce but felt Casey's hand on his shoulder pulling him back.

Casey stepped up to Bryce and threw an overhand right that would have knocked down an elephant. The punch landed directly on Bryce's nose. Bryce fell to the floor in a heap, blood flowing from the obviously broken nose.

Casey towered over Bryce as he lay bleeding.

"Larkin, If you ever talk to my partner that way again", Casey growled. "There won't be enough left of you for an autopsy."

Even though Sarah was obviously still in agent mode, Chuck swore he could see the beginnings of a smile.

Chuck and Casey were in Casey's Crown Vic. They were following Sarah's Porsche from a safe distance. Casey had the audio from Sarah's bug patched into the car radio meaning they could both hear what was going on with Sarah.

Casey turned to Chuck. "Why are you so jumpy", Casey snapped. "Would you settle down? You're making me nervous."

"I'm worried about Sarah", Chuck admitted. "I didn't realize that she was going to be on her own with Jim Smith until we can get there."

"Don't worry about Walker", Casey replied. "She can handle Smith. Worst case, she'll just have to play a little scrabble".

Casey smiled as he saw the look on Chuck's face. "Come on Chuck, relax", Casey smiled. "It's only an hour or so. They're only going to have time for two games of scrabble. Three tops. You said yourself that she's very good at it."

"You know", Casey continued with an even bigger smile. "I was sort of pissed that you went on and on today about how good a scrabble player Walker is. But now that I know, it makes me feel a lot better. A lot better. Thank you, Chuck"

As he turned back to the road, Casey smiled under his breath. "Revenge is a dish best served cold."

As Sarah parked the car, she said, "show time", more to herself than anybody.

Chuck turned to Casey and smiled. Casey turned towards Chuck.

"Yes", growled Casey. "I know. Show time. It's an expression. Get over it."

Sarah knocked on the door of Jim Smith and Carina's hotel room. After a moment, Smith answered the door.

"Sarah", said Jim in a shocked whisper. "I thought we were going to meet outside?"

"Well Jim", Sarah said as she turned on her megawatt smile. "There's been a slight change in plans. Can I come in?"

"Hi Sarah", said Carina with her own megawatt smile. "I've been expecting you."

"What's going on", Jim said hesitantly with a confused look on his face.

"Don't worry Jim", Sarah smiled. "Carina knows about tonight."

"She knows", asked Jim with a gulp. "Are, are you pissed? I can explain."

"Relax Jim", Sarah smiled. "Everything's great. I just don't think you understand how close Carina and I are. We were recruited together. We went through training together. We decided that if I'm going to join your organization, then Carina will too."

"And that's not all", Carina breathed as she stepped over to Sarah and put her arms around Sarah's waist. "There are other things we like to do together too."

"That's right Jim", Sarah whispered as she leaned over and kissed Carina's forehead. "We do things together all the time."

"We want to go to the meeting together", Carina cooed. "We want to join the organization together. And then we want to come back here and give you everything that you deserve together."

"You'd like that Jim", Sarah breathed in her most seductive voice. "Wouldn't you?"

"Wow", breathed Jim to himself as he looked back and forth between Sarah and Carina. "Hell yes. Let's get going."

Inside the car, Casey and Chuck were roaring with laughter.

"That poor bastard", Casey laughed as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "He doesn't have a clue. If he's lucky tonight, he'll get killed before he makes it back there. Lord help him if those two get him back in that room. If I get a clean shot tonight, I just might put him out of his misery."

"Casey", laughed Chuck. "I'm not big on seeing anything suffer. But I want to see this."

Casey and Chuck followed the Porsche from a safe distance. There was no need to get close since they were tracking the GPS signal that Sarah was carrying. The Porsche stopped and parked in front of a three story commercial office building. The parking lot was surprising full for this time of night. Casey parked the car on the other side of the parking lot in a spot that afforded a strategic view of the entrance. Sarah, Carina, and Smith had already entered the building.

Casey and Chuck were listening to Sarah's bug while Casey phoned in the location. For some time there had been nothing but small talk.

Then they heard what sounded like a receptionist say,"Mr. Jones will see you now".

"Carina Hansen, Sarah Walker, I'd like you to meet Steve Jones", said Jim Smith.

As soon as heard the name, Chuck flashed.

"Casey", Chuck whispered. "Steve Jones is the Fulcrum regional commander. He is also a two star general."

"Chuck", Casey said slowly. "That intersect is a wonderful thing. But I don't need it to tell you about Steve Jones. I served under him in 1993. He was the C.O. of the air base I was assigned to. I would have never figured him to be Fulcrum."

"Sarah Walker. No kidding", Steve Jones said as he shook Sarah's hand. "Carina, Sarah, it's very nice to meet you. Mr. Smith, will you please wait outside while I talk with these lovely ladies?"

"Yes sir", replied Smith as he left the room.

As Casey and Chuck waited in the parking lot, they began to notice activity. Several cars pulled into the parking lot. One by one men got out of their cars and made their way into the building."

"Holy crap", Chuck exclaimed after his flash. "That guy is Fulcrum."

Then another flash hit Chuck. Then another, and another, and another. They were coming so frequently that Casey was becoming concerned for Chuck.

"Are you ok kid", Casey asked.

"Casey", Chuck exclaimed. "I just counted twelve Fulcrum agents enter that building. This isn't just a meeting place. This must be headquarters."

"Ok Chuck", said Casey. "Stay calm. I'll call in the cavalry."

Casey dialed Beckman's number. She answered on the second ring.

"Beckman, Secure."

"Casey, Secure. General, we have a situation."

As soon as Jim Smith left the room, Sarah and Carina turned their megawatt smiles towards Steve Jones.

"Have you heard of me", Sarah asked with a smile.

"You're kidding, right", laughed Jones. "The famous Sarah Walker. I'm sure that almost everyone in the intelligence community has heard of you. And Miss Hansen, you've also had a fine career. You're both more beautiful than I'd been told. And that's saying something. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you."

"Why thank you", smiled Sarah. "That is most flattering. I think I can speak for Carina when I say that we're also looking forward to seeing more of you. This is a great honor for us."

"Tell me ladies", Jones asked. "Why would you want to join Fulcrum?"

"First", Sarah began. "We've had this growing feeling for a long time that we're heading in the wrong direction."

"Yes", Carina picked up. "We're letting politicians make all of our key decisions. The United States is the only superpower and yet we don't act like it. We let other countries and the United Nations push us around. Sarah and I talked and we decided that it was time that we got on the right side of that battle."

"And on a personal note", Sarah continued. "Our agencies aren't using our talents to the full potential. We've worked very hard to hone our skills. It's a shame they're not being used."

"What would you be willing to do for Fulcrum", Jones asked.

"Mr. Jones", Sarah breathed. "We've always done anything that was required to fulfill a mission."

"Anything", breathed Carina seductively.

"And you wouldn't mind proving that", asked Jones.

"Try us", smiled Sarah.

"Ok", said Jones. "We have a very important contact. He supplies us with heroin from Afghanistan. We use the profits from the sale of this product to fund our activities worldwide. We need to keep an eye on this contact. We also need to keep him happy. I'm sure that the two of you can keep him very, very happy. Would you accept this assignment?"

"Absolutely", said Carina.

"Thank you so much for the opportunity", Sarah whispered. "We won't let you or the contact down."

"Ok", replied Jones. "Report back here tomorrow at 6:00. Be prepared to be gone for two weeks. Pack evening wear and anything else you'll need to make this man happy. Any questions?"

"No sir", Sarah and Carina replied together.

"You're dismissed", said Jones.

When they left the office, Jim Smith was waiting for them.

"How did it go", he asked.

"Perfectly", Sarah smiled.

"Jim", smiled Carina. "It's time to take you home and get you what you deserve."

Jim Smith practically dragged Sarah and Carina to the car. As soon as the car was out of sight, Bryce's task force sprang into action. They quickly surrounded the building. Then with amazing precision they entered the building and began rounding up prisoners. Casey and Chuck waited in the car on the lookout for possible escapees. But the task force was very efficient and they didn't see anyone. Except for some random gunshots, the outside of the building was calm.

As soon as Sarah, Carina, and Smith entered the hotel room, Smith started rubbing his hands.

"I can't wait for this", he exclaimed.

"We've been looking forward to this too", said Sarah seductively.

"Just as much as you have", added Carina just as seductively.

"What do you want to do first" asked Sarah softly as she laid her head on Carina's shoulder.

"Why don't you surprise me", Smith replied lustfully.

"That sounds like a good idea", said Carina as she landed a vicious kick to Smiths groin.

"An excellent idea" smiled Sarah as she delivered a roundhouse kick to the side of Smith's head.

Smith fell to his knees and then prone on the floor.

"Congratulations", Carina said to the semi conscious Smith. "Now you've had us both together."

"Well Jim", said Sarah as she fastened the handcuffs on Smiths wrists. "Was it good for you?"

"I love that new kick", Carina smiled to Sarah.

"Thanks", replied Sarah. "I've been using it a lot lately."

Just then Casey and Chuck burst into the room.

"Agent Walker", Chuck said softly. "It's good to see you safe."

"Agent Walker had to leave", Sarah replied as she threw her arms around Chuck. "This is Sarah."

Chuck wrapped his arms around Sarah and held her tight. After a minute he said, "Hi Sarah. I've been worried about you. I love you".

"Me too", sighed Sarah.

As she turned to Casey, Sarah asked, "How was my boy tonight? Any issues?"

"Not really", Casey smiled. "He would let out the occasional jealous sob. He was as annoying as usual. But, other than that, no complaints. Let's get out of here."

The debriefing was more like a party than a meeting. Beckman was ecstatic.

"Congratulations to everyone, she practically yelled. "This has been an incredible night. I just got off the phone with Agent Larkin who is directing the clean up. All in all, we captured fifty three Fulcrum agents. We killed four others. We suffered a couple of minor injuries. The most serious was that Agent Larkin suffered a broken nose. We also captured several computers and dozens of paper files. Our analysts are just beginning to sift through the information but we're confident that it is going to lead us to other Fulcrum facilities across the country. I think we can safely say that Fulcrum has been eliminated on the west coast. I've never imagined such an effective team. You're becoming so productive that we're going to need to figure out a way to give you some time off. Maybe we can arrange for a trip somewhere nice. You've certainly earned it. If there's nothing else.. "

"Excuse me maam", Sarah interrupted. "I have something additional to report."

"Go on agent Walker", said a surprised Beckman.

"I'm very sorry to have to say this", started Sarah hesitantly. "But I feel it is my duty to report that I have become compromised. I have fallen totally in love with my asset. I understand that this is a serious protocol violation and is incredibly unprofessional on my part. I just thought you should know."

"Agent Walker", said Beckman. "This is most disappointing. What do you feel we should do about it?"

"My hope", began Sarah. "Is that you'll leave me in my current assignment until that becomes no longer necessary. We're a very strong team. It would be a shame to break us up. And I can promise you General, nobody will be more vigilant in protecting Chuck than I will be."

"And what if we decide to reassign you", asked Beckman.

"Mr. Director, General", Sarah began. "I've always been proud of serving my country. I've done it to the best of my ability. I really don't want to stop now. But, I'm afraid; this will be my last assignment. It's just a question if it ends now or in the future. I intend to stay here with Chuck."

"Major Casey", Beckman asked. "What is your opinion of this situation?"

"Would you like Chuck and me to wait outside while you answer that" asked Sarah.

"No" answered Casey. "That's ok. General, frankly my preference would be to have a team that didn't have any personal baggage. But having said that, I can't imagine a stronger team or a better partner than Agent Walker. As you know, I've never been a strong team player. I'm more comfortable on my own. But it's obvious to everybody that we've accomplished more in the past year than both Sarah and I combined for the past ten. And I have to admit, I'm enjoying it more. I would respectfully request that you leave the team intact."

"Agent Walker", said Beckman sternly. "I am very disappointed in your lack of professionalism. We have rules in place for a reason. And you just violated a very basic one. For me to pretend that it doesn't matter would be wrong."

"However", Beckman continued with the beginnings of a smile. "There is no question that this is the most effective team we've ever had by an order of magnitude. We're going to monitor the situation closely but I see no compelling reason to act at this time. We'll leave your team in place. I think it just because more important than ever that we get you that trip and some time off. Any questions?"

"No maam", said Sarah.

"No maam", said Casey.

"Dismissed", said Beckman as the screen went mercifully blank.

As soon as the screen went blank, Sarah turned to Casey and threw her arms around him.

"Thank you", she said as tears filled you eyes.

"You're welcome", Casey laughed. "You'd better be careful. Your boyfriend is watching us. You know how jealous he gets?"

"I'm pretty sure that he'll make an exception this once", Sarah laughed. "We're going to head over to Chuck's and talk. Do you think we could have some privacy?"

"Ok", said Casey as he reached up on the panel and flipped a switch. The bugs are off for tonight. Have fun."

"Carina", Sarah said as she hugged her. "Thanks for being there. I'm thinking that we'll have some serious things to talk about next time we hook up."

"Anytime", Carina whispered back. "Hopefully next time we talk I'll have some news for you. We are still competitive you know?"

As Sarah took Chuck's hand and left the room, Carina turned to Casey.

"Casey" she said softly. "I know that you're pissed at me about the handcuffing you to the bed thing. I'm sorry. I'm not saying that I love you or anything. And I'm not expecting you to love me. But do you think we could hang out tonight?"

"Carina", Casey laughed. "If I end up tonight handcuffed to my bed, I'm never going to forgive you."

"Here", Carina smiled as she handed Casey her cuffs. "Take away my temptation."

Chuck and Sarah walked silently to Chuck's apartment hand in hand. Ellie and Devon weren't home as they had the late shift.

"Thank you", said Chuck as he embraced Sarah.

"Chuck", said Sarah softly. "I want to tell you how sorry I am. I spent all this time worrying about my job. I was worried if I gave in to my feelings that it would affect my job. I was afraid that if I told you I love you it would affect my job. I was afraid that your acting jealous would affect my job. I was afraid that the brass finding out would affect my job. What I should have been worrying about is how those things affected you. You've been putting me first for a long time now. I'm ashamed that I haven't been putting you first. Please forgive me. I've never been loved in my whole life. Now I can't bear to think of what it felt like before. I promise that you'll be first from now on. You deserve to feel just as loved as I do. Starting right now, you're going to."

"I can't tell you how great that makes me feel", Chuck replied.

"You don't have to tell me", Sarah replied. "I know exactly because I feel it too."

"But don't misunderstand", Sarah said as she pulled back and held Chuck's hands. "We still have to make sure that you're safe. That's my job and I'm serious about it. If you get in the way of that job, I'm still willing to kick your ass."

"I'm going to be very careful to make sure that doesn't happen", laughed Chuck.

"Good", laughed Sarah. "Because now that I'm in the real world, I don't have to kick your ass. I have a weapon that real women have been using since the Stone Age. I'll cut you off."

"Wouldn't that cut you off too", Chuck said with a smile.

"I went without it from Bryce to you", Sarah laughed. "Do you really think I couldn't go without it for a while to protect the love of my life?"

"Let's not find out", Chuck smiled as he embraced Sarah.

"Good answer", smiled Sarah.

After a couple of minutes Sarah stirred.

"Chuck", she asked. "Will you do me a big favor?"

"Name it."

"Chuck", whispered Sarah. "All I can think about is that little girl. I really want her more than anything. Will you give her to me?"

"Absolutely", Chuck whispered back.

"You know there are some things that have to happen before that", Chuck started.

"Like what", Sarah asked.

"Well first we have to get married", Chuck started. "Of course I'll need a better job. That means I'll need to finish my degree. Oh, and we'll need to resolve this intersect thing. I need to get very serious about that five year plan."

"Married", Sarah asked.

"Don't you want to get married", Chuck asked. "I know that wasn't a very romantic proposal. I promise I'll do it again the romantic way soon but "

"Chuck", Sarah laughed. "We've been dating for ten days and you're proposing?"

Sarah pulled Chuck's head down to meet hers and kissed him softly.

"What took you so long", she whispered.

"Well", Chuck asked.

"Well what", Sarah asked.

"Well Sarah", Chuck lectured. "When someone asks you to marry them it's only fair to respond."

"Yes. Of course", whispered Sarah. "I will marry you. It would make me the happiest person on the planet. I just think you need to condense that five year plan into something smaller. Like say a nine month plan."

Chuck's eyes got wide. "Are you trying to tell me something", Chuck asked.

"No. Oh no", Sarah laughed as she realized what Chuck was saying. "I didn't mean that. I'm just in a hurry. I think nine months is a good target."

"You do realize that the first one might come out a boy", Chuck smiled.

"We'll keep trying", Sarah replied. "I love you so much."

"And I love you so much too", Chuck replied as they kissed.

"It's funny", Sarah sighed. "I feel like I'm home."

"Sarah", Chuck whispered. "You are home."

Chuck reached over and started to unbutton Sarah's blouse. "I know how turned on you get when I make the first move", he said with a sly smile.

"You know it", Sarah breathed as she kissed him, this time with more passion.

When the kiss finally broke, Chuck looked at Sarah and sighed.

"Welcome home Sarah Walker."