Stewie Griffin was playing Truth or Dare with his favorite teddy bear, Rupert

Stewie Griffin was playing Truth or Dare with his favorite teddy bear, Rupert. "Oh, no way, that's gross!" Stewie yelled as Rupert dared him to lick his own foot and sing Lollipop by Lil Wayne. But Stewie did it anyway because he didn't want Rupert to think he was a chicken. "Shorty wanna hump, you know I like to touch your lovely lady lumps…" Stewie said as he licked the bottom of his foot. Stewie then giggled. "Oh, that was so much fun!" Stewie squealed girlishly. Rupert just sat there. "Okay, Rupert," Stewie announced like a dictator, "I dare you to go over to Glen Quagmire's house and attend one of his sexy parties." Rupert of course couldn't move by himself, so Stewie had to drag him there. "Come, Rupert, let's see what lies in the torrid affairs of our house neighbors."

Stewie was dragging his toy bear down the sidewalk when he saw a live chicken fly out of Quagmire's window. "Huh." Stewie said to himself, and knocked on Quagmire's door. Quagmire answered, only he wasn't wearing his normal clothes. He was clad in leather underwear and thigh-high boots. "Hi, Stewie! Giggity-giggity-goo!" Quagmire yelled as he opened the door for Stewie and his furry friend. (Quagmire wasn't very good at looking after children. But at least he wasn't as bad as the perverted old man who lived next door…) What Stewie saw shocked him. Young women, about age 19 or 20, were all dancing on poles wearing bunny suits. "Oh, Rupert, this must be some type of dress up party!" Stewie evidently wanted to play too.

Stewie was looking around in Quagmire's closet for a bunny suit for him to wear. He couldn't find one small enough to fit him, but he did find some pretty strange things: A whip, a medieval torture machine, a jackhammer, and an army tank. Stewie saw a sombrero and said, "Why the devil is this here? Mr. Quagmire isn't Mexican." (As if the other things found in the closet weren't strange enough.) Stewie, out of curiosity, tugged on the sombrero, and suddenly about a million Mexicans came running out of Quagmire's closet. Suddenly, Quagmire burst unexpectedly into the room. "Stewie! You're just in time for the party! One of our strippers was arrested for illegal immigration and you and Rupert have to fill in!" Quagmire placed a child-size bunny suit on Stewie (funny thing that he could find one) and put bunny ears on Rupert. Then Stewie and Rupert were forced to degrade themselves to the most perverted man in Quahog.

The End.