Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read Rainy Day Logic. I rather liked this one although it´s a little random. Anyway, I´ve only just discovered Newsies and it´s astonishing! I´m actually writing a story that has chapters and such, but am making myself finish it before I post. It will be called ¨Crossing Bridges¨ and I´m really proud of it so keep an eye out. Anyway, please feel free to critisize, but flames will be laughed at then ignored. Enjoy...


Freezing cold rain pored down the streets of Brooklyn as though attempting to clean the city of its filth. It washed in every crevice, corner and edge washing the dark streets, tall buildings and anyone unlucky enough to be caught outside.

People had long since rushed inside to escape the buckets of water being dropped from heaven. Only a fool would be out in this rain, and fool might be a good way to describe the girl getting drug by a boy through the streets. The boy's jaw was set in determination, his hat was well over his face to try and keep the rain out of his eyes, and his hand gripped the wrist of a girl who wasn't in such a rush.

"Let me go, Spot! It's been so long since its rained!" The girl pleaded tugging uselessly at her arm. Her hat was off and clutched in one hand, her hair was pelted down with water and her dark green shirt and black pants were hopelessly soaked.

"It rained just two weeks ago, Raindrop. And every time it rains all me newsies come pilin' in da Lodging house except for you. Instead I have to go out into da rain and drag you out of it! Now stop bein' a fool and let's hurry back to da lodging house." The boy, Spot, replied stopping briefly and glaring at his friend with his ice blue eyes. Raindrop might have noticed if it weren't dark or raining, but since it was both was instead captivated by each ball of water. Taking advantage of their brief halt, Raindrop threw back her head and let each freezing cold drop of water enter her mouth and slide down her throat.

"That rain's disgustingly dirty." Spot insisted starting to turning around so he was facing away from her. He let go of Raindrop's hand for a moment and regretted it sorely. Raindrop was always crazy when it rained, which was how she got her name. Spot shifted on her feet and watched in dismay as she skipped around the street like a crazy girl laughing and twirling in the rain. "You belong in the mad house, girl! Now let's go!"

Surprisingly Raindrop heard the annoyance in her leader's voice and stopped. "Come on Spot! I'm not leaving 'til you start enjoying this rain!" Raindrop spun again.

"Ya wouldn't catch me dead dancin' in the rain like that, Raindrop! I'm supposed to be the most feared and respected leader in New York! I'm wet and cold and I'm gonna get sick."

"You never have fun, oh great, mighty, and feared leader in New York. You never smile or laugh or play! You never do something stupid just because it's stupid. You just walk around glaring at people like it's their fault you're miserable."

Spot growled slightly under his breathe feeling his patience grow short with the annoying girl. He walked over and grabbed her arm once more, but she pulled away. "Spot, why won't you join me? No one's watching!"

"How do ya know that? I don't frolic in a rain 'cause I want ta live ta see a bright, sunny tomorrow!"

Raindrop laughed and tried to stop her chattering jaw. "You don't live, Conlon, you survive."

Spot rolled his eyes. "I have no interest in listenin' to the mad ravings of a rain-crazed girl."

Raindrop spun again then reached her hands back and wrung the water from her long hair. "Well, I ain't afraid to die. I wouldn't mind one bit. And while I'm alive, I'm going to laugh and play and frolic as much as I want to!"

"No, what you're gonna do is catch pneumonia." Spot rolled his eyes.

"You're afraid aren't you? You're afraid that you'll catch a cold, pnemounia, or someone will see you and you're precious reputation will be ruined."

"I ain't afraid of anything!"

"Yes, you are Spot. One day you're going to wake up and realize you never lived and it's too late now. You'll wish you'd played in the rain, smiled, or done something random. You'll think about me as you lay dieing and know I'm right!" She smirked and attempted to glare at him down her nose. It was relatively hard due to the face that he was taller. "You never lived because you were afraid to die."

Spot rolled his eyes and started to tap his foot. "You have 'till the count of five ta get yourself over here or so help me I'll pick you up and carry ya da rest of da way back!"

"Spot…" Raindrop pleaded.

"One… two… three… four…" Spot watched the girl argue with herself as to weather or not she should listen. But she wasn't stupid, no body goes head to head with Spot Colon. Raindrop plodded over to where he was and started to follow him back to the Lodging house.

"Everyone dies eventually, Spot Conlon, but I'm going to face it smiling in the rain!"

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