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It was a gray, cloudy day in the middle of April, and a slight breeze swept through the Shire and ruffled the dark hair of a hobbit that was out enjoying time alone. This hobbit did enjoy spending time with others; just not as often, anymore. Now he would much rather spend his days wandering the hills and forests of his beloved Shire, and gaze upon Hobbiton with brilliant blue eyes, instead of being at the Green Dragon with his friends.

The sky continued getting more overcast, dark gray clouds beginning to roll through, and the breeze began to pick up. The hobbit pondered going back home to escape the rain, but then decided against it, and continued to walk slowly through the thick grass blanketing the meadow he was in. Eventually he sighed and plopped down, not wanting to go any farther, and lay flat on his back, staring at the sky.

He supposed the real reason he went for walks every day was that he was hoping to see the Elves again, although that was highly unlikely. Maybe someday they would turn up in the woods, and he could speak to them again. His friends worried for him, he could see it when he told them he was going for a walk; they knew why he was going.

Someday soon, he supposed, he must sail to the Grey Havens, or Undying Lands. He could not heal here; he had lost part of himself during his quest. Yes, his friends had been on the same quest; Merry and Pippin became knights, and Sam came with him to the very end. But they did not have to carry the burden he did, they did not have the Ring. And now Sam was happily married, to Rosie Cotton, the girl he always dreamed of, and Merry and Pippin were happy as well! They had gone right back to life as they had known it...and as much as he wished he could, Frodo knew he couldn't.

His heart ached at leaving his friends behind, but he knew it was best. He rolled over onto his stomach with another sigh, then after a few seconds, lifted himself off the ground with great effort. "How lazy I have become," he muttered to himself, when he suddenly felt a drop of rain on the back of his hand. He looked up at the still darkening clouds and frowned. He reluctantly started to head back to Bag End.

By the time he got inside, it was raining at a pretty good rate. He took off his cloak that he always wore, his elven one fastened by a silver-green leaf, and hung it up on the coat rack to dry. He shook water droplets out of his curly black hair, and began a fire and tea for himself. Bag End had seemed big with just him and Bilbo; with just him now it was awfully lonely.

Frodo had a harder time occupying himself these days than before. Although his friends often tried to spend time with him, he was purposely seeking solitude. Clutching a cup of tea with four fingers, he headed to his study. The book Bilbo had given him was on the bronze desk, ready for work. Frodo added bits of his adventure to it every day, in great detail, spending hours on end writing. He had just settled down for a good long session of working when his doorbell sounded. Disappointed and slightly annoyed, Frodo set down his quill and went to the front room. He peeked out the window and saw Merry's golden curls at the front door. Smiling to himself, he went and opened the door.

"Frodo Baggins! Where have you been lad?"

"Merry, come in, it's raining!"

"Don't mind if I do," he said, and stepped over the threshold into Bag End. "Just came by to see if maybe you fancied a cup of tea at Pip's house?"

"Well, I wish I could, but..."

"But what, dear cousin? I won't take no for an answer!" And with that, he grabbed Frodo's cloak, but then paused. "Your cloak's wet," he said frowning. "You were just outside?"

"I was walking," Frodo said casually, "but then it started to rain, so I had to come back." Merry said nothing, but just grabbed another cloak from the rack and motioned for him to put it on. Frodo sighed and slipped his arms in.

"That's more like it. Tea and company will do you good."


"I will do it tomorrow, I promise."

"But, Mother...,"

"Don't you want everyone to see it? If I braid your hair tomorrow, all your friends will see it. Don't you want that?"

Her daughter sighed, but knew that mom had a point. She took her hairbrush, and looking defeated, went off to her little room with her head down. Camellia shook her head, smiling. Little girls could be such drama queens. Camellia glanced around the cramped house. She and Ruby would be going back to Brandy Hall in Buckland soon temporarily.

"Mother?" She turned to see Ruby approaching from her room. "Can I go outside?" Camellia looked out the tiny window and saw rain lightly drumming down. She gestured outside.

"It's raining, Ruby dear. Perhaps tomorrow." Ruby started to make a face like she was going to be difficult, so she quickly changed the subject. "I have an idea. Go get your doll! You can practice your sewing by making a new dress!" she said, sounding falsely excited.

Ruby didn't seem to notice. "Okay!" And, once again, she ran to the direction of her room. Camellia made her way to the kitchen and grabbed a silver kettle, filled it with water, and started boiling it to make tea, when Ruby came running back into the kitchen, holding up a dark haired doll with a tattered dress that Ruby had obviously tried to make herself. "Look Mother! Isn't she pretty?"

Camellia studied Ruby, whose eyes were lit up with excitement at showing off her doll. She was a stubborn child, but also very sweet, wanting nothing more than to please and have many friends, just like so many hobbits her age-which happened to be nine.

She had very clear skin, probably from Camellia forcing her to wear her sun hat whenever she was out, and a small nose, tiny white teeth, and deep hazel eyes. Her brown-red hair was long, down her back, and pin-straight, which was unusual for a hobbit, but not unheard of. Camellia smiled and took the doll from Ruby, and pretended to examine her. "She's very pretty," she said smiling, and handed her back to Ruby. "Let's have tea. We can go outside tomorrow, I promise."

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