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Chapter 3:

Mai Tokiha sat up in bed, looking at the sleeping figure that had passed out beside her. She sighed deeply, before gingerly reaching out to touch the sleeping person's arm. She shook the arm lightly.

"Tate?" she whispered.

No answer.

"Tate?" she asked, this time a bit louder.

Once again, there was no answer.

Mai slumped backwards and lay back down, silently wondering what was wrong with herself. There before her lay her boyfriend and soon to be husband, Tate. Mai knew she should be thinking about him and only him, but unfortunately for her, there was and always had been someone else in her thoughts.

"Mikoto." she said slowly, into the pillow.

Mai had tried for so long to deny the feelings she had for her best friend, but with the wedding fast approaching, she had been thinking non-stop about the little neko. To say these feelings were new would be a lie. In fact, these feelings had been festering for a very long time. Fifteen years to be exact. Yes, it had been fifteen years ago, after a "Welcome Home" party for her brother Takumi, that she had first begun to think of Mikoto in ways other than friendship.

Flashback Fifteen Years Ago:

Mai was grinning from ear to ear as she got ready for bed. Takumi's party had been a huge success, and everyone had a great time. It was so wonderful to see her brother again, not to mention the fact that he looked so healthy. He also looked extremely happy with his girlfriend Akira. Mai smiled again. She hoped one day to be as happy as her brother looked. She started to think about Tate. Only a few short months ago they had been through hell and back together. They had not been alone, as Reito and the rest of the girls had gone through it all too. Still, through most of it she had felt strong feelings for Tate, and when it was all over, they were supposed to start a relationship together. Well things had been over for awhile now, and not much had changed. Tate was still as indecisive as ever, and spent more time with Shiho than with Mai. Reito was still chasing Mai, even though Mai had told him she didn't like him in the way he wanted her to. Then between Mai's work and Tate's kendo practice it was hard to find time. When there was time, it was laced with awkward silences, and a lot of uncertainty. Reito had told her that she had a "brother complex", in that she always wanted to take care of everyone. He had gone so far as to say that was the attraction of Tate. Reito described him as a child, who always needed a helping hand. Mai had been mad at the time, but as she lay there getting ready to go to bed, she couldn't help but wonder if it was true.

"Mai!" yelled a voice, and a body catapulted on top of her.

"Mikoto!" Mai yelped, as she found a head instantly between her breasts.

"Mai it HURTS!" Mikoto whined, pointing to her back.

"Mikoto did you get a sunburn? I told you to wear sunscreen didn't I?" Mai said, looking worried.

Mikoto nodded and looked down. "The bottle scared me."

Mai made a face. "Why?"

"The girl is getting her underwear eaten by the puppy!" Mikoto exclaimed, and shuddered.

Mai laughed. Only Mikoto would think the Johnson and Johnson sunscreen bottle was disturbing. Mikoto then peeled up her shirt to reveal a very red burn on her back.

"Mai do something!" Mikoto groaned.

Mai thought for a moment, and then remembered she had some aloe gel in the medicine cabinet.

"Mikoto lift up your shirt. I'm going to try this gel, but I can't guarantee it will work." Mai said.

"Mai it's here too. And here." Mikoto said, pointing to her neck and shoulders.

Mai could tell her friend was in a lot of discomfort.

"Mikoto how about you take off your shirt and lay face down on my bed? That was I can cover you in this stuff." Mai said, thinking about the best way to approach this situation.

Mikoto shed herself of the nightshirt she had been wearing and now clad only in her underwear, she lay down before Mai. Mai suddenly felt a lump in her throat, as she looked down at the nearly naked Mikoto. She scolded herself for silently wondering what Mikoto would look like COMPLETELY naked. Why did she just have that thought? Mai shook her head and bent over Mikoto. As she began to rub the cool gel into Mikoto's neck and back, she enjoyed the soft moans coming from the younger girl.

"It feels good Mai." Mikoto purred.

Mai didn't respond, as she was also enjoying the feel of Mikoto's skin underneath her hands. Then before Mai even knew what she was doing, she had slid her hands under the fabric of Mikoto's underwear, and was now gently massaging her backside. Mai looked down in horror and fascination. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She also couldn't believe that Mikoto wasn't saying anything. Mai was losing control of herself as she watched her own hands slide Mikoto's underwear down her ass and off her legs.

"I want to touch you Mikoto." said a voice, that Mai soon realized was her own.

Mikoto turned over gently, exposing herself to Mai, while nodding her head.

"I want Mai to touch me too." Mikoto said, looking up expectantly at the older girl.

Mai nodded, and before she knew what had happened next, her own clothes were on the floor, and her body was pressed tightly up against Mikoto's. She and Mikoto had then proceeded to make love all night long, until the wee hours of the morning. Then they had fallen asleep in each other's arms, completely exhausted, but not before Mai had once again applied more aloe gel on Mikoto's aching burn.


Mai shivered, thinking about that wonderful night. It had been her first time having a sexual experience, and for her it had also been the BEST time. She had felt happy and loved, the way one should feel when being intimate with another person. Since that day, she had tried hard to re-create that magic with Tate, but to no avail. Something just wasn't right. Something was missing. Mai thought back to that night again and sighed once more.

After that night, she and Mikoto had never spoken about the incident. They did not share another intimate moment with each other, although the spark had always been there. Mikoto had gone on as if nothing had happened, and so did Mai. It had not been a deliberate thing on Mai's part, but it had happened nonetheless. She had doubted Mikoto and Mikoto's ability to distinguish like from love. She had felt ashamed, and wondered if she had taken advantage of her friend. Mikoto meanwhile, figured if Mai had wanted to talk about it, she would have. Mikoto was still young, and didn't necessarily know how to handle what had happened. In the end, both girls had remained the best of friends, with Mikoto eventually moving in one direction, while Mai moved in the other. They still talked on the phone, and visited when they could.

Mai began to sob into her pillow.

"Mikoto...please...I..need ...you..."


I was having a wonderful dream. Nao was being a very bad girl, and I was loving every minute of it. I think I was tied up in a spider web, which is actually quite frightening, but in my warped dream, it was VERY hot. I wanted her to kiss me. I wanted to feel her mouth on mine. God I loved her mouth. Nao walked right up to me and licked my cheek. I closed my eyes and smiled, as her tongue continued to move back and forth across my face. What was she doing? Now she was full on licking me, like a dog! A dog? And then I heard laughter.

"Huh, wha?" I said groggily, as Julia continued to lick my face. "Ack! GRR! Not YOU again!" I yelled at Julia, sending her flying off the bed.

When I realized that it wasn't Nao, I was disappointed and relieved all at the same time. Disappointed that I had been woken up from my wonderful dream, and relieved that Nao wasn't trying to eat my face off. I looked up and saw two sets of eyes watching me.

"Hey you two." I said to Kouya and Yamato. "Where's your Aunty Nao?"

"She's making pamcakes!" squealed little Yamato.

"PaNcakes!" corrected Kouya.

"Pancakes?" I said out loud.

I didn't know when, if ever, Nao had cooked. I was usually the one that cooked for us, because Nao was a bit of a pyro and had managed to burn everything from toast to meatloaf. Just as I said that, the fire alarm went off.

"AHHHHHHH!" screamed the girls, as I quickly picked them up and we headed down the stairs.

I ran quickly, as the smell of smoke filled my nose. I wasn't too worried, and I was right not to be as we made our way to the kitchen. I was greeted by Nao, who had just thrown a box of corn starch everywhere, in hopes of putting out the grease fire she started. I don't even know how she started a grease fire while making pancakes, but I didn't feel the need to ask.

"So." Nao said, looking from me to the children. "Who wants to go OUT for pancakes?" she asked sheepishly.

I broke out laughing, while the kids cheered. They really wanted some pancakes. As I was about to go upstairs to change, the doorbell rang. I wondered if it was Reito. Haruka hadn't given me a time as to when Reito was going to pick the kids up. She had said something about him coming back from a "right party" , which I think she meant "White Party". I had laughed internally. Poor naive Haruka-chan. Sure enough when I opened the door, Reito Kanzaki was standing behind it.

"Yukino!" he said, smiling his biggest smile.

"Hello Reito." I greeted, and looked at the two men behind him.

They were dressed identically in dark grey business suits. The shorter of the two had light, curly brown hair, and was wearing a green tie. He had very feminine features and I couldn't help but think he was pretty. In fact, if you had stuck him in a dress, he may have been able to pass as a girl. The taller man had white-ish blue hair and was wearing a powder blue tie. Both had stern looks on their faces, and were wearing dark sunglasses. I assumed they were Reito's bodyguards.

"Zoi-kun! Zoi-kun!" yelled Kouya.

Then again, from the children's reaction, maybe they were the babysitters. I watched as Kouya and Yamato ran to the men standing in the doorway. Yamato immediately jumped into her father's arms, while Kouya ran to the "pretty" boy.

"I missed you Zoi-kun." Kouya said happily, as the light-haired man smiled and took her hand.

"Yukino these are my bodyguards, Zoicite and Kunzite." Reito said, introducing the two men.

As the two men politely bowed their heads, Nao joined me on the step.

"You better stop for some pancakes, you have hungry children on your hands." she joked, as she hugged the girls good-bye.

Reito nodded, as the girls cheered some more. I then took Reito aside.

"Do you know what's happening with Haruka-chan?" I asked, hoping he'd have some answers.

Reito smiled and shook his head. "I'm in the dark just like you." he said simply.

I nodded and before I could say anything else, the window of Reito's car rolled down and Suguru popped his head out.

"We need to get going Reito." he yelled, while waving at Nao and myself.

"Be right there." Reito called back. "Thank you so much for looking after the girls." he said, bowing.

"Our pleasure." I said, as they turned to leave.

I looked from Kunzite to Zoicite. They really were strange looking men. Reito must have caught me staring, as he leaned in before he left and whispered.

"They're from Canada."

"Aaaah! That explains it." Nao said.

I hugged Nao as we watched the group pile into the car.

"That one guy was REALLY pretty!" I exclaimed.

"Ehhh I'd do him." Nao said shrugging.

"I don't think you're his type. I don't think he wants to bang someone hotter than himself." I teased.

"Hmmm you're being awfully cute, what do you want to do now?" Nao asked, as she playfully pushed me back into the house.

"Let's get back to where we left off last night." I smiled, shirt already half off.

"Let's!" Nao said, making quick work of her own shirt.

"I promised Alyssa I would stop by today. I have something important to show her. So you better get sexing me up quickly." I half-joked.

"Done." said Nao, throwing me to the floor.

"Oooh have you been working out?" I asked, enjoying the rough treatment.

"I have, and now I'm going to give YOU a workout." Nao grinned, planting her lips on my neck.

Just as I was about to slip into complete and utter ecstasy, the doorbell rang.

"Oh NO you didn't!" Nao yelled at the doorbell.

It was my turn to hush her. "Ignore it!" I almost screamed.

"MMMkay." Nao purred into my ear, licking my earlobe.

And once again the doorbell rang, followed by spastic knocking. Nao and I were on the floor, and before we knew it, the dogs were trampling over us, trying to alert us of what we already knew.

"Oh fuck it!" Nao yelled, angrily getting up.

"Put your clothes on." I yelled to her, scrambling to get my own shirt back on.

Nao looked down, as if forgetting she had shed her clothes, and then quickly grabbed her tank top and jeans.

"Once again, I say this better be FREAKING good." Nao snarled.

I was behind her in a second as we marched down to see who the hell was trying to pound down our door. Nao yanked the door open, and we expected to see Reito or even Haruka. We did not expect to see the person behind the door. It was Shizuru. It was a very upset looking Shizuru. She looked extremely tired.

"Shizuru? What are you doing here?" I asked, looking at the very pregnant woman in front of me.

Shizuru looked from Nao to myself and back again, before she began to cry. "My Natsuki doesn't LOVE me anymore!" Shizuru shouted hysterically.

Nao's mouth dropped open and she quickly tried to recover from Shizuru's words. I moved aside, so Shizuru could come in, and immediately noticed the suitcase in her hand.

"Shizuru what do you mean? What's going on?" I asked.

"Natsuki is a BAKA! That's what's going on!" Shizuru ranted. "Natsuki loves her garage more than me!" the brunette cried out, as she took a seat on our couch.

I watched as Shizuru gasped for breath, trying to get herself under control. Now I knew Natsuki loved Shizuru more than anything else in this world, but I figured Shizuru's hormones were just flaring up. The suitcase in her hand was another matter altogether.

"Please..." Shizuru begged. "Can I stay here for awhile?" she asked.

I looked at Nao as she made a swift cutthroat motion and a big "X" with her hands, behind Shizuru. I looked at Shizuru, whose eyes were pleading with me. We had a lot of extra space in our house, and there was no reason why she couldn't stay here. I gave a sympathetic glance to Nao before nodding my head to Shizuru. Nao rolled her eyes and then made an imaginary noose with her hands, pretending to hang herself. I shot her a look, before showing Shizuru to her room. The poor woman had been so worked up, I doubted she had any rest at all the night before. Natsuki and Shizuru had fights in the past, and they had never lasted for long periods of time. I wasn't too worried about our house guest. I figured Natsuki would eventually come over and apologize, or Shizuru would get some sleep and feel better when she woke up. Yep I wasn't worried at all.

You'd think I would have known better by now.


I strode into work happily, grabbing my lab coat from my locker. It was a Saturday, so the usual flurry of activity was down to a minimum. The only ones crazy enough to be around on a beautiful day like today were the workaholics, like myself. I loved my work, I loved working for the Searrs Foundation. I truly believed in the things Alyssa Searrs and her company stood for. The Foundation had come a long way from it's earlier beginnings in capitalism and fear mongering. Since Alyssa had taken over, she had made a lot of changes, some of which were not looked on too favorably by old time partners. Instead of destroying the future, Alyssa had become determined to change it. For the better, in any way she could. In fact the division I worked for, focused all on technology and technological advances of the future. I was part of the Research and Development team, and had been called upon specifically by Alyssa for a top secret assignment.

I strolled down the hallway, looking to collect the data I needed to bring to Alyssa. As I rounded the corner I almost ran into the head of Research and Development and my partner in crime, Irina Woods. Irina was about the same age as me, early thirties. She was an extremely gifted woman and had come to work for Searrs, when she was only twenty five years old. It was here that she met her husband, Galford Woods. Gal, as we liked to call him, was the most amazing scientist/researcher/jack of all trades I had ever met. Unbelievable was the only word to describe him. Gal had lost both of his legs in a car accident, just before Irina had come to work at Searrs. Using the technology he had helped create, a new pair of cybernetic limbs had been created for his use. I liked to call him the "Bionic Woman". Yeah I teased him a lot. I think Irina definitely wore the pants in their relationship.

"Hello fellow workaholics!" I greeted the couple, who both gave me big smiles.

"Isn't it a beautiful day to be cooped up and crunching numbers?" Gal joked.

"Ahhh how many times have you tested that sample today?" I asked, glancing at his current project.

"This is test 159." he said, waiting for a moment. "And we have another failure."

I shook my head. This job could also be one of the most irritating, in the fact that before you actually could get a hit, you had to go through hundreds of misses.

"Hey Yukino, want to grab a quick coffee?" Irina asked, then winked at Gal. "I suppose you can come too."

Gal grinned and closed his laptop. "Hurrah for caffeine!"

"Sorry guys, I'd love to join you, but I'm on a mission today." I smiled, pointing to the back room.

Irina realized immediately what I was referring to. "Another upgrade?" she asked.

"I hope so. I hope this one takes." I said, hands in my pockets.

"Well then you better not keep Alyssa waiting." Gal said, putting his arm around Irina. "We'll just have to have fun without you." he grinned evilly.

"Like that's something new." I teased, making my way to the big black doors behind me. "Take care you two, don't work too hard." I said.

"It's Saturday and were here. I think that's considered working too hard." Gal called behind me.

"What was I thinking? Good thing the Bionic Woman keeps me on my toes." I laughed as I went into the dark room.

With what I needed now in my pocket, I said my goodbyes to my friends and left for Alyssa's private mansion.


"Okay I think I'm ready. Take off your clothes and lie down on your stomach." I commanded.

Miyu Greer did as she was told, without questioning me. I attended school with Miyu many years ago, and she had also had a large role to play in the Hime Carnival. Her and Alyssa both. But after everything had settled down, a change had occurred. Slowly, Miyu and I had come to an understanding during my time as Kaichou. I had enlisted her help for the Student Council, and she had ended up working well with Nao and myself. Oh I might have forgot to mention one thing.

Miyu is an android.

Unfortunately everyone knows that technology becomes obsolete after a few years, and Miyu had been no exception. When Alyssa had turned twenty years old, she had sought out the best technologists and programmers in the country to give Miyu regular upgrades. Alyssa couldn't bear the thought of being without her best friend. The first project the original team was supposed to be working on, had been an age enhancer. It had begun to look a bit suspicious that Alyssa Searrs was still hanging around a fifteen year old. Miyu wanted to age along with Alyssa, but of course that was just not possible and so a design was started that would allow a physical change to occur every five years or so.

Unfortunately, the human race can be a sick and twisted group. One fateful day Alyssa had come to the lab to check on Miyu's progress during one of the test runs. She was horrified to find Miyu offline and three of the techs doing, well less than admirable things to her friend's body. It was immediately after that the group was axed and I was contacted, along with Gal and Irina, to be part of the new group.

Since I started here, I have had many conversations with Miyu about humanity and technology. Miyu wishes so badly to be more like Alyssa. To be human. I have told her many times, that if she is even HAVING feelings at all, then she is just as human as the rest of us. Miyu told me once that she went to a sad movie with Alyssa. She said that Alyssa cried at the end, and that she couldn't understand why, but yet when she saw Alyssa crying she felt something inside of her.

Miyu, I don't think you're as far away from us as you think you are.

All of this leads me to today, and the new program I am going to run into her system. We have been working diligently to give Miyu the things she desires. I am attempting to run a program that will allow Miyu to feel physical contact. For example, if I were to punch Miyu, she wouldn't feel the impact. Her current operating system tells her she was punched, but she can't actually FEEL.

I look up at Alyssa, who is standing in the doorway, arms crossed. I'm not going to lie, my boss is hot. She's come a long way from the ten year old I first met forever ago. Alyssa is very petite, and her long golden hair hangs down her back, reaching her waist. Also notable is her very nice sized chest. Yes I have noticed, what kind of a lesbian would I be if I hadn't? Nao has noticed too, and of course commented, earning her more than a few beatings from Miyu.

I press lightly on the small of Miyu's back, as a compartment opens up. I gently slide the newly formatted chip into it's slot, and input the new data. I then insert a companion chip into a compartment near her left thigh, and finally her right shoulder.

"Okay Miyu I have to give you a reboot. You'll be offline for a second and then hopefully these new programs will kick in.

Miyu nodded, and I looked to Alyssa for the okay. Miyu was not allowed to be offline unless authorized by the boss herself. I could understand why. Alyssa walked over and took Miyu into her arms, as Miyu looked up at her, smiling. Well i think she was smiling, or at least as close to smiling as Miyu got.

"I'll be right here." Alyssa said, stroking Miyu's hair.

As Alyssa held onto Miyu, I slowly shut her down, watching and waiting. I had spent over eight months on this program and was determined that somehow, someway it was going to work. I had given Miyu a few prototypes prior to this, to see how well she would take them. Only one had taken, and only at fifty percent or so. I had a feeling I'd have a lot more work to do. Then again, some was better than none. In this line of work, every little step was a victory.

As I re-booted my friend, I watched Alyssa. I knew how much Alyssa loved Miyu and vice versa. I was hoping that if this were to work, maybe my friends could really enjoy some, um, more physical things? I went and grabbed a coffee, while Miyu started up again. It would take about ten minutes or so before all of her programs were locked and loaded.

As I waited, I thought about Nao. I would be lying if I said my work didn't cause a strain on our relationship. Sometimes we wouldn't see each other for long periods of time, as we both worked jobs with unset hours. I had tried hard the last couple of years to make more time for her and my friends. Life was about living, and I planned to do that to the fullest. Who knew when something horrible would happen to take someone you loved away from you? I didn't want to live with regrets.

Miyu was fully functioning by the time I got back into the room. Time to see how well this worked. Only one way to find out. I walked right up and placed my fingers on Miyu's arm. Miyu and Alyssa both looked quizzically at me. I then lightly traced a line across it with my finger, before pinching hard. The look on Miyu's face as she made a flinching motion, was definitely worth it.

"How did that feel?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Odd." replied Miyu. "But I felt it."

I grinned. It was far from perfect and I knew I would probably have to make some adjustments, but it was worth it to see all my hard work pay off.

"I have a better test." Alyssa said, and she leaned over to kiss Miyu's lips.

"Can you feel that?" I asked again, interrupting them.

"Affirmative." was the reply that echoed off the walls.

As Miyu and Alyssa continued to see just how much Miyu could feel, I knew it was time to take my leave. I smiled once more, figuring I would take a couple days off and check on Miyu then.

"Hey wait." said Alyssa, as I turned to leave.

I looked back at her.

"Thank you." she said simply. "I think you should take some time off."

I laughed. "Maybe a couple of days. What would you guys do without me?" I teased.

Alyssa laughed, as Miyu began to get dressed.

"What are you doing that for?" Alyssa asked, as Miyu gave her a look. "I'm NOT done with you yet!"

At that declaration I knew it was time to get home. Maybe if I was lucky, Nao would be in an amorous mood. Actually Nao seemed to get really cranky when she didn't get any, and so I had a good feeling about tonight.

Things were looking up.


I parked the car in the back and headed into the house. Immediately I was greeted by the smell of alcohol. It was then that I heard the voices. It sounded like a large group of people were conversing in my kitchen. It was then that I remembered Shizuru was staying with us momentarily. As I rounded the corner I ran right into Nao.

"Well hellloooooo.." Nao slurred.

"Nao what the hell?" I asked. "Have you been drinking?"

"Noooooo whatever gave you that impr...ession."

"What the hell is going on?" I demanded, unnerved by this sudden change of events.

"Well we have some guests." Nao replied. "Lots of guests. And your cute little Nao needed some alkyhall to deal with them and their PROBLEMS!" she said, hiccuping.

I rounded the corner and immediately my eyes fell on three familiar faces. The first was Shizuru. She waved, and motioned to the other two women sitting around the table. Shizuru, of course, had not been drinking for obvious reasons. A dozen tiny tea bags were littered around her spot on the table. What was more surprising is that they weren't Shizuru's tea of choice. she was drinking "gasp" earl grey? and red rose? "double gasp". Things must really be BAD!

The other two guests were quite a surprise, and the table was crowded with many bottles of beer and hard liquor.

"Yukino!" Mikoto cried out, jumping up to hug me.

"Yukino!" Haruka echoed, taking a swig from her beer.

"Mikoto?? Haruka??" I asked, still not believing they were really there. "What the heck are you all doing here. "And what about you Shizuru? Where's Natsuki?"

"My Natsuki is an idiot!" Shizuru growled.

"Mai's getting married to Tater Tot!" Mikoto cried out, and took a shot of tequila.

"Youko's cheating on me!" Haruka finished, downing the last of her beer.

Nao looked from them to me.

"Hahahaha and WE thought WE had problems!" she laughed, and grabbed onto my arm, pushing herself roughly against me.

When Nao drank she became very sexually agressive, and right now was not the best time for any of that. As I tried to ward off Nao's advances, and figure out what to do about our guests, my brain completely shut down. What could I do at this point?I stopped fighting Nao and instead kissed her lightly on the forehead.

I then looked at our drunken friends, and sighed.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

End Chapter 3

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